Key/Alarm fob integration project update

Jan 22, 2011 — Got my first parts printed! Turns out there are a number of problems with it. First of all, for the parts which fit together, I didn’t leave enough play for them to actually fit together. And, I don’t think I made the thing quite big enough to contain the alarm fob. And the thing is a bit big and unweildy.

I did find out I can take the original alarm fob apart and get the electronic guts out of it unharmed, and so now I’m thinking to redesign the whole thing with this in mind instead of trying to encapsulate the fully assembled alarm fob in a plastic jacket which also holds the key. Instead, I think I can replace the plastic alarm fob casing with a completely new casing. It does mean I’ll have to figure out how to make some kind of buttons, and if I want some kind of water resistance… I’ll have to come up with something, maybe put the electronics inside a balloon or something. Anyway, a little video:

watch on youtube

~ by scaryreasoner on January 22, 2011.

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