cyclekart progress 2011-07-18 – CNC plasma cut steering wheel core


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So I made another steering wheel core, this time out of steel. It didn’t cut quite as nice as the aluminum did. However, I did correct the problem with the bolt circle not being aligned. The problem was that the splined piece that the steering wheel attaches to has six holes. What I hadn’t realized is that these six holes are actually two sets of 3 holes, each aligned to a slightly different sized bolt circle. Initially, I had measured the distance between the edges of two bolt holes on opposite sides of the piece — two bolt holes which were on subtly different bolt circles. So that meant I got the wrong answer and so the bolt holes on my aluminum steering wheel came out wrong.

So, there it is mounted on the cyclekart. But now I found a different problem:

My steering column isn’t long enough and the steering wheel core almost touches the dashboard, leaving no room for fingers, or even the planned wooden back half of the steering wheel.

But check out that nifty kill switch.

~ by scaryreasoner on July 9, 2011.

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