Cyclekart Progress, April 17, 2011

April 17, 2011 — I’ve been working on how to mount the engine. I’ve been a bit afraid of this part of the project for awhile, and dragging my feet, because I do not want to weld something together only to have to saw it apart due to some stupid mistake. However, I have pressed on, and finally welded a few bits together.

I have an engine mounting plate with slots for the bolts to hold the engine on. My plan is to weld this plate onto the supports. I may also strengthen the transverse crosspiece on the cart which is holding the entire engine with a couple of 1/4th inch slabs of steel to make it more of an I-beam configuration just to make sure it can handle all the torque the engine will be throwing at it.

I read here (at the bottom) that the oak plugs at the ends of the frame rails are “critical!” so I made some of those as well.

It’s coming along, but still a long way to go before it’s drivable. I’m missing a few pieces of my torque converter, for starters. I need a bolt and a couple of washers (not a big deal) to hold the drive unit on the engine shaft, and I’m missing a bushing that goes on the drive shaft (bigger deal, may have to fabricate one somehow) and of course a belt.

Also need to figure out how to rig up the throttle controls. And I need to rig up a kill switch for the engine. And the brakes need re-working. I think I need a straighter control rod from the pedal to the brake caliper, and probably a stronger clevis pin.

Maybe this summer will be the summer that it becomes drivable though.

~ by scaryreasoner on April 18, 2011.

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