Christians, you are retarded. every last one, without exception.

Note: This post was written back in 2008. In the intervening years none of the many commenters have made even a slight dent in my thesis. Christianity is judged to be irredeemably stupid. Comments are now (2013) closed. And your argument is not new, is not good, and don’t try to post it as a comment on some other unrelated part of this blog. — scaryreasoner

You don’t like it? Too fucking bad. Your acceptance of your beliefs means that you are being retarded, and there’s no way around it. Fuck you, you fucking retards. I’m sick of pretending your idiotic “arguments” are even remotely sensible. You’re a fucking retard, eating retarded shit and calling it ice cream.

The Christian generally believes that there is life after death. This, in light of what we currently know of neuroscience and how the brain works, and doesn’t work when it is damaged, is, no mincing words here, plainly retarded. If you believe in life after death, sorry, — er, no, not sorry — you’re fucking retarded.

The Christian generally believes that faith is a good idea, that believing things for no reason — just because — is a good idea. The Christian generally believes that being more certain of their beliefs than the evidence warrants, is somehow a virtue. The Christian generally is trained to believe that everyone uses faith, and that to point out that others use faith somehow justifies their own use of faith — the words “tu quoque” have no meaning to the average Christian.

The Christian generally believes, in my experience, that an appeal to consequences is a valid way of making an argument. The Christian typically believes that if it can be shown (or, more commonly, if it can be made to appear that it is shown) that belief in Christianity leads to some benefit, or that lack of belief leads to some undesirable consequence, that this justifies belief. This is retarded. If you can’t figure out why, it’s because you’re retarded. Hint: google “appeal to consequences,” you big retard.

Christians generally believe that Jesus was God, after he magically impregnated a virgin, and then emerged from her vagina nine months later, disappeared for 30 years, then turned up as the messiah. The evidence for this? A book which says so. What? Nothing more? No, that’s it, just a book. Are you fucking kidding me? Only a book? Nope, not kidding. They’re that fucking retarded.

Christians often accept the “lord, liar or lunatic” argument as convincing. Gee, David Koresh was either Lord, Liar, or Lunatic. Umm, I’m going to say, Lunatic. Jesus was either Lord, Liar, or Lunatic. Umm, I’m going to say, Lunatic. People who don’t think Jesus was a lunatic don’t know much about lunatics. There’s a word for such people: Retards.

The story of Christianity is just plain stupid. If you believe it, you’re a retard. Period. You have no arguments for your position which are not retarded. If there were non-retarded arguments for Christianity, they would have emerged in the last 2000 years. Every argument I’ve seen for Christianity does not only fail to be a good argument, they all fail to be remotely non-retarded. From this, I conclude that there do not exist any non-retarded arguments for Christianity, as, if there were such arguments, Christians would be all over them like white on rice. Yet, Christians persist in putting forth the most idiotic arguments for their religion in the history of arguments, and cannot come up with even a single non-retarded argument for their religion. I conclude that no non-retarded arguments for Christianity exist, and that every Christian has either retardedly accepted a retarded argument, or has been brainwashed into accepting Christianity as a child (and children are basically retarded.)

So…, Fuck you, retards. Your religion is retarded, and you’ve had 2000 years to come up with non-retarded arguments and have utterly failed.

You’re retarded.

Here’s a typical example of Christian retardedness:


Scary Reasoner.

Edit: This post would have been a lot better if the video hadn’t gotten deleted out from under it. Oh well.

Edit: May 9, 2009: This is the video, which somebody has reposted now.. Not sure how long it will last, but that’s it, more or less. He really gets going at the 6 min. mark. Heh.

~ by scaryreasoner on November 11, 2008.

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  1. How quaint ^_^

  2. LOL. Holy freaking LOL.

  3. man. just fuck you. go away.

  4. Brilliant argument you got there, damn, you sure put me in my place.

  5. Awesome! Sometimes one just has to say fuck dispassionate arguments and rant for a while. Nowadays that is the sole way I will respond to creationists and their ilk. Great rant, and I am in full agreement!

  6. Here’s example number one of stupid Xians:

  7. I am so sick of religion being pushed on me and my beliefs. I cannot believe that christians still believe in such bigotry and ignorance. The thing that angers me most is their unbelievable ability to ignore all logical points and just blatantly believe in stupidity.

    • Amen. (as those idiots would say). 😛
      I couldn`t agree with you more.
      If only people spent half the time making real world contributions, as they did faffing around telepathically communicating to some divine cosmic Jewish zombie (praying), we would probably have teleporters by now.

  8. Jesus was a Jew. If he ever existed, apparently he was a political prisoner and died because he couldn’t do anything else. Resigned to his fate because he was like human and shit. Surprise, surprise.

    The Catholic Church, how can anyone NOT laugh. Idols and praying to PEOPLE? The ascension, virgins, resurrections… Not new, even then; but PAGAN ideas are somehow something else here? HAHAHA.

    • this is fucking amazing the fucking catholic bum bandits make fucking millions stealing from stupid fucks who think that some dude in a box can for give there fucking sins because they give him a percentage of some rip off they have pulled. If it is fact that there is a God and Jesus then we are all jews fuck if it is fact then there are so many fuck ups on the the planet , what the fuck happened ,forgot to pay
      bunch of fucks

  9. Pagan ideas? Not sure to what you are referring. I don’t recall writing anything whatsoever about paganism, though if I were to do so, it would probably be something about how stupid it was. So…”PAGAN ideas are somehow something else here?” WTF are you talking about?

    Did you post a reply to the wrong blog or something?

    Or… maybe on second thought you are referring the the Christian appropriation of pagan ideas… e.g. Easter, and the Solstice, etc.?

