Cyclekart progress — 2011-04-23 — engine mounted!

Got the engine mounted on my cyclekart! Woohoo!

I’m a terrible welder. However, despite this, I think the job I did will suffice, crappy as it is.

The engine mounting plate I bought had slots for bolts to hold the engine, but they weren’t quite big enough, so I had to file them out a bit. One of the many challenges I ran into. You wouldn’t think it would be all that hard, just a few pieces of metal, weld them together, what’s the big deal? But man, this took me all day, and I am beat. Working with steel is not like working with wood.

I ran out the last of a spool of 30 gauge welding wire today. That’s the first spool I’ve run through my little Hobart Handler 140 welder. So far, it’s been a good little machine (then again, what do I know about it? Not much.)

Well, I’m excited to finally get the engine mounted on the silly thing. It’s been more then two years since I started this project, back on March 24, 2009. I’ve certainly learned a lot in that time, and I can do some things I wasn’t able to then. I’m glad I started this thing; so far, it’s been a good project.

~ by scaryreasoner on April 24, 2011.

One Response to “Cyclekart progress — 2011-04-23 — engine mounted!”

  1. Been following your progress from afar. Someday… short on space at the moment, but this is definitely on my bucket list.

    Great work.

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