On the stupidity of religion

Via the excellent exapologist, I find this review of Lawrence Krauss’s book “A Universe From Nothing. At the end, there’s this little swipe:

When I was growing up, where I was growing up, there was a critique of religion according to which religion was cruel, and a lie, and a mechanism of enslavement, and something full of loathing and contempt for every­thing essentially human. Maybe that was true and maybe it wasn’t, but it had to do with important things — it had to do, that is, with history, and with suffering, and with the hope of a better world — and it seems like a pity, and more than a pity, and worse than a pity, with all that in the back of one’s head, to think that all that gets offered to us now, by guys like these, in books like this, is the pale, small, silly, nerdy accusation that religion is, I don’t know, dumb.

This irks me. Religion is dumb. Not just a little dumb. Not just dumb. Not just stupid. It is mindfuckingly, blow-your-brains-out intensely ridiculously over-the-top stupid and obviously and most importantly false. Depressingly, oh-shit-are-they-really-that-fucking-insane stupid. Stupidity is almost religion’s defining feature. Whether it advocates cruelty of various types is of secondary importance, for, were religion true, that advocacy of cruelty that is done by religion would be, well, true and proper, no matter what we thought of it. That religion is false, and very obviously so, is what enables us to argue against the cruelty, not the other way around, as I see it.

To pretend that I thought religion wasn’t dumb, and to attempt to give it the “benefit of the doubt” would be dishonest. If I am to represent my own position truthfully, I have to call religion idiotic because that is what I really, really do in fact think.

Maybe, for someone who was once religious, maybe they are unable to see how mindblowingly idiotic it really is. Never having been religious, never having been brainwashed, let me tell you, it is pretty obviously fucking insane. Not just a little bit — full on looney tunes. Really. Since this is what I think, I have to say so if I’m to honestly represent my own position.

So, yeah, depressing as the thought is, it is my position that the majority of people on the planet are willfully and deliberately being intensely, mind-blowingly stupid.

It is also my position that we should not give religion more respect than it deserves. And it deserves, and has earned, not respect, but contempt. I am but one man, and can hardly make a dent in the staggering debt of contempt which is owed religion, but I shall try.

Given that I think religion is intensely and obviously stupid, it is a duty to call that shit out and not pretend that it isn’t fucking idiotic. It is fucking idiotic, obviously so, and you dumbfucking grown-ass adults going around believing this shit need to grow a fucking brain and use it and stop being such a scaredy cat little shit and think for your fucking selves.

~ by scaryreasoner on March 26, 2012.

6 Responses to “On the stupidity of religion”

  1. Nail on the head.

  2. Ah – the dying cry of the anti-religious bigot – “I’m just expressing my truthful opinion” – just the the NWO Conspiracy theorists, those who reject the Theory of Relativity and Upfront Racists… unfortunately “It’s my unvarnished opinion” doesn’t make your words any more true, educated, informed or any less bigoted. Just like theirs.

    Of course logic clearly isn’t your strong suit.

  3. Calling me a bigot won’t make religion less stupid nor less worthy of contempt.

  4. Somebody with a brain. It’s about fucking time.

  5. Religion is stupid, but the way you wrote this article also makes you come across as stupid and a bigot.

    Some people say that religious people aren’t stupid and just believe and/or do stupid things. The way I see it, the mere fact that they accept such beliefs as irrefutable truth and commit incredibly stupid acts based on such beliefs does, by definition, make them stupid.

    • Maybe so. I’ve probably become this way due to prolonged exposure to the ridiculously bad arguments of my opponents. I certainly do not think all people who hold religious beliefs are stupid, and have said so. However, there are, from what I can tell from over a decade of looking, exactly zero non stupid arguments for the claims religions make. So… fuck ’em.

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