My little watch collection

I must be losing my mind. Somehow my inner raccoon seems to be asserting himself (you see, raccoons like shiny things.)

It all started when a guy at work showed me his new watch. I’m not even sure what kind exactly it was, but I know it was some huge Invicta monstrosity. It was ok, but it didn’t make me want an Invicta. It did make me look at my own watch, which is a Seiko quartz chronograph which I’ve worn for the last ten years. The crystal is a pockmarked battlefield, and the case is quite scratched as well. I’ve worn this watch daily for 10 years, never giving it a second thought. It’s what watch people, I’ve since learned, refer to as a “beater.”

Here’s a photo (which doesn’t really show off the pockmarks in the crystal very much):
Seiko Quartz Chronograph

So, after seeing that new, shiny Invicta, and looking at my watch closely for the first time in years, and seeing just how beat up it is (although it works perfectly) I idly thought, “maybe I should think about getting a new watch,” and then, I began poking around on the internet. This was of course, a bad move, thought not as bad as it could have been.

I discovered mechanical watches, and realized that I’ve never owned a watch which did not require a battery, and somehow the idea of a mechanical watch appealed to me. I discovered Orient watches, makers of mechanical watches (and they make their own movements, so they aren’t just “watch assemblers”, as if that makes some sort of difference to me), and I eventually ordered this one:

But, by this time, I’m a little bit hooked, and I keep poking around on the internet, looking at watches, thinking all the while, “what’s wrong with me? I just got a new watch. I don’t need two new watches!”

Then I remembered I had an old Casio watch with a broken band, and a dead battery. I bought this watch back in 1993 or so, and replaced the band about three times, until finally, I thought “I’m tired of replacing these bands. I’m going to get a watch with a metal band.” That was 10 years ago, when I got that Seiko (above). For the last 10 years, the Casio has sat unused, in a drawer. Well, now I’m thinking, hey, I can just replace the band and get a new battery, and I’ve got a “new” watch. And so I did:

The weird thing is, when I wear that watch, and look at the time, I involuntarily think, “Whoa! That’s my arm from 15 years ago!” It only works for my arm, unfortunately.

Well, now, I’ve gone and gotten another watch. I’m not sure how I feel about this one. It’s a homage to the Omega Planet Ocean. The only reason I say “homage,” rather than “replica” or “fake”, is that it doesn’t try to fool anyone who takes more than a cursory glance — the Omega logo is nowhere to be seen, for example. I feel a bit weird wearing it, as the watch it is imitating is more money than I could ever bring myself to blow on something as frivolous as a wristwatch, and even though my homage is two orders of magnitude less expensive than the real thing, it still looks like an excessively expensive watch. Well, I’ve got the thing, so might as well enjoy it.

And finally, I’ve got a watch which my brother had given to me as kind of a joke, and this one is trying to look like a watch that is 3 or 4 orders of magnitude more expensive. This is a copy of the watch which Arnold Schwarzenegger wore in one of the Terminator movies. I think my brother paid about $10 for it, which I’m glad it wasn’t more than that, because it doesn’t actually work anymore.

And that is the extent of my little watch collection. I hope that remains the extent for awhile, as it’s ridiculous that I have more than one watch to begin with.

~ by scaryreasoner on October 4, 2010.

7 Responses to “My little watch collection”

  1. I’ve been through the infatuation with watches. I used to talk to the reps who sold really expensive stuff to the docs at the hospital where I worked. They sported the expensive sort of watch which everyone doesn’t even recognize. So I knew right away that I was out of that league. I once bought a Rolex at a yard sale for a dollar, thinking it might be an old knockoff, but it was real and I eventually sold it for $400 to a guy who cleaned them up and resold them. Now I basically use my cell phone. I think high end watches will be with us for a long time, since their function is not really timekeeping, but letting the cognoscenti know how much cash we can afford to throw around.

  2. I think high end watches will be with us for a long time, since their function is not really timekeeping, but letting the cognoscenti know how much cash we can afford to throw around.

    Yeah, and this is why I’m sort of disgusted with my inner raccoon (if I blame him, I don’t have to blame myself.) That being said, none of my watches are “high end” by any stretch, as none but the Seiko cost more than $100 new, and the Seiko only just a bit more than that.

    That being said, I have been jonesing for the so-called “terrorist” watch — the Casio F91W, just because, hey, it’s the “terrorist” watch, LOL, and it’s like seven dollars, brand new — why not?

  3. does it actually work?..the ‘terorist’ watch, coz there is this jehovah’s witness i would dearly love to

  4. Pffffft, there’s only one watch a proper geek truly needs:

  5. Great review, same happend to me!

    That orient watch is amazing, what is the reference?


    • charles, google “orient sky” or paste this link:

      If I had it to do over with the Orient sky, I’d probably get the one with the white face and blue hands.

      Currently, my daily watch which I wear to the exclusion of all the above watches is an Orient Mako: Though I changed the band out. The blue one is the one to get — it’s dark enough blue that it passes for black at a casual glance, but, way better than just the plain black.

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