  10. Your so freakin stupid. What you said doesn’t even make a damn bit of sense.

    • Keep telling yourself that, maybe you’ll manage to believe it one day.

    • You are actually retarded… seek help, please for everyone’s benefit…

      • So Yell, I’ve approved your comments, as it’s my policy to generally approve any comment that’s not spam, or grossly inappropriate or illegal, but if you’re just going to throw insults, put a bit more effort into it and make it a really good zinger. (Not that I’m not occasionally guilty of throwing a lame insult myself, and not to pick on you specifically, as you’re not necessarily the only one.)

    • You can’t spell or read and you call the writer retarded?

    • *you’re

  11. Awesome! Totally agree SR. I’m glad there are other people who realize how f**ng stupid Christianity is.

  12. ROFLMAO!!!!! This post was awesome! Sometimes I just want to yell this very same thing to xians when they try to convince me that I’m crazy or, better yet, lost! The idiocy of xianity is beyond belief!

  13. Ur so right if u beleive that a talking snake told Adam and eve to eat a apple and they did so people arnt perfect ur a idiot. A talking come on it’s so god dam dumb

  14. I’m on my iPhone it’s hard to type

  15. Okay, I laughed for about 20 minutes before I could reply truely good stuff…


    ‘Nuf said.

  17. Why are you so obsessed with Christianity? Christianity, like all religions (at least the ones I’m familiar with) is based on faith. That’s the point. You believe it or you don’t. Just because you don’t, doesn’t mean you have to rail on those who do.

    • You’re retarded. That’s the point of his post. If faith is your reason for belief, you’re not virtuous, you’re retarded.

      • Please find someone to help you with your moronic point of view… Christianity is pretty much defined by the word RETARDED…

      • i love this arguument lol…. and the poster is correct, ya bunch of fuckin retards

  18. Why am I “obseessed” with Christianity? Why do I care about religion? Read this. Christianity is the religion which surrounds me. You say Christianity and the religions you’re familiar with are based on faith, and that that’s the point. You say this as if somehow this were a good thing, or as if this somehow excuses them. Faith has a reputation as a virtue. Faith is not a virtue. Far from it. Faith is the worst invention in the history of philosophy. The good reputation of faith needs to be destroyed.

    “you believe it or you don’t”, you say. X or not X. This sentence is without content.

    I *do* have to rail on those who believe this crap called Christianity I think that Christians are mistaken, that their beliefs are incorrect, stupid, and not remotely harmless.

    You just want people to shut up and ignore the stupidity and let the idiots have their precious idiocy without being called on it? Well, too fucking bad. I won’t ignore it.

  19. Alright, I get it, you’re mad. The thing is, I, personally know of hardly anyone who thinks that church and state should not be separated. Most of my fellow Christian friends and family like the idea of a separation. It’s a small, but loud group of people who want to turn the country into a theocracy. It would seem that you fit into a small but loud group yourself. Also, you’re not just arguing for fair treatment (I happen to agree that atheist’s rights should be protected like everyone else’s), you want to ridicule Christians for believing the way they do. You call us ‘retards’ and think that that’s an effective argument? That anyone who is a Christian is going to listen? You can get your point across without being such an asshole about it.

    • “Do you think anyones going to listen?”

      well you did and so did at least 219 people so far…

  20. No, I don’t think ridiculing Christians is an effective argument. I’m not making an argument. I’m ridiculing. Christianity is so stupid, it doesn’t even need an argument made against it. Even many Christians can’t state the core beliefs of the religion out loud without feeling sheepish about how dumb they sound.

    The price of ridiculous beliefs is ridicule.

    Separation of church and state is not the only or even the main reason I think Christianity deserves ridicule.

    As for not being an asshole, look at the top of my blog, you see that big asterisk there? What do you think that’s for? Here’s a hint.

    • “Even many Christians can’t state the core beliefs of the religion out loud without feeling sheepish about how dumb they sound.” Most Christians will proudly announce their beliefs because they’re dumbasses, as evidenced by them being stupid enough to buy into Christianity and the Book of Bullshit in the first place. And i just realized that my previous statement provides 1 piece of proof more than the Book of Bullshit doe, Chris Chanz FTL.

  21. You know, I’ve been thinking about this some more. victrola seems to think I’m being an asshole about it.

    Well, I suppose Christians would know about assholes, seeing as how they worship one.

    Jesus was about the biggest fictitious asshole there ever was.

    Prior to Jesus, there was no notion of eternal punishment in the afterlife.

    Fucking dickhead Jesus wrote, in Matthew, ch. 25:

    The Sheep and the Goats
    31″When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, he will sit on his throne in heavenly glory. 32All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. 33He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left.

    34″Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. 35For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, 36I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’

    37″Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? 38When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? 39When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’

    40″The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’

    41″Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. 42For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, 43I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.’

    44″They also will answer, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you?’

    45″He will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.’

    46″Then they will go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life.”

    Jesus. What an asshole.

    Eternal punishment. Jesus is the inventor of the concept of hell. Jesus “punishes” finite “sins” with infinite torture. Jesus, by his own words, I judge to be WORSE THAN HITLER. Even Hitler allowed his victims the mercy of death.

    And if you ask, “Who are you, to judge Jesus?” — if you suppose that Jesus is good, then you have judged Jesus as well. The only difference is that you have arrived at a different verdict than I have — you have somehow arrived at the inexplicable, psychotic verdict that Jesus is good.

    Jesus had a few good ideas attributed to him, though these were not original. His ideas which were original, supposing he even existed, and is not merely a fictional character into whose mouth the words of an unknown psychopath are placed, are pretty fucking horrible. Jesus fucking sucks. He’s fucking horrible. WWJD? What Would Jesus Do? You may as well ask, “What would Stalin do?”

