Cyclekart progress, Oct 17, 2010: Rear hub assembly

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~ by scaryreasoner on October 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “Cyclekart progress, Oct 17, 2010: Rear hub assembly”

  1. How does the outter parts of the hub on the wheel hold up with the thrashing a cyclekart can take? This seems like the most cost efficient method i’ve seen

    • Hard to say, as I haven’t really thrashed my kart, on account of having no really good location to run it, and no other other local cyclekart builders with completed karts. That being said, this is the method for attaching the wheels that is described by the Stephenson’s on the original website. See:

      Azusa rear wheel hubs are used on their 1″ axles, and the lug bolts are ground to fit inside the Honda motorcycle hubs. New through bolts are located near the hub-reinforcing webs in the motorcycle wheels. Only one hub is keyed (the right for all our cars, and the tracks are designed with this bias in mind). Be sure to grease the freewheeling hub.

      The aluminum that the hub is made of is quite soft, and thin, so I do expect that it is not a perfect solution — e.g. a custom milled hub would probably work better, wear less, etc., but is *far* more difficult to execute.

      These days, the authority on all things cyclekart has, I would say, moved away from the Stephensons, and now resides with “Johnny Dumfries” of (if one had to lay that crown on a single head) or in the collective wisdom found at

      Good luck,

      — steve

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