cyclekart progress, Nov 11, 2010 — brake linkage

The brake linkage for my cyclekart will consist of a rod that connects the brake pedal in the front of the kart to the control arm of the brake caliper in the rear of the kart. I want the length of this rod to be adjustable, as there is some bending involved in making the rod, so predicting the precise length it needs to be ahead of time is a bit problematic. My first thought was to insert a turnbuckle into the middle of the rod. However, turnbuckles have backwards threads on one end, so this means I’d have to somehow get backwards threads on one end of a steel rod, or weld a backwards threaded bolt onto the end of the rod. That’s not so convenient. Then it occurred to me that I could get two flat bars of steel and two nuts, and weld them all together into my own homemade turnbuckle. So that’s what I did. Before welding, I knocked as much of the galvanizing material off the nuts as I could, and tried to hold my breath for the few seconds that it took to weld each spot.

homemade turnbuckle

~ by scaryreasoner on November 12, 2010.

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