    What Would Jesus Do?

    Luke 19:27 (Jesus (supposedly) speaking:)
    But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.

    Yep. Typical Jesus. Fucking dickhead to the core.

  22. You hit the nail on the head there. religion is fucking retarded and anybody who thinks otherwise needs a bullet threw the skull. if stupid retarded wankers didnt believe in fake gods and shit this world would be a decent place to live in. But unfortunatly the god retards love war

  23. Atheists are retards and fucking stupid. Bothered over weather God exist look at the fucking atheist crap they leave on bloody blogs. Wouldn’t find us agnostics insulting the bleeding Christians or the dichhead atheists. Would you. LOL.
    Christians at least know they are easily led. What’s the atheists excuse? Don’t tell me, they have to be right about everything, even when they don’t know and cannot prove it…

  24. Heh.

  25. Hahaha right on bro.

  26. Wow, you must be the ultimate satan’s ventriloquist dummy!
    You better rethink.
    Even satan acknowledges God, only difference is satan rejects God and got kicked out of Heaven on his butt because he tried to overthrow God the Creator.
    So believing in God and accepting Him are two different things.
    And a GENUINE Christian will never judge on a high horse, has a mean bone, or betray God and Jesus the Son of God ultimately.
    A GENUINE Christian has authority to judge what is good and right from what is evil and wrong. Only difference is when one chooses good/right they are condemned and judged by those who choose evil/wrong.
    So this is the blog for evildoers and antichrists.
    You made your choice, live w/ it.

    • Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool.
      You should’ve said; A Genuine Christian will be retarded and write retarded comments based on aforementioned retardation.
      And why the fuck would I accept God? If this dick has created hell, suffering and risotto, why should I like him?
      ”Derp cuz he made you”
      Like he made AIDS, Cancer, Hell and kicks to the groin. Niiiice.

    • FUCK YOU! You are so fucking stupid. Any satanist would know that “god” as you call him, doesn’t grant any prayers because he has NO FUCKING MAGIC ABILITIES! Satan was the good guy. He is the one who acknowledges his worshippers with calm minds and a clear path ahead. So, go ahead and fuck yourself. Last time I told someone I’m a satanist they started screaming at me like a fucktard. What have you learned here? JESUS WAS JEWISH! Fucking christians won’t understand that. Also, Christian is not the fucking true religion! Islam was the first religion followed by Jewish and there were plenty in between such A’s Greek. “Did you hear about that magic baby?” **stab stab**

      • I hope this is trolling because otherwise, you sir are a fucking idiot. I still cant believe you xians are actually stupid enough to listen to our arguments and then still not believe them, or at least consider them. Hell iv taken time to try and understand and maybe accept your religion but after doing a bit of research about it, its just pure BULLSHIT. One massive attempt at brainwashing people, and I must congratulate your leaders for making so many of you idiots actually believe in a cosmic Jewish zombie who is his own father. However I am afraid times are changing. People want answers and you simply cant provide ones with actual evidence and/or logic. Your evidence is the Bible you say?, and that it was written by god essentially (as he/she/it spoke to these prophets? hahahahahahah.. What if Stan Lee wrote a book where superman created the universe and then at the end of the book, said the book was written by superman, therefore making superman a real God. How does that differ from your stupid argument. YOU PEOPLE NEED HELP!! You give people a false sense of hope.

    • Hello? Are you ALONE on the internet, young man? Is there someone who TAKES CARE of you? Maybe you should go home and have a lie-down.

  27. Just because you got screwed by someone that called themselves a Christian doesn’t mean you should stereotype all Christians.
    Aren’t you smart enough to discern a hypocrite from a genuine Christian, it’s not hard.
    Just like not all muslims are terrorists, but most terrorists are muslims
    Not all Christians are hypocrites, but all hypocrites are not Christians.

    • All theists are hypocrites and part-idiot.

      Not saying theists cant be smart, but they are definitely part-idiot and hypocrites the whole lot of them.

      Thats what cults create.

    • “Most terrorists are Muslims”

      PLEASE tell me you’re not this fucking dumb.

  28. Couldn’t agree more.Religon is in my opinion one giant brainwashing scheme.

  29. Hypocrites? That’s not my complaint with Christians. If they weren’t hypocrites, they’d be even worse. My complaint is that Christianity is *very obviously* idiotic, and one would have to be an idiot to believe any of it or to call oneself a Christian.

  30. Oh, and nice use of the “no true Scotsman” fallacy.

    Besides which, the behavior of those you regard as “true” Christians has fuck-all to do with with *whether or not Christianity is true*.

    Once again, you fail to even present any argument at all, retarded or otherwise.

  31. I agree with Billy. Atheists and Christians both believe in black and white lines with everything. But the world is made of shades of gray. Everyone can admit that “God” can’t be “proven”, so really we are all agnostic. You just don’t want to admit that you are agnostic. Instead you stick with other terms that describe the faith (or anti-faith) attitudes you cling to. Yet neither of those are logical. Welcome to 2009.

  32. to clarify i think we are all agnostic, its just that people lean more towards believing or not believing. i still think people who believe are idiots because this:

    “The evidence for this? A book which says so. What? Nothing more? No, that’s it, just a book.”

    that’s a fact – it’s just a stupid book

    and one more thing – that book has been edited to hell by tons of different people, misinterpreted, mistranslated, misused, and abused for centuries on end and will likely continue to do so far into the future

    i wish i was fucking born in that future, the world isn’t ready for my ideas

  33. to clarify i think we are all agnostic

    You may already be aware, but atheism and agnosticism are orthogonal — the vast majority of atheists, myself included , consider themselves agnostic atheists. An agnostic is one who thinks it is not possible to know whether any gods exist. An atheist lacks any belief in any deities.

