I’m on slashdot

October 8, 2013 — Ten years ago slashdot was a monster of a site — big enough that to describe the experience of being linked from the main page, a new verb was coined: to be slashdotted. Being “slashdotted” was enough to take down many sites. Now I suppose it’s merely a big site, no longer the huge beast it once was. Nevertheless, still exciting to be on the main page — and twice. My cyclekart shows up briefly.

In any case, one Sunday a few weeks ago, a videographer from slashdot showed up at TX/RX Labs, Houston’s hackerspace, and shot some video of me giving him a tour of the place.

Part 1. Part 2..

I’m not quite sure why they broke it into two parts, as both parts are quite short, perhaps it is just to give more exposure on the front page to TX/RX Labs. The 2nd video contains some repeated parts from the first video, and they subtitle the cyclekart footage with the claim that it is an electric vehicle, which is really strange because I thought I made it pretty clear it was powered by a 6.5 HP Honda gasoline engine, but, whatever.

~ by scaryreasoner on October 8, 2013.

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