Where is Kafirgirl?

It’s now been more than one year since Kafirgirl’s last post

Where is she? Is she dead, or alive? I have a bad feeling that she’s dead.

~ by scaryreasoner on February 22, 2010.

3 Responses to “Where is Kafirgirl?”

  1. Yes, I am surprised that there aren’t more people asking this. I keep showing up at her site every few months to check it out, as well as her Atheist Nexus, which seemed to go silent at about the same time. I really am afraid for her at this point, and it would be wonderful to hear that she’s alive. I kind of worry that even if she is alive, she might not be able to communicate (kind of like Ayaan Hirsi Ali when she had to go underground) and so if she did manage to leak an “I’m okay!” it might give her location away somehow, but I’m a lot more worried that she is dead.

    I really am surprised more people aren’t asking this though. At one point everyone in the atheosphere was talking about her and now it’s like she never was. And I’m not convinced that it’s just some average family issue, minor or major. I think if it was, we’d have heard something by now, even if it was a “can’t blog anymore, my mom has cancer, goodbye!”

    I really hope she’s alive and well, but it’s kind of looking bleak right now.

  2. Huh, you know I was wondering about this too a while ago – her blog had died down, which was a shame judging by all the praise she’s been given (quite deservedly), so it seems odd not to see an update from her anywhere. I wonder if anyone’s even gotten an email from her since 2009.

  3. I saw her blog recently and wondered why it stopped so suddenly. so I googled ‘where is kafirgirl’ and arrived here. Her work needs to be preserved and celebrated.

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