Cyclekart progress, Oct 30, 2010

No movies this time. I pumped the front tires up with air, and they seem to hold air. I had thought that I remembered attempting to do this previously, and had failed, and so I thought I needed new front tires. But when I was looking at them closely to see what kind of tires I needed to get, they looked better than I remembered them being, and I gave it a go airing them up, and hey, it worked. Rolls a lot better when the front tires aren’t flat.

Here, you can see I’ve made some frame extensions from oak boards to try to make the frame look a little better. They still need sanding and painting and so on of course.

Here, you can see I’ve put the main sprocket on the axle (not keyed yet) and I’ve turned the bolts around on the wheels so they aren’t so ugly, and so that removing them is easier. I’ve also sawed off part of the body to make the engine area more open (a rear cowling will eventually cover the engine, but that’s a long way off for me.) The engine is just resting on a board that’s resting on the frame rails. I just wanted to see about how it would look, and get a better idea about where the sprocket would have to go on the axle.

Another shot with the engine.

Here’s the cyclekart with my “real” car, just to give you some idea of the size of this thing.

Here’s a nice looking shot of my cyclekart’s hood ornament.

~ by scaryreasoner on October 31, 2010.

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