Cyclekart progress 2012-05-13 — lengthened steering column

Originally, I designed the steering column in my kart for use with a mass-produced store-bought go-kart steering wheel. Such steering wheels have spokes which are angled so that when the steering wheel hub is flush with the dashboard, the rim of the steering wheel is a couple of inches from the dashboard, leaving room for my monkey-knuckles.

Since then, I made my more period-correct aluminum steering wheel core (still needing to be covered with some nice wood) — it is flat, and does not have angled spokes, and so if the hub is flush with the dashboard, then there is no room between the wheel and the dashboard for my knuckles So, I had to lengthen the steering column. This was done by cutting it, and inserting a length of pipe and welding it all back together. Thanks to Justin at Tx/Rx labs for doing the welding. (I could have done it, but Justin is a much better welder than I am,, and he happened to be teaching a welding class anyway today, so already had all the welding equipment ready to go.) I did do the fitting. Speaking of which, thanks again to Justin for showing me a thing or two about proper hacksaw technique.

Also, stained the dashboard and put a few coats of urethane gloss on it. All that’s left is (much dreaded) fibreglass work, some re-routing of the exhaust, and painting, and the wood bits for the steering wheel, and maybe a bit of upholstery, and this project will be done. I’m shooting to be done by the end of June.

~ by scaryreasoner on May 14, 2012.

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