Cyclekart progress — more steering wheel related woodworking fail

June 13, 2012 — Cyclekart progress, more steering wheel related woodworking fail.


Awhile ago, I wrote about my first attempt to use a roundover bit in a router to make the wooden parts of my steering wheel and how that had not worked out.  With that experience under my belt, I determined that a big part of my problem was lack of support for the router.  There was nothing to keep the router level and at the right height and orientation relative to the work piece.  So, I augmented my templates with some more bits of wood to serve as pads for the router to ride on, and gave it another shot.

This is how that turned out:

Which is to say, not so well.  Maybe I need to think about clamping more carefully and get clamps more suited to the task.  Maybe better wood wouldn’t blow apart like the pine does.

I’ll have to think about it a bit before making the next attempt.



~ by scaryreasoner on June 14, 2012.

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