Cyclekart progress, July 1, 2012 — Paint, and rain

Last couple of days, I’ve been painting the cyclekart.

Yesterday, painted it with primer. Two cans was enough to cover it. After the 2nd coat, the clouds were looking a bit ominous, so I decided I’d beter put the wheels on and roll it into the garage. I got one wheel on before the deluge began. Scrambled to get the thing back together and into the garage. About the time I got it into the garage, the rain stopped. The primer had been drying for about 15 minutes before the rain, which meant it was pretty dry — it dries surprisingly quickly. I decided to wet sand it — it needed sanding anyway as the primer leaves a kind of rough texture initially.

Today, I shot it with metallic blue. I used 4 cans, and it probably needs another 2 or 3 cans to get nice even coverage. I was keeping an eye on the sky, and again, clouds were looking ominous. I decided to put the wheels on and drag it into the garage. This time I got three of wheels on before the deluge began. Goddamit. Put on the last wheel, got the car off the blocks and rolled it into the garage. The paint had been drying for maybe 10 minutes, but I had been putting on really thin coats, so it was mostly dry. The water just beaded up and didn’t seem to hurt anything. I got a hair dryer and put it on the no-heat setting and blew as much of the water off as I could. Surprisingly, the water didn’t seem to hurt it at all.

~ by scaryreasoner on July 3, 2012.

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