The Great Flood

via Debunking Christianity via the Atheist Jew

Edit: I was trying to think what this reminded me of… I figured it out. It’s the voices. They remind me of this:

~ by scaryreasoner on January 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Great Flood”

  1. This is sooo good lol. thanks for sharing.

    • It is pretty good. The consequences of the altitude that would be needed for the water to cover the mountains, for example (29000+ feet, freezing temperatures, lack of oxygen) were not something I’d previously read about or thought of as reasons that the Noah’s ark story is absurd.

      However, I do think it could stand a bit of fact checking. For instance, they say in one year, a pair of lions would require 16000 something lbs of meat. Thats 21 lbs of meat per day per lion, or 42 lbs of meat per day for a pair. I don’t think that’s correct. According to wikipedia, a female lion averages about 11 lbs, a male about 15.4 lbs, that’s a total of 26.4 lbs of meat for a pair of lions, far short of 42 lbs — and even what wikipedia claims seems like a hell of a lot.

      Not that the point doesn’t still stand — even halving it, that’s still 8000-something lbs of meat that would be needed for the pair of lions, which is pretty much exactly as impractical as 16000-something lbs of meat.

      But, I’m nit picking, and none of this affects the comedy in the piece, which is what really makes it.

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