Bato’s water bottle

This Christmas, I gave my brother and his wife a painting of a little snow scene. I made it using only three colors, Titanium white, Aquamarine blue, and Ivory black. I wasn’t completely happy with it, and after recently (re)viewing a few of Bato Dugarzhapov’s paintings, as my New Year’s resolution was to try to do more painting this year, I became less happy with my effort.

I ran across a post on metafilter which linked to a blog which consists mainly of closely and carefully cropped enlargements of scans of old comic books, here: Four Color Process, and the way the colors in the dots combine to form the images in your mind reminded me of impressionist paintings, as a kind of similar thing happens there. This had me looking at Bato Dugarzhapov’s paintings again.

While looking at this painting by Dugarzhapov:

something jumped out at me. I had seen this painting a number of times previously, but had not noticed exactly what was going on here. If you look at the items at the models feet, at first it looks like a bit of a mishmash of paint splotches. I was looking at one seemingly almost random blue paint stroke, and all at once, the blue water bottle jumped out at me:

Jesus! Would you look at that thing!

It’s 5 brush strokes! One, a big scumbled stroke of light blue with the background showing through, the top shaped by the brush, and a lingering at the bottom to define the bottom of the bottle. Then a small dark blue stroke to define the cap. Then three small white strokes to put highlights on the bottle. And that’s it!

edit: Looking closer, the three “white” strokes are more of a peach or a pink, which is unsurprising. Using a bare white is probably something you will not often see in a Dugarzhapov.

~ by scaryreasoner on January 4, 2011.

One Response to “Bato’s water bottle”

  1. I think there’s a sixth stroke above the blue cap ring which represents the nipple for drinking from.

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