    It is also possible to be an agnostic theist, of course — thinking that it is not possible to know if any gods exist, but believing in one (or more) anyhow.

    I kind of look at it this way. I don’t have to know what’s in your pocket to know it’s not a live African bull elephant.

    I also do not appreciate people telling me that they have live african bull elephants in their pockets.

    • i love your pocket analogy, very very nice. reminds me of when me sister said to her classmate “religion is like a penis, its ok to be proud of yours but dont walk around whipping it in everyones faces”

  34. dude, this post was hilarious. I would imagine to a Christard this would be quite offensive but alas, their religion is incredibly offensive to the human spirit and hinders our progress.

    Believe in me or burn in a lake of fire forever!
    -your loving God

  35. I just finished reading the story of the kid who is getting suspended and not going to graduate because his Christian prom won’t let him attend another prom as they forbid dancing, rock music, holding hands, and kissing. I had to laugh so so hard because they just back up my idea that Christians are the biggest idiots and their ideas are totally nonsensical. I searched Christians are Retarded and this is the first thing I’ve found. I”m glad I’m not alone on this. and i sure wish that video would work.

    anyway, yay for being normal,

  36. Vanessa, this is the video:

    (for as long as it works, anyway.)
    “I searched Christians are Retarded and this is the first thing I’ve found. ”

    LOL. That made my day! 🙂


  38. most of christianity is “borrowed” from pagan sun worship, the roman religion at the time of “jesus” when the romans were in control of jerusalem etc. so basically judaism and sun worship got put together if you will. No evidence? well can you tell me what day is the sabbath ? SUN-day when originally a saturday. the romans even took a vote on the divinity of jesus christ to decide weather or not he’d be percieved in history as the “son of god”

  39. I have a message for all the religious people out there, GET THE FUCK OVER IT!!! Go out there and enjoy and experience all that you can while you are alive, and quite worrying about what you can and can’t do. Or whats a sin and what is not a sin. and for Christ sake have a little fun and get a life!

  40. I don’t know if I’d want to live in a world where +80% of everyone is retarded and evil. Maybe you should just kill yourself now and get it over with?

  41. Wow that video on youtube of that guy makes me laugh.. “If you fucktards don’t believe in God and Jesus you are going to HELL!!” Ha just shows you how loving and accepting christians really are
    Their ignorance and silly belief is hilarious

  42. Yeah, that video is priceless.

    My favorite moment comes at 6:45″

    (angry voice) “You’re too much of a goddamned retarded asshole … to know what the fuck is up when it comes to …” (switches to normal voice) “… Jesus Christ.”

    Cracks me up every time.

  43. Well i’m a Christian, and I believe that as followers of Christ we are supposed to share the Gospel with others (if they volunteer to listen), not thump it in their faces!

    And another thing, what happened to that message of Christian love? All I hear now is stuff like “burn in Hell non-believer!” etc.

  44. Well, Windstorm, you offer nothing which differentiates Christianity from idiocy, only the statement that you conform to some variety of Christianity. Ok. So, you’re an idiot. 🙂

    (Note the smiley.)

    Whatever happened to that message of Christian love? Why don’t you ask Jesus, who said:

    Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I came to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; and a man’s enemies will be the members of his household. He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me; and he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me. And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me. He who has found his life will lose it, and he who has lost his life for My sake will find it.”
    — (Matthew 10:34-39 NASB)


    25:45 “Then he will answer them, saying, ‘Most assuredly I tell you, inasmuch as you didn’t do it to one of the least of these, you didn’t do it to me.’

    25:46 These will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous into eternal life.”

    Jesus here prescribes “eternal punishment” for some. Eternal punishment for anyone is far worse than anything Hitler managed to inflict. Jesus here, if what he is supposed to have said is true, is far worse than Hitler. INFINITELY worse than Hitler, actually. And I mean that literally, when I say “Infinitely worse.” I mean Jesus, according to the Bible is literally infinitely worse than Hitler. And being infinitely worse than Hitler means that Jesus is infinitely evil. That is, if the Bible’s description of Jesus is accurate and true. The description may or may not be accurate, but it is a near certainty that it is not true. Jesus may have wished that those he despised could be tortured infinitely in hell, but that he wished it 2000 something years ago doesn’t make it so. Jesus was, so far as I can tell, a figure much like David Koresh, but one who hit the historical jackpot. Who knows, David Koresh may yet hit the historical Jackpot, and a thousand years from now, people may be debating the historicity of David Koresh, just as they do Jesus.

    But, back to my main point, Windstorm, which is this: You worship someone who is, as described by the Bible, worse than Hitler. Good for you, dumbass.

  45. Right on! I love a good rant, and especially a good rant that criticizes complete fucking retards (the mentally handicapped can’t help it, but zealots can; what fucking wastes of neurons). Just as an aside, have you ever noticed that xtians (the really zealous ones especially) have flat foreheads and protruding brows? Other brands of zealots may have them too, but I am rarely exposed to those twits. Perhaps their ease of indoctrination and adherence thereunto past mental development (and aforementioned brows and foreheads) actually stems from some primitive Neanderthal genes. That would explain their pack-animal mentality and inability to question what they are told by their “leaders.” hehehe… Rant on bother!

  46. “have you ever noticed that xtians (the really zealous ones especially) have flat foreheads and protruding brows”

    No, haven’t noticed that, and without even looking, I think it’s a pretty safe bet it ‘s not any more true of Christians than any other group, including atheists. Phrenology is bunk.

