Camera shopping

Aug 11, 2011 — I seem to be shopping for a camera.

This, despite what I already have:

  • Canon Digital Rebel (the 6MP one)
  • Canon EOS Rebel XS (film)
  • Tamron 28-200mm
  • Tamron 200-400mm
  • Canon 50mm 1.8
  • Canon 15mm fisheye
  • 18-55mm kit lens from digital rebel
  • 35-85mm kit lens from film rebel

So you might wonder what’s prompting this shopping spree. Well, a few things. First, sometime this fall, I’m headed out to California for a week of camping in the Sierras. Secondly, film is expensive, and getting harder to buy, and digital is just so damned convenient. Thirdly, I was playing around with my old film Rebel, and I realized how much I missed the full frame, and how badly the cropped frame sensor wrecks the wide end of the lenses. Fourth, there’s a spot on the sensor of my digital rebel, which while it might be cleanable, is irritating.

At some point I got it into my head that I should look into Canon’s latest offerings for a full frame sensor. I figured that in the five or six years since I last paid attention to what was out there, surely prices for full frame sensors must have come down to more reasonable levels. I foolishly let this thought stew around in my head for a couple of weeks before I bothered to check whether this was actually the case — long enough to get my mind pretty well set on the idea of a full frame digital camera.

And then I checked. Ooooh-kay.

Canon 5D mark II: $2500! Ouch!

But okay, let me get used to that idea for awhile. Then I started thinking about lenses. On the wide end, I’d kind of like a 20-ish mm prime.

Well, the contenders are probably:

Canon 17-40mm f4 L

Zeiss 21mm f2.8

Voigtlander 20mm f3.5

Well, the Zeiss is nice, but heavy, and very expensive, and I’m sort of having a hard time imagining taking a photo with the Voightlander and thinking, “Well, this photo is wrecked… if only I’d had the Zeiss.” The Zeiss is about 3x the price, size, and weight of the Voigtlander, but is universally well regarded. The 17-40 f4 L from Canon is somehow underwhelming for an L-series lens (then again, who the hell am I to talk, me, who owns a 200-400mm Tamron zoom? Maybe I’m learning from my mistakes?)

Then again, these days, sharpness doesn’t matter. There’s some truth to that (also why I have a hard time seeing myself choosing the Zeiss over the Voigtlander.)

And then in my searchings, I find the Samyung 14mm f2.8:

Samyung 14mm f2.8 (rebranded as Rokinon here)
Well that looks like a pretty interesting lens.

Then I start thinking thoughts like, “well geez, if my current lenses aren’t ‘good enough’ for the 5D, and I have to get better ones anyway, well I could consider switching to Nikon.” No… I don’t think I can convince myself to go that far that fast.

~ by scaryreasoner on August 11, 2011.

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