Explodomatica progress, Oct 5, 2011 — GUI works now

I’ve been working on this little program to help people create explosion sound effects, called Explodomatica. You can get the source code at http://smcameron.github.com/explodomatica. It’s made for linux. (The command line version should be easy to port anywhere though.) The GUI version needs GTK2. It relies on libvorbisfile, libsndfile, and portaudio, the latter being the one most likely to give you trouble (i.e. not be on your distro by default.) The license is GPL 2 or later.

You can easily make a variety of explosion sound effects with Explodomatica and save them to .wav files for further processing or whatever.

Here’s a little demo video:

~ by scaryreasoner on October 6, 2011.

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