Cyclekart progress, May 21, 2012 — woodworking failure

May 21, 2012 — Cyclekart progress, in which I attempt some woodworking, and fail.

I’m trying to make some wooden steering wheel halves to attach to my plasma cut aluminum steering wheel core, and not having much luck. My original plan (and maybe my plan once again) was to use the CNC router at Tx/Rx labs to machine the parts from wood.

I got talked into attempting it with a half inch roundover bit in a router though. This did not work out very well, though I think it’s really due to the guy weilding the router rather than to any real problem with making the wheel that way.

First, I made a couple of templates, one for the inner side of the wheel, and one for the outer side of the wheel. The plan was to mark out the shape on a board, cut out the inner curve with a band saw, then, using a template, route out the round shape on the inner side. Then, I planned to cut the ooter shape of the wheel with the band saw, then, using the other template, route out the outer rounded shape.

Here’s how that plan unfolded.

Above, you see the half inch roundover bit I’m sing, and the first routing of the inside of the wheel complete. So far so good. That’s just some scrap wood. I am not quite so dumb as to try this for the first time on a nice piece of cherry.

So then I disassemble that rig, and bandsaw the outside of the wheel, then attach the wheel to my second template and try to route the outside shape.

My brilliant idea was to route part of the shape, move the clamps around, route a bit more, move the clamps around, etc. until I had routed the whole wheel. That didn’t work out so well.

So, I quickly realized that for the second half of this operation, there’s really nothing holding the router level and at the right depth except my hands. And, well, that didn’t really work out.

So, maybe the answer is I need a router table. Or, maybe I can somehow use the CNC router at Tx/Rx with a roundover bit in it so it doesn’t take a million years to do the cut.

Oh yeah, I also bought some fibreglass materials.

And I think I’m going to order some exhaust parts later today.

~ by scaryreasoner on May 20, 2012.

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