Key/Alarm fob integration project update, 2001-02-06

Ok, got some printed parts of the Mark I design (previous design, I’ll call Mark 0). Ran into some problems. Found out that I needed to increase the depth of the area that holds the electronics, and decrease the diameter, so that they are held more snugly. Need to work on some way of holding the lid on securely. Need to work on how the key is held in. Despite all this, I am pretty stoked. The print came out more or less just as my design — even the bevels I put in to get rid of the sharp edges worked. So, the problems I’m encountering are design problems, rather than print problems, which means, in principle, these problems are fixable. I’m pretty stoked. I think eventually, I’ll succeed with this project. Not there yet, but… I’m happy about how it looks so far.

Some views of the design:

Here’s a little video:

watch on youtube

~ by scaryreasoner on February 7, 2011.

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