Is the GOP melting down?

First there was the poll of self-identified Republicans conducted by Research 2000 and commissioned by Markos Moulitsas (the “Kos” of “Daily Kos”): What Republicans Believe (related Metafilter thread.)

Edit:Nate Silver of has a good analysis.

Then there’s the first National Tea Party Convention (metafilter thread) kicking off today with a keynote speaker who needs no introduction, Sarah Palin

Finally there’s Carly Fiorina‘s little political advertisement:

(metafilter thread)
At first you’re thinking, “meh, yeah, it’s stupid, overly dramatic, etc. but… why am I watching this?” Hang in there ’til the 2 minute 27 second mark.

ABC News talks to the demon sheep himself.

~ by scaryreasoner on February 5, 2010.

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