Mmmmm. Embry-oooooohs.

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~ by scaryreasoner on September 7, 2010.

8 Responses to “Mmmmm. Embry-oooooohs.”

  1. I’m really wondering what is the common (or average?) atheist’s belief system.
    It seems like atheists tend to not have children, because that’s all selfish genes who force us to reproduce disregard our lovely comfort.
    But there comes my question to atheists: When you will die, what remain after you?

    • What do you think I should want to remain after me, and why do you think that I should want that?

      • This would answer my question too.
        I think it would be sad knowing that your life is absolutely purposeless, so I think you atheists have some idea why you are living. Aren’t you? 🙂

  2. Neonil, actually, I think that there is no “purpose” to life (i.e. no “reason that I am put here,”). If there is any purpose or meaning in life, it is only the temporary kind of purpose that I can make for myself, or that other fellow humans can find in my existence. I do not think that there is any “ultimate” purpose though. And I don’t find that to be particularly sad either. As far as I can tell, this is how it seems to be, and how it seems to always have been. I might find it a bit sad if I had at one time thought that there was some ultimate purpose, and thought that I knew what it was, or that I might find out what it was, and then instead found out that there actually was no purpose. To have the rug jerked out from under oneself like that might not be very much fun. Fortunately for me, I’ve never stood on such a rug to begin with.

    It’s not enough to be alive, but you must have some purpose too?

    On a different topic, I also do not think that the concept of “free will” is coherent as most people would understand those two words, and that “free will”, as most people understand it simply does not and cannot exist (not even *with* supernatural aid.)

    I’ve written a bit on these topics before:
    On the meaning of life, and There’s no such thing as free will.

    • Hi! What you say confirms that the ATHEISM is a religion of extimnction. Well done! I expected it, but this is the proof.
      I always considered that religions MUST obtain simbiotic properties for the ages they are here, but now it is clear. A man can’t survive if it’s an atheist.

  3. So just because we don’t have some sky daddy telling us what our purpose in life is suddenly means atheists have no purpose? Apparently you’ve never thought of giving your own life whatever purpose you want, instead of what some genocidal maniac in the sky desires. Is it so wrong to think that life can simply be about enjoying the time you have alive while making the world a happy place for yourself and others to live in?

    • gh, the sort of purpose theists usually talk about is not the same thing as a purpose you might give yourself. I have to agree that for atheists, the sort of purpose theists usually (in my experience) have in mind cannot exist for atheists. That is, there is not some kind of “mission” that an external entity has in mind and caused you to be born in order to fulfill. I wrote about this distinction more in an earlier post.

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