More Dueling Masters of Space Time

March 17, 2010 — Last Thursday night, after I’d been messing around with gtk and cairo a bit, I got it into my head to make a computerized version of Dueling Masters of Space Time, a little 2 player board game my family made up a long time ago. A few hours later, I had a basic prototype up and running, and now, it’s more or less a complete digital recreation of the physical board game. It doesn’t really do anything the physical board game doesn’t also do, so a lot of the things you might want a computerized version to do, it doesn’t do. For example, you might want it to automatically communicate with other players over the internet. It doesn’t do that. But, you can play it over skype or IRC, or google hangouts, or even the old fashioned telephone just fine, just like the physical board game.

It runs on linux, requires gtk + cairo development libraries to build. Should be cake to port to Mac, if you want to give it a shot. Windows might be slightly harder, just because Windows is Windows, but that should be do-able as well, from what I understand.

Anyway, here’s a little video:

~ by scaryreasoner on March 18, 2012.

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