3d-printed Canon EF mount pinhole lens

I printed out a copy of this Canon EF mount pinhole lens by Thingiverse user chriswoebken on a reprap Mendel.

I printed it in translucent plastic (black wasn’t loaded up in the printer) and have it a couple of coats of acrylic “ivory black” (what black I had lying around). I used the paint to adhere a bit of aluminum foil to the um, lens hole, and painted that too. I used the high E-string of a guitar to make the pin hole in the foil. I think I didn’t quite get it centered, and possibly made the hole too small as it doesn’t seem to cover the whole frame. Or maybe the vignetting is just really, really bad.

Anyway, here’s a terrible shot of the window in my front door.

So, as a lens, it seems, well, not very good.

But it is certainly cheap.

All in all, it was a fun and absurd little project for a Saturday afternoon.

~ by scaryreasoner on September 17, 2011.

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