Dawkins speaks about Ratzinger before a crowd of 10000

Sept 18, 2010
Richard Dawkins speaks about Pope Ratzinger to a crowd of about 10000 people in London.
Edit: here’s a video from a better angle

watch on youtube

watch on youtube

As I listened, and Dawkins spoke about how the atrocities of Stailin were not related to his atheism, and had Hitler been an atheist, how his atrocities were unrelated to atheism, I was thinking, “just as they were not related to moustaches!” I was not disappointed. Dawkins’s mention of moustaches was not the best line, though. I won’t spoil it, you’ll have to listen for yourself.

via Why Evolution Is True, Jerry Coyne’s blog.

Edit to add:
Much as the Pope would like to associate Hitler with atheism, there are some inconvenient facts, as the UK’s National Secular Society points out on their web page:


Why is a Catholic obliged to vote for the parliamentary list of Adolf Hitler? Because in the National Socialist state intrinsically and through the Reichskonkordat

1. the Faith is protected,

2. peace with the Church is assured,

3. public morality is preserved,

4. Sunday is hallowed,

5. Catholic schools are maintained,

6. the Catholic conscience is no longer burdened,

7. a Catholic has equal rights before the law and in the life of the nation,

8. Catholic organisations and associations, insofar as they exclusively serve religious, charitable and cultural purposes, can operate freely.

Therefore a Catholic is obliged on 12 November [1933] to vote thus:

Referendum: yes

Parliamentary election: Adolf Hitler

google translation of transcription

via reddit.

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