  47. The problem isn’t the religion. The problem is that people are reterded enough, en-masse, to buy it. Until people are, on average, bright enough to reject this kind of horseshit, the world will remain the way it is. People are easily manipulated – one could speculate that this is a survival charateristic in that it promotes large scale unities. It’s a depressing thought.

    By the way, it’s a bit specious to single out religion from other political forces. The same problem maintains across the entire political continuum.

    • Unfortunately couples with low IQs tend to have more children who are also likely to have low IQs so overall the trend is that the human population is decreasing in average intelligence by breeding more and more morons.

  48. “By the way, it’s a bit specious to single out religion from other political forces. The same problem maintains across the entire political continuum.”

    It’s a bit specious for a scientist to single out a specific type of cancer from other diseases which may attack the body.

    Fuck you.

  49. Fuck you too. You seem to have missed the point that the cancer is in the populace, and the religion is a sympton. Nice talking to you – I’ll go find someone more intelligent.

    • Galiana, sometimes you need to treat the symptoms before you can cure the disease. Yes, religion is a product of people being fucking gullible or stupid, etc. However, many religious people claim they’re thinking ‘rationally’, so one of the best ways to get them started on the path of not being retarded is to show them how fundamentally flawed religion is, thus taking the first step in becoming a more logical person.

      You’re simply bitching that it’s unfair for religion to be singled out, when it’s not. Religion is a symptom of irrationality, but it can also be a cause – many people are born into religions as children, which basically starts them down the road of irrationality at a young age, or are you saying that all young children should be held to the high standard of rationality adult skeptics have? Retard.

  50. Whats the worst christian argument? In my opinion it has to be a toss up between “the burden of proof is on the athiest” or “athiests have killed more people in history than christians combined” (which is a retarded argument because the christians athiests have listed were killing “in the name of god”, when very few athiests in history have killed “in the name of… uh” exactly. Plus I’ve heard many christians deny that Hitler was a christian.)

    I’m also a fan of the “bananna” argument. Strangly alot of christians and people of other faiths I’ve argued with will eventually stop trying to argue and start trying to guilt you into their religeon, saying things like, “are you greatful for being on this earth?” or “aren’t you afraid of where you’ll go when you die?”

    Great post, I’m glad I stumbled upon it! Keep up the good work.

  51. haha what is funny is all these people who think they are so smart it humors me to watch them and they go on and on thinking how clever they are until at last they fuck up and then I am there. Oh you’ll see sooner or later you will fuck up and I will be there in your hour of despair and I’ll just smile at your misery. You know just because the sun is going to rise tommorow doesn’t mean it always is going to rise in the future, but you are probably too dull to understand the meaning of a metaphor because you are a tiny rigid little person who can only think in binary.

  52. HAHA you are hilarious. Props man.

  53. Meh: meh.

  54. LOL. Yahoo answers, that bastion of intellectual rigor, has noticed my little post here:
    Yahoo answers.

    They think I’m angry and intolerant and hateful.

    They are right that I am sometimes angry. Of course I am. It is quite exasperating living in a world populated by supposed “adults” who can’t figure out what should be obvious to a five year old. The mere fact that I am angry says nothing about whether the points I make are valid or invalid. So, I’m angry. So what? By pointing this out, you point out the obvious and fail to defend against my point, which is that Christianity, and by extension, Christians, is/are retarded.

    Intolerant? Not so much. What have I done? I’ve written a few posts on a blog on the internet. That’s it. That is the extent of my “intolerance.” Do I call for any sort of action to be taken against the retards? Apart from making more blog posts, no. Exactly how is this intolerant? You are free to be a retard. Retard yourself to retardation.

    Hateful? I don’t hate the retards. I pity them, and they exasperate me, but I don’t hate them. I don’t wish harm upon them. I think they are deluded, and sometimes I write what might be perceived as shocking things in order to try to wake them up, and make them think, but I’m not advocating any sort of harm against them, nor would I ever.

    Merely stating that I think your opinion is monumentally stupid, and that you’re a complete fucking idiot for clinging to it in the very teeth of all the evidence making a mockery of your beliefs does not constitute hate. The price of ridiculous beliefs is ridicule.

    Finally, I noticed that there is not one argument, retarded or otherwise, presented in the defense of Christianity in that yahoo answers thread.

    Basically, it’s a bunch of people saying, “look how mean the atheist is.” And what is it that I’ve done that’s so mean? Write a blog post noting that every existing argument for Christianity is retarded. Do they present non-retarded arguments to show that I’m wrong?

    No. They can’t. They have none. They’re retards. Which is the title and main point of this blog post.

    Edit to add:

    From that yahoo thread:

    *Siiigh* I really, really do hate to see a young kid be so angry, or else I wouldn’t continue this but. BUT. What about the millions of girls who have their clits chopped off in the name of Islam? And yet those girls stick to their religion. You must understand how the anger in you comes from yourself and not religion.

    This from an atheist (stated earlier in the post, but not quoted) and woman (judging only by the profile pic, so might not be correct.) What is the point here? Anger comes from within? Here, she presents a specific stimulus: “BUT. What about the millions of girls who have their clits chopped off in the name of Islam?”, followed by, “You must understand how the anger in you comes from yourself…”

    What is the advice on offer here? That we’re NOT supposed to be angry just because of “the millions of girls who have their clits chopped off in the name of Islam?” If THAT isn’t supposed to make one angry, what is? Anger is not intrinsically bad or wrong (or good or right.) Anger is an emotional reaction. If one DIDN”t get a bit angry about the notion of this clitoral holocaust then something’s probably wrong with your amygdala . That, or you’ve been culturally conditioned to accept this clitoral holocaust as normal. I mean, what is with this ranting against anger. If *nothing* makes you angry, then there’s something wrong with you.

