Thunderf00t on Islam and Q’uran burning

April 19, 2011 — Yesterday I wrote a little bit about the guy in the UK who got arrested for burning a Qur’an Thunderfoot addresses the whole mess better than I am able to do:

Watch on youtube

~ by scaryreasoner on April 20, 2011.

2 Responses to “Thunderf00t on Islam and Q’uran burning”

  1. Just wanted to point out, that something is missing from the story about the afghanis beheading people for burning the Quran because, Islamic law requires Muslims to burn the Quran if it is worn out–it is not proper to throw them in the trash or to keep worn out copies around the house (disrespectful). Millions or Qurans have been burned by Muslims themselves:
    Also, if you burned every Quran in the world it would not matter, as many people (hundreds of thousands) have memorized it word for word. They have competitions and give awards.
    Finally, is it really the violence you object to? Do you think violence to advance your ideals (Liberal Democracy) is OK? “Give me Liberty of Give me Death (quote from American Revolutionary)–martyrdom in the name of Democracy? I would not disagree with you, maybe that is OK. This is the point. Everyone supports the fight of good against evil, they just don’t agree on what is evil because they cannot put themselves in the shoes of the other to see why they see the world the way they do.

  2. ie the afghani reaction was political–a mob manipulated by an Imam with an agenda

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