Jason Rosenhouse on sophisticated theology

Jason Rosenhouse has a beautiful and fucking devastating post up about so called sophisticated theology. A taste:

Since then I have read a fair amount of highbrow theology. I have read my share of Augustine and Aquinas, Barth and Tillich, Kierkegaard and Kuhn, just to pick a few names. I have read quite a lot of Haught and Ward and Swinburne. I did not go into this expecting to be disappointed. Conversion seemed unlikely, but I expected at least to find a lot of food for thought. Instead, with each book and essay I read I found myself ever more horrified by the sheer vacuity of what these folks were doing. I came to despise their endlessly vague and convoluted arguments, their relentless smugness towards nonbelievers, and, most seriously, the complete lack of any solid reason for thinking they weren’t just making it up as they went along. I thought perhaps I was just reading the wrong writers, and that I would eventually come to the really good theology. But I never did.

I came to see theology as a moat protecting the castle of religion. But it was not a moat filled with water. No. It was filled with sewage. And the reason religion’s defenders wanted us to spend so much time splashing around in the moat had nothing to do with actually learning anything valuable or being edified by the experience. It was so that when we emerged on the other side we would be so rank and fetid and generally disgusted with ourselves that we would be in no condition to argue with anyone.

Hah! These “sophisticated theologians” are so full of shit that it’s really pretty funny. It’s funny, rather than sad, because nobody who is a believer in the bullshit religion peddles believes because of the arguments the “sophisticated theologians” make, they only use these arguments (if they know about them at all) to lamely try to bolster the beliefs they already hold. So all of their “important work” is mocked (and rightfully so) by the atheists, and mostly ignored by the believers. The “sophisticated theologians” are laughably irrelevant.

~ by scaryreasoner on July 14, 2011.

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