    BTW, this reminds me, if you haven’t read Infidel, by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, go get it and read it now.

    • once again, i wish i could bring you to my philosophy class and just have you make these stupid fu*** realize some shit, i try to but i am not as good with words as you are, and of course, its hard talking to retards 🙂

  55. I’m a Christian…I see your point…wanna talk?

  56. ‘Course I want to talk. That’s why I have a blog. Keep reading and you’ll find out what I have to say.

  57. Christians are retarded. Very very retarded. They are like downies on crack

  58. You sir, made my day. Well spoken!

  59. If you REALLY want to piss off christians, ask them how people of different races evolved, supposedly created by god “in his own image”. I ask a minister this question and his answer was “the climate”. No, I’m not joking.

    How fucking retarded is that?

    • To be fair, “the climate” isn’t too far off the mark. Peoples who’ve lived in the tropics for ages more typically evolved dark skin, to prevent low folate levels, while peoples nearer the poles evolved lighter skin to combat low vitamin D levels (with some exceptions, e.g. Inuit get enough vitamin D from their mostly fish-based diet, enabling to retain relatively dark skin.)
      See: Human Skin Color (wikipedia)

      • Thanks for responding; I stand corrected. Which leads me to this point:
        If science discovers through carbon dating or by whatever means used that the earth existed more than 6,000 years (or however long the christians believe it exitsted) then the christian’s response is that science is wrong.

        I see that the video “has been removed by the user”. Maybe he saw the light!

      • If you look in the comments, there’s another link for the video. Unlikely that this guy changed his mind, though it is within the realm of the possible — just barely.

  60. It is totally possible and did happen the way its stated. Do you really suppose you know everything and are always right?

    • I don’t think I’m always right, nor do I think know everything. If someone tells me they’ve got something in their pocket, and I say, “what it is?” and they tell me “it’s a live, African bull elephant,” I don’t have to know what it is that they’ve got in their pocket to know it sure as hell isn’t a live African bull elephant.

      Christianity essentially tries to tell you something just as improbable as this.

      I don’t know everything but I know that Christianity is a crock of shit.

      You say it’s totally possible and did happen. How do you know that? Because a book said so? There’s this concept known as “fiction,” and another concept known as “lying.” Just because something’s written in a book doesn’t make it so. You have zero evidence for the truth of the miraculous and deistic claims made in the Bible, yet you say these things can and did happen. What reasons are there that should convince a person that these claims in the Bible are actually true? And the Bible cannot be it’s own evidence. The Bible is a book full of claims. A book full of claims is not evidence for those claims.

  61. Your avatar looks like downser.

  62. christians are retarded because most of them were raised up that way. this started since jesus (who did exist but was a lunatic) preached to people with no evidence, people back then would believe ANYTHING. and all atheists were stoned to death so everyone in the province hd to be retarded, with no one to speak against christianity, it took on and made so many people retarded.

    why is christianity so bad? cause i hate retards.

    • Well, I can’t tell if you’re serious or not, maybe you’re drunk?

      “Back then,” there were hardly any people we would now call atheists. The Christians were sometimes called atheists for failing to believe in the Roman gods. Prior to Darwin, the existence of intelligent life without any explanation was a pretty tough thing to get past, and so deism was where most people who today would probably be atheists found themselves.

      You “hate retards,” eh? That’s a little harsh. I toss around the word “retard,” but I know that the majority of Christians are reasonably intelligent. This is what makes it all the more frustrating, that otherwise reasonably intelligent people self-inflict retardation in order to accept the lamest of “arguments” up to and including “blind faith” as the “killer” non-argument argument as a means to keep from having to reject religion. So, I don’t hate retards, and I don’t hate the faithful, but I do hate faith, in the same way that one would hate illiteracy, and a culture which would promote illiteracy as the highest of virtues.

  63. Xians R simply wasting time trying to understand that which was not:)

  64. Happy B-day Alicia non-christian Christian:)(:

  65. I love it, great rant, it’s like you’re in my brain.

  66. i feel like we are letting the jews and muslims off the hook….all indeed illogical *retarded* blind faith in man-made words based off of pagan beliefs…belief in god is irrelevant, one cant know or not know…but faith in dogma/man-made religion is …as you said it…fucking retarded…btw most atheists are by definition/logic also agnostic…one can not KNOW an unprovable idea

    • About letting the Jews and Muslims off the hook… yeah. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I don’t know so much about those religions, islam, especially. I used to read Kafirgirl’s blog, but she disappeared. I can only hope she’s not dead.

  67. Christians are just looking for something to calm the fear of death. Join reality pl0x

  68. I would just like to thank the author of this website. We the non-retarded need to rally together a bit more so we don’t have to live with all this retarded religious influence in our society. The only way that is gonna happen is if we support eachother. Oh yeah, I hust wanted to ask. Has anyone counted how many times super christian said “god damn” in that one video. Even if he were right (And not just a big retard) he would be going to hell just for that one video. LOL.

  69. All XIANS 2 DA BACK-O-DA BUS LIKE B4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • No, nobody’s going to the back of the bus.

      And in any case, it wouldn’t be the back of the bus, it’d be the short bus.

  70. As long as xians continue 2 prove their idiotic sense-o-self 2 the rest-o-the world US ATHEISTS only need wait less n’ less time 4 the rest-o-the world 2 C what LOONIES these Xians Actually R 4 following a myth equal to let’s say BOZO-THE-CLOWN:)!

