Cyclekart progress — Cut out the hood

May 3, 2012 — Cyclekart progress — I cut out the hood today.

I used a Dremel tool with a saw blade attachment to cut out the hood today.


After cutting through the fiberglass shell with the Dremel tool, I had to use a long kitchen knife to cut through the foam to detach it.  Wasn’t too bad, went pretty well.

Now I just need to figure some sort of mechanism to make it stay put while driving.  I’ts kind of fixed fore and aft, has some amount of freedom left  right, though not enough to slide out, and is free vertically.  I can epoxy some tabs on the bottom to restrict motion left/right and use an old leather belt or two to secure it in the vertical dimension, like old timey cars did.  When I cut out the rear opening for engine access, the belt method won’t fly aesthetically, so I’ll have to come up with something else.  And, I’m not sure I really like the belt method for the front either.

~ by scaryreasoner on June 3, 2012.

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