Buzzbomb keyfob project update, Feb 26, 2011

I’ve shortened the “nose” of the piece by about 6mm by cramming the keyhead back into the space by the electronics) and I’ve extended the lid to cover the head of the key as well.

I’ve arranged the parts in space in the picture above in a way that makes it somewhat easy to check the fitment of the parts.

I also figured out a nice OpenSCAD trick, in which you create a variable that has a value of 0 or 1, and then perform various transformations on the object (rotations, translations) by values which are multiplied by this variable. If the variable is zero, then the rotations and translations don’t happen, and if it’s 1, then they do. So I set up some transformations to get all the pieces lined up for printing. When my “ready_to_print” variable is 1, then all the pieces are transformed from the above fitment-checking arrangement into an arrangement suitable for printing, like this:

And here’s a little video:

~ by scaryreasoner on February 26, 2011.

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