Cyclekart progress, Jan 3, 2011 — brake linkage

Pretty much completed the linkage between the brake pedal and brake caliper. Still need to put a spring on the brake caliper to force the brake to be released by default.

~ by scaryreasoner on January 3, 2011.

3 Responses to “Cyclekart progress, Jan 3, 2011 — brake linkage”

  1. My guess is it won’t stop worth a hoot just like mine. The flex in the rod and the peddle bending will be the main problems and the leverage from the large wheel being the other. I’m seriously considering converting mine to hydraulic.

  2. I agree with Don, that bend will just unbend and you’ll have mush. I think the rod should be straight. Also you can fasten the spring almost anywhere along the rod that’s convenient.

  3. Update, July 28, 2011: FWIW, I did have to redo the brake linkage with a straight, and much thicker rod. Also helped to adjust the caliper at the rear. Now it stops OK. Not great, but OK.

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