  71. THANK YOU..just went online to do some venting of my own because Christians are ruining this nation and my life..its hard to believe a nation like the U.S. still has nearly 40% of its population doubting evolution and believing that humans walked with dinosaurs….fucking christians

  72. This is 100% true. If you’re a white Christian Man you honestly think you own all of the known world. And keep in mind this isn’t coming from a minority who’s tired of being pushed around I’m a white male who’s atheist. Does anyone even understand how many wars religion has caused? How many innocent lives have be extinguished in the name of a holy all forgiving god? If makes me want to vomit. Christians also preach about how forgiving they are and how they tolerate others which is also a complete falsification. If someone tries to create any movement against either the Catholic or any of the Christians churches its a sign of the coming Armageddon and they rally supporters and boycott. But if an anti-religious band wants to play a show it shouldn’t be allowed. The Christian religion is honestly the most hypocritical piece of shit religion ever created. And your Bible has been re-written so many times how can you honestly say it has anything in common with the original “holy book”

  73. Anyone can rant in red neck fashion and pepper is points from actual intellectual arguments. But until it is original, or actually can hold more than an ounce of sophistication…this entire blog is pretty retarded.

    Think about it, you just gave the christian side of the argument more power. Neuroscience just shows the brain dies. Every one has known that since man began breaking other mans heads open with clubs and sticks. What we STILL don’t know is what and where is the soul? During life and after life, where is it? IS it just evolutoin and accident we work in insnanely complex ways that cannot just happen through a big bang. FOr example, our earth could be created through a big bang, but your retarded brain with its tiny little pipe works of viens etc… are designed flawlessly. Albiet the choices one retard decided to make with it.

    You seem to highlight christian topics, and instead of explaining why its wrong, or how it falls short, you just say its “fucking retarded”. Observed in almost all of my science classes. Those who do not understand the amterial, end up, after class, talking with thier firends like this: “This class is fucking retarded, my teacher sucks, blah blah blah”. While the other half of the class understands, doesnt complain, and works together to solve problems. Thats what will keep you forevely in redneck retard land. Your inability to fully understand and work together to bring to light what you really want to prove. I think if you did that, youd give the retarded Christians “what for” and prove em wrong (I am anti christian). Otherwise your retarded rants, along with all the other uneducated retarded people who support you in this blog, can “get a bullet thrrew thier skull” as some one so retardedly put it.

    • Ah, so it is not permitted to say that the stupid is stupid?

      Well, yes it is.

      I have on occasion taken apart Christian arguments. This piece was not one of those occasions. This was just me venting, calling the obviously stupid stupid. If you don’t like that, well, I guess that’s just too fucking bad.

      Christianity isn’t quantum electodynamics, it’s blatant idiocy.

      You mention that we don’t know where the soul is, by which, you presumably are talking about the hard problem of consciousness. I fail to see how that is relevant. That we haven’t solved the hard problem of consciousness doesn’t make Christianity or any religion one whit less stupid, because, though they typically claim to explain the soul, the explanation provided doesn’t really explain anything, and boils down to set of bald assertions.

      In any case, if you wish me to cease calling Christianity stupid, point me to a single non-idiotic argument for Christianity. It is my contention that no such non-idiotic arguments exist.

      It appears you do not like my style of writing. I suggest you cease reading my blog. Problem solved.

      • ive got a good argument “Jesus loves you and thats why your here, if it werent for Jesus you would be nothing” hows that go LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  74. This is brilliant! you, scaryreasoner, may very well be a god, i would worship you.I argue with christians all the time and i usually take time and patience to explain why their position is illogical. It surprises me that even when I explain ever so kindly, they still deny and say that I am a lost boy seeking answers. I believe the only way to argue with retards is to just tell them they are retarded, at least that they will understand that much, i hope. I hear the same dumb arguments from christians over and over again. well over 50% of the population of the world is religious… we are obviously still in the age of superstition and retardedness. There is no fucking way to reason with retarded folks no matter how much evidence is presented.

    • You can’t expect to get anybody to abandon their religion, whether you are arguing well or poorly, in the course of a single argument. They have to figure it out for themselves, and sometimes it takes a long time, sometimes they never do. I kind of look at the debate in a long term way, and view what I did with this post as, well, first of all, ranting, but secondly, as kind of playing “bad cop.” There’s a place for the “bad cop” and a place for the “good cop” in these arguments. Sometimes the “bad cop” argument will piss somebody off enough that they’ll think, “I’ll show him, I’ll go research all the best arguments and come back and destroy him!” Then they go off and research, and encounter good cop arguments somewhere else, and oops, a couple years later their own religion sounds crazy to them.

  75. Scary reasoner, you have no right to say who is retarded, because my brother has his doctorate in Mathematics and Physics and he finds reason to believe in a God. You for whatever reason associate Christians with Catholics which are way different, because Catholics are pagan . You truly are an intolerant ass. Go attack some little kids who believe in Santa, or something. Someones bound to find your IP Address and Stomp your head into pulp, you pussy ass little bitch. You’re so low and weak that you have to jump on the anti-theist train and talk shit with insults that hit below the belt, because some people dedicate their lives to religions, such as monks, and spiritualist Buddhists, and Rabbi’s who do nothing to anyone. Go fucking whack off to your granny porn, you little bitch, because you cannot say what does and does not exist, because we live in a multiverse and you truly are the retard.

    • Last I checked, I live in the U.S., and I have the right to say what I think, up to a point. A point which does not include threats, by the way.

      You accuse me of being intolerant. In what way am I intolerant? I’ve done what? Write some stuff on the internet about how dumb Christianity is? If it’s not as stupid as I say it is, explain why not.

      You can’t. Instead you accuse me of “hitting below the belt,” which I don’t understand, as all I’ve done is point out how obviously idiotic Christianity is. If I’m wrong, explain your religion. You can’t do it without soudning like an idiot, because the basic core of Christianity *is* idiotic.

