Paul Elkins has done some cool shit!

Paul Elkins commented on my youtube channel:

I like your cycle kart. Keep us posted on your progress
Seattle, Washington

I didn’t think too much of at first, as, well, who doesn’t like cyclekarts?

But I clicked on his channel. Whoa! Super cool. Check this shit out:

Here’s his youtube channel.

~ by scaryreasoner on December 4, 2011.

3 Responses to “Paul Elkins has done some cool shit!”

  1. wow just watched your videos on all the neat stuff youve invented and I have to say wow very cool Im working on a small 3 wheeler 1 seater and it is made from a honda 250cc elite and will be rear wheel drive . hey where do you buy that yellow foam stuff? I will send pictue of what Ive built if your interested . hey if fuel is going to cost a fortune we better build some fuel efficent vehicles. I still havent painted my Tryota yet or completed the body work yet . as I need to work on it out side as I dont have a shop . well keep up the good work , Tim DuBos Bonney lk wash.

    • Uh, I hope you realize, that wasn’t *my* video, that was Paul Elkins video. I just put it on my blog because I thought it was neat, and some of the stuff he does is similar to some of what I do, though he’s done a lot more than I have.

      Or… maybe you realize that, and you’re saying you like the stuff *I* invented? Seems unlikely… but if so, thanks.

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