July 4, 2012 — cyclekart progress — painting complete, almost done

Spent all day today  from about 7am to 7pm working on this thing.  Sprayed it with gloss clear enamel, and that really made the metal flake blue come alive.

However, I think it was too hot.  Where the gloss would wet out, it was nice and shiny, but around the edges — the overspray was just like white dust.  It was as if the can was half full of gloss enamel, and half full of dust.  I think it was just drying instantly on contact unless you just kind of blasted it.  Which made it really hard to get a nice coat.  I think I’ll wait a week and try buffing it.

Even so, while he paint doesn’t look as good as I’d hoped, neither does it look as bad as I feared.

I fastened the faux pipes in now that the paint is done.  And put some black vinyl material on the floor and some vinyl seat covering “upholstery” on one side — didn’t get to the other side yet, I wanted to, but was about to die of heat exhaustion so I had to quit for the day.

Took it out for a little spin in my neighborhood in the form you see in these pictures.  Gave a couple of my neighbors who were out walking about a smile to see the silly thing whizzing around.

This thing is so close to being finished.  Just need to finish the steering wheel, upholster the other side, probably re-glue the vinyl floor — don’t think the rubber cement took — and maybe a little work to do on the exhaust, and that’s it.

~ by scaryreasoner on July 5, 2012.

One Response to “July 4, 2012 — cyclekart progress — painting complete, almost done”

  1. Sweet. Nice job. Bet you’ll be sorry when it’s done, because tootling around the hood will get a little old. I wonder, do these car builders get together and race or parade?

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