Cyclekart progress, Dec 29, 2009

Not much to report this week, except that I bought the engine, a Honda GX200:
Honda gx200

Now I just need to figure out how the hell I am going to get a Comet torque converter, considering Hoffco (Comet’s parent company) has gone under. The torque converters are getting a bit scarce, and going for too much money on ebay, when they do appear, that is.

Also, I was planning to use Comet disc brake and calipers, now I may have to do something else if I can’t find the Comet parts. Maybe the thing to do is get someone’s old go-kart and salvage what I can from it. Hate to do that though, as I know if I do that, I’ll have some defunct go-kart frame hanging around the garage forever.

I feel like I need to have all the parts in hand before proceeding with construction of the rear end so that I can verify the placement and fit of all the parts and avoid doing something stupid.

I also need to figure out how to rig a remote pedal controlled throttle and kill switch for this engine, and perhaps disable the low oil cutoff system (so it doesn’t cut off due to sloshing the oil around in the crank case while going around corners.) Perhaps it’s possible to disable the low oil detector and trigger it instead with a kill switch.

Other things remaining to be done to get to the point of drivability: Need to modify a couple of the Honda wheel hubs to allow mounting on Azusa go-kart hubs (also needing to be acquired, and modified to fit inside the Honda hubs.) Need to fit the big giant sprocket onto the rear axle, figure out how to deal with the “keys” — they seem to be a tough interference fit, not sure what is the best method of getting it put together and aligned without getting things hopelessly jammed. Also, I’m not completely sure what it is that keeps the rear axle from sliding sideways in its bearings. There’s just a lot of stuff that has to go on that rear axle in between the frame rails, and I’m thinking it will likely not be an easy task getting it all together, and I’m kind of dreading it. Best I should get it all done before summer and the heat comes though.

~ by scaryreasoner on December 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “Cyclekart progress, Dec 29, 2009”

  1. WHAAAATTTTT!! Comet’s gone under! Oh crap!

    Thanks for the head’s-up…


    • @ Mike
      That’s a real shame indeed. I was just looking for a torque converter. Now I have to use a normal cluch instead and miss the fast acceleration. Well maybe use a Honda GX270 to compensate for that.

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