Retarded arguments against atheism #4

Look at this pile of festering putrescence masquerading as intellectual discourse:
The Skeptical Inquirer
If Only Atheists Were the Skeptics They Think They Are
by Edward Tingley

Dismantling this crap is left as an exercise for the reader for now.

A likely fatal weak point of the argument is that they reject an infinite number of hypotheses on the same grounds which their opponents reject their hypothesis. Or (xor, actually), they fail to reject an infinite number of hypotheses, and consequently can claim to know nothing at all.

In other words, they are morons, as usual.

Have fun.

Edit: Jun 3, 2008I’ve been meaning to get back to this post and give Tingley a proper thrashing, but also dreading it, as doing so would require me to wade through that burning pile of stupid again.

Today, I’m in luck though, as I see others have given Tingley his well earned thrashing.

Jeffrey Shallit delivers the thrashing here. And look out for traffic Jeffrey, becauze PZ has linked to you on his blog Pharyngula with a post entitled, “Another blithering apologist.”

Glad to be spared of having to read Tingley’s head/desk collision inducing crap again.

~ by scaryreasoner on May 23, 2008.

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