Banned in Pakistan

2018-12-09 — Banned in Pakistan


A Pakistan authority has demanded that we disable the following content on your site:

Unfortunately, we must comply to keep accessible for everyone in the region. As a result, we have disabled this content only for Internet visitors originating from Pakistan. They will instead see a message explaining why the content was blocked.

Visitors from outside of Pakistan are not affected.
ā€” Begin complaint ā€”
Dear WordPress Team,

I am writing on behalf of Web Analysis Team of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) which has been designated for taking appropriate measures for regulating Internet Content in line with the prevailing laws of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

In lieu of above it is highlighted that few of the web pages hosted on your platform are extremely Blasphemous and are hurting the sentiments of many Muslims around Pakistan. The same has also been declared blasphemous under Pakistan Peal Code section 295- B and is in clear violation of Section 37 of Prevention of Electronic Crime Act (PECA) 2016 and Section 19 of Constitution of Pakistan.

Oh noes, I have hurted someones feelings.

Lolz. Guess I won’t be visiting Pakistan any time ever.

~ by scaryreasoner on December 9, 2018.

4 Responses to “Banned in Pakistan”

  1. Same šŸ˜‰

    • Damn… you left us hanging for 10 years? Glad you’re ok.

      • You know, every so often I wonder “whatever happened to kafirgirl” hoping she isn’t dead, and suddenly seeing her random comment here is honestly both good and shocking.

      • No kidding. Have to wonder what’s the back story. Leaving us all hanging for 10 years thinking she’s probably dead for no reason would be pretty shitty, but I want to presume there was/is a good reason. And then there’s that part of you that wonders, is it really her? Or did somebody finally crack her account, and try to cover up things with a short, cryptic “I’m all good, just left the internet entirely forever for no stated reason, and now I’m here telling about it 10 years later, unprompted, and with no details at all. Nothing to see here.” It’s all very, very suspicious.

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