My drawing of Muhammad, May 20, 2010, “draw Muhammad day”

Picture of Mohammad, Jesus and Buddha, as they are today -- dead as doornails.

They’re fucking dead, guys.

Exercising faith, that is, deliberately attempting to believe something to a degree of certainty which exceeds what is warranted by the available evidence, is idiotic, and inescapably dishonest. It’s idiotic because simpling willing yourself to be excessively certain isn’t going to make any proposition more or less true in reality. You’re only fooling yourself, and deliberately. That’s idiocy. It’s dishonest because it involves lying to yourself about how certain you should be and to others about how certain you actually are.

If you think faith is a virtue, you’re being an idiot.

~ by scaryreasoner on May 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “My drawing of Muhammad, May 20, 2010, “draw Muhammad day””

  1. Here is my contribution to “everybody draw mohammed day”. I cannot draw for shit, so I made a collage and took a photo.

  2. Or better yet they never existed in the first place.
    It’s a damn telephone game gone wrong.

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