Cyclekart progress, May 21, 2011 — redoing throttle linkage

A couple of weeks ago, I set up the throttle linkage, and I used a home made wooden (oak) cable end stop. Well, turns out that cable systems like this put a lot of stress on the cable end stops, and the wood wasn’t up to it. It failed in basic testing. So, I’ve fabricated a new cable end stop out of steel. It looks very ugly, like something out of the bronze-age when people were just learning how to work with metal. The other thing I’ve done this weekend is to work on the oak board inserts that go into the rear end of the frame rails. I need to carve out an area to clear the bearing housings. This I did with a hammer and chisel, and with a bit of sawing with one of those small Japanese style saws that cuts on the pull stroke. I had been planning to do this work with a small CNC milling machine at Tx/Rx labs, but I never really got the momentum going on that. So, in the interesting of getting the job done, I resorted to more old fashioned tools that I had on hand. Chiselling away wood turns out to be a pretty relaxing task.

Anyway, I made a little video:

~ by scaryreasoner on May 22, 2011.

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