Do you believe in hell?

Do you believe in hell?

Do you believe God sends anyone there?

Do you think that failing to believe this story, failure to accept Jesus as your savior, is a reliable way to have God send you to hell?

Do you think such people deserve it?

Reddit reminded me of this (old) video of Matt Dillahunty on he Atheist Experience.

Of course there are plenty of Christians who will gladly say, “everyone deserves hell! And isn’t it ever so nice of God to allow us this loophole to get out of it?”

Others may say that “the doors of hell are locked from the inside” and “those in hell choose to be there,”

And some will say, “hell is separation from God.” (which doesn’t seem to match up very well with the end of Matthew Ch. 25.)

It seems pretty damned obvious to me that hell is an invention designed to frighten people (children, usually, since they swallow it more readily) so that they do not question the doctrines they are fed.

~ by scaryreasoner on March 17, 2010.

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