WORDPRESS “PROGRAMMERS” Why do my comments appear in random places in the comment stream?

Hello WordPress “programmers.”

Why, when I make comments at the bottom of a post, or, in reply to another comment, do my comments appear in apparently RANDOM places in the comment stream? Why? What bug is this? When will you fix it?

Sorry to be too snippy, but goddamn, it’s fucking irritating to type a lengthy response only to have it appear nowhere near the thing you’re replying to, but instead, amongst six month old comments a mile upthread, where it makes absolutely no sense, and where it must be replaced with the string “FUCKING WORDPRESS FUCKING SUCKS” or similar to bring the comment stream back to something remotely resembling coherence, and I’m being charitible to consider threads sprinkled with “FUCKING WORDPRESS FUCKING SUCKS” for no apparent reason to be “coherent.” But that’s more coherent than the alternative of the current situation of horrible scrambled comment threads. Fix this shit, guys, or explain to me why it makes sense for a newly entered comment to appear a mile upthread amongst six-month old comments that I am not in any way replying to.

~ by scaryreasoner on February 4, 2010.

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