Atheist redditor in Houston relates his experiences

Atheist redditor FranMan32 in Houston relates his experiences handing out water bottles near the Rick Perry prayathon while wearing a t-shirt that says “ATHEISTS.ORG”

The shirt in question:

Here’s what he had to say about it:

I stood on a busy intersection in Texas and handed out free water. It’s just over one hundred degrees where I live. I wore this shirt that I made just minutes before. Some people gave me really bad looks. Some people would throw the bottles of water back at me. Some would wait to pull up next to me and would pour it out. There were several women/girls that said they really liked my shirt or that would laugh and give me a thumbs up from afar. For the most part it was a positive experience. Oh yes, a couple of guys that threw my bottles back at me shouted “jesus is god” as they sped away.

I couldn’t take a picture of myself at the intersection since I had to literally watch my back. There was a gas station at the intersection so some people would come up from behind me to ask me why I was an atheist and why I was handing out water. I was startled a few times when I would turn around around and there would be someone standing behind me. The back of my shirt is what says Some people here in Texas sort of go bananas for such suggestive text.

In all I gave out 96 bottles of water (3 32 packs) in about 2.5 hours.

TL;DR I wore a shirt that says and handed out water in Texas. Some liked it. Some didn’t.

There’s more interesting stuff in the comments over on reddit.

I should have gone down there. It was ridiculously hot today though, and I kind of forgot that the Rick Perry thing was today.

~ by scaryreasoner on August 7, 2011.

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