Back from the Ozarks

July 9, 2010. Just got back from a trip to the Ozarks to visit the log cabin my parents built back in 1979. It’s hot and humid in July in the Ozarks, and you tend to notice this fact when you’re staying in a cabin with no running water, no phone, (not even cell phone service) and no electricity, which means no air conditioning. The heat reminded my why I haven’t been back there during the summer since 1982 or so.

Then there were the bugs. Ticks, deer flies, mosquitoes and “chiggers” being the most obnoxious while the katydids, moths, various beetles, walking sticks, dragon flies, and butterflies were also well represented. As hot and humid as it was, it could have been worse. It seemed to rain nearly every afternoon, cooling things down a bit, which is unusual for this time of year. Of course the humidity wasn’t helped by the rain.

As for wildlife, I saw a wild turkey, and heard several more. One evening we heard an owl. We didn’t hear any coyotes though, which we used to hear those quite a bit. One morning a little fawn that still had its spots ran up the road towards us as we were walking, and stopped just a few yards away and stared at us for a few seconds before darting off into the woods. I looked around in the surrounding woods and listened for its mother, but didn’t see or hear her. Another day, I came across a deer in the road. (We had to confine our hiking to the road due to all the ticks and chiggers.)

I found a grand total of 3 huckleberries, though there were lots of huckleberry bushes all over the place. There were also some blackberries around, though most of them weren’t ripe yet.

A few pics:

Every time we drive up there I see this sign in Conway, and I always think “I should take a picture.” This time, I did.

A shot of the Ozarks. Our cabin is in there somewhere.

Came across this huge walking stick. I put my Diet Coke down beside it to give a sense of scale.

Finally, a little video. In the beginning, just a shot of the cabin. Then, a little bluegrass (though it’s very dark, so the camera didn’t pick up much to see other than blackness. My dad is playing the fiddle, and one of the local people we know is playing the guitar. At the end, I recorded a bit of the sound that the katydids, frogs, and other nocturnal noisemakers were producing every night until dawn.

~ by scaryreasoner on July 10, 2010.

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