Cyclekart progress — 2012-06-24 heat shielding and extending cowling over dashboard


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Added heat shielding at various points in the engine compartment in hopes of being able to retain the stock exhaust system. Not sure this will work, so I may end up ripping it all out and replacing the exhaust with a custom setup. I actually already have the necessary pieces for the custom exhaust, but I suspect it’s rather more loud than I would like.

Also, extended the cowling over the dashboard by cutting a couple pieces out of plywood with a bandsaw and gluing them together. Then, I used a 1/4th inch roundover bit in a router to round off the edges. Then I epoxied it to the dash and put a couple layers of 6 oz. woven roving glass over it. Then, I tried to fair it with a mixture of epoxy and glass microbubbles. This was more or less successful, but it’s rather rougher than I would like, and I’ll probably need to do another round of fairing before it’s close to what I’m going for. And of course, while doing this I managed to drip nice streams of epoxy down the side of the kart, so I’ll have to resand that.

Looks like I won’t make my “end of June” schedule. Probably more like end of July, I’d guess now.

~ by scaryreasoner on June 24, 2012.

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