WordPress comment system sucks

To quote jwz, Dear lazyweb,

The WordPress commenting system sucks. When there’s a reply to a comment, it’s indented. When there’s a reply to that comment, it’s indented again. Obviously, this doesn’t scale. It is “suggested” that this be limited to three levels. Why? Because it doesnt’ scale. Not because it makes any fucking sense at all. It’s the most retarded fucking thing in the universe. You can have a conversation, so long as it’s very very short, and one sided. Original commenter, replier, and then original commenter gets the last word.

After the third reply, subsequent replies must be detached from the thread, as that’s the only way the commenters can enter them. Which makes a giant mess.

And then, if you click on the ‘reply’ button to a comment in the dashboard, often your comment ends up at the very bottom of all the comments, and somehow magically continues to sink to the bottom, disconnected from whatever you were replying to, eternally at the bottom, as if it’s some uber-last-word comment.

And sometimes, when entering a comment in the big comment box at the end of all the comments (because the thread is 3 levels deep, and we can’t reply in the thread we want to replay in, because it’s reached it’s insanely low maximum comments of 3. 3 shall be the number of the counting, not 4, and 5 is right out) we find that our comment is placed seemingly randomly in the midst of all the comments, and you cannot really tell what the hell it is we were trying to reply to. So, then we edit that comment, deleting the content, leaving a blank comment, which makes us appear like some sort of Stalinist self-censoring jackass, and try again, trying to get our comment to appear in the right place, where people can have some idea what the hell we’re replying to.

Whoever designed the wordpress commenting system really screwed up. It’s ok. As a programmer, I know, we all screw up. We take a stab at it, we try our best, and then the users come, and we find out our system we thought was so good, actually isn’t all that great. That’s normal.

I get the feeling that the designer of the system imagined that no blog post would ever have more than about ten comment total. Well, that assumption turns out to be extremely wrong.

So then, we fix it. Right? We fix it? Pretty please? Please wordpress? Please fix the totally fucked commenting idiocy?

Some ideas?

Indenting replies does not work.

Instead do what the message boards do. Allow quoting. Indent the quotes if you must, but not the replies. If the quotes become too indented, the original can still be read.

Maybe there are some options on the wordpress crap that can make it sane. If so, please leave hints in the currently insane “comment” area, if you can be bothered. If you can’t, I completely understand, as it is currently a pile of shit.

~ by scaryreasoner on January 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “WordPress comment system sucks”

  1. You’re a kernel hacker. I’m sure you can rip out a broken hunk of PHP and replace it with a flat comment structure (or whatever suits you). 🙂

  2. You’re lucky to even GET that far as I always have error messages. First it was because my name was spaced apart and now it says I don’t own my own identity. Who does then? The NSA with their PRISM backdoor spying?

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