Cyclekart progress – fiberglass and drywall joint compound

May 25, 2012 — cyclekart progress: fiberglass and drywall joint compound


So I tried out mixing a bit of epoxy and wetting out a piece of woven glass cloth onto a scrap of pink styrofoam just to get a feel for the process.  Not as bad as I expected it to be so far (haven’t got to the sanding yet, which I dread).





Then, while that was drying, I set about smoothing my foam and trying to fill in various holes and problem spots with “drywall mud.”  The idea is, this stuff is easy to apply and sand, and I can get all the foam bits smooth and the right shape, then glass over them.  Then the plan is to cut it apart for the removable portions of the boot and bonnet.  There are still some trouble areas, particularly just behind the seat which I need to address.





~ by scaryreasoner on May 26, 2012.

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