Cyclekart Progress — more fiberglassing

May 28, 2012 — cyclekart progress: More fiberglassing. I put glass on the hood today.

Above, glass laid out prior to wetting out.

All wet out.

You can see the sun glinting off the wet glass.

Ooooh! A popsicle!

Thermal event detected in reactor vessel number 2!

What happened here is I ran out of hardener, so I had a batch of about 4 strokes worth of resin and maybe 3.75 strokes of hardener. I figured I shouldn’t use it as I expected the ratio wasn’t quite right. I figured it would be ok to just let harden, as I’d mixed that much before and never really felt the cup becoming more than ever so slightly warm. But, I guess that’s because I was generally using up the epoxy pretty quickly. Next time I look over at the cup, and I see it’s melted down. I go to try to move it, and well, it’s solid. I wish I’d put it on the grass or in a patch of dirt or something. Now it’s stuck to my driveway like this. At least it’s on the edge of the driveway. I wonder how I can remove it?

~ by scaryreasoner on May 29, 2012.

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