      The best you can come up with is to make veiled threats. Nice. How typically Christian of you.

  76. Some nuts like jimmy smith always fall off the tree:)

  77. I like to see people like Jimmy Smith support the piousy of Christianity by attacking scaryreasoner with empty threats that only show his own ignorance and stupidity. So what if your brother has a doctorate in Mathematics and Physics and finds reason in the belief of God. How about letting him present this reason he has found and maybe he’ll convince us there is a valid argument for your religion.

  78. If science proves Jesus wasn’t real, I bet the church would just say the Jesus story was just symbolic, not to be taken literally, and that it is just God’s example of how people should live their lives. LOL I bet the whole bible is symbolic… for a fiction story.

  79. Yep. Faith is illogical. people need to come to terms with that.

  80. Explain the multiverse theory then, scaryreasoner.

    • I don’t need to explain the multiverse. You wrote: “… you cannot say what does and does not exist, because we live in a multiverse …”

      I do not need to know everything to know that Christianity is retarded. Here’s a simple example. You may claim to have something in your pocket. I don’t know what’s in your pocket. However, if you tell me that you have a live African bull elephant in your pocket, I’m going to know that you’re full of shit. I can do that without knowing exactly what is in your pocket, if anything. Whatever it is, it sure as hell isn’t a live African bull elephant.

      Likewise, I do not need to know everything about the universe to know that an obviously made up pile of horseshit like Christianity actually is an obviously made up pile of horseshit.

      The fact that there are things about the origin of the universe which nobody knows, and that there are things which it may be impossible to ever know, even in principle, is not a license to believe crap. If you don’t know, then say you don’t know. If you say, well, nobody knows, so then it’s ok to believe whatever random crap ideas someone cares to make up, then, guess what, you’re a fucking retard. If you believe Christianity, you are a re-fucking-tarded retard. Retard. There, I said it again. Retard retard retard. Happy?

  81. If I truly was retarded, you wouldn’t say it so blatantly, as perception on how things got here is moot and the argument for ‘poor design’ is a lame excuse, because we all know beauty is in the eye of the beholder. we found a long to be believed extinct living shark in Japan. Who’s to say all land dwellers died off?
    ‘History’ and ‘facts’ can be changed and made up as easily as they can be ‘destroyed’. Why would I be an atheist, or ever want to aspire to be? I at least have my own mind. Yeah I know a lot of Christians will believe ‘just because’, but I have my own imperial agreed upon reasons aside from faith to believe, but I really know that faith is the key. Its kind of like trusting a friend. Are you truly friends if you don’t have 100% in him? Your statement about horseshit can be changed around. I don’t see the wind but I know its there. You avoided a popularly believed idea in the scientific community, believed by Richard Dawkins, and Christopher Hitchens. As far as the multiverse theory, I have been a long-time firm believer in Fictional Realism.

    • Ugh. You are *really* stupid and *really* ignorant.

      Why would you “want” to be an atheist? What has what you want have to do with it? You don’t decide what you want to be true, then go about trying to find evidence to support what you want to be true. That would be idiotic.

      “Imperial” reasons? You mean “empirical?”

      Faith is the key?

      Faith is institutionalized idiocy.

      You may as well say, “institutionalized idiocy is the key”, and I’d agree that institutionalized idiocy is the key to the success of religions.

      Faith is deliberately attempting to be more certain of something than the available evidence warrants. If you aim to figure out what’s really true, deciding to be excessively certain is very very obviously idiotic. You think faith is a good thing? You are automatically an idiot.

      Faith is not like trust in friends at all. I don’t trust in my friends to a degree of certainty which exceeds the available evidence. If I trust a friend, and he repeatedly screws me, he ceases to be a friend. That’s not faith.

      You can’t see the wind, but you know it’s there. And you’re trying to say that this is a use of faith? You can’t see the wind, but you can sense it, you can feel it, you can blow up a balloon, and see that the air is a substance, release the air from the ballown, and feel the wind coming out of it, puff out your cheeks and feel the pressure in your mouth. That’s not faith. That you would use such an idiotic example tells me you haven’t thought about this *at all*.

      How about this: How would you convince a blind man that colors exist? If you think the blind man would require faith, you’re an idiot. Think about it. How could a blind man establish the existence of colors empirically? It’s actually very very easy for him to do it, but I will leave the solution up to you as an exercise.

      You say I avoided a popularly held idea (presumably the multiverse), yes I did avoid it because it is irrelevant, it does not make the argument you think it makes.

      You need to spend a lot more time thinking about these things, because you really, really suck at this.

      • Holy shit you are my newest idol :O Your reasoning is as shown in your name, pretty scary 😛

      • This is a reply to Emilbeard’s comment:

        Holy shit you are my newest idol :O Your reasoning is as shown in your name, pretty scary

        (WordPress only seems to allow three levels of nested comments.)

        I can’t tell if you’re serious or not.

        In any case, “Scary Reasoner” wasn’t my first choice, my first choice was “Hairy Reasoner,” but this was already taken, so I came up with “Scary Reasoner” on the spot. So, don’t read too much into the name, as I didn’t put much thought into it.

        Anyway, I suspect your comment is sarcastic, in which case, you know, fuck off. 🙂 And if you are serious…. why the fuck do you need an idol? Here’s a message from your new idol: Fuck off! 🙂

      • Yeah, well your beloved atheists richard dawkins christopher hitchens same harris and many others accept multiverse theory, the mutliverse theory states that there are an infinite amount of other universes, and that their laws don’t have to follor our laws pof phsycis or logic. Seeing as how its infinite you really don’t have the right to say what does and does not exist. Me? Myself, I’m a firm believer in fictional realism multiverse theory. What would i rather have – an atheist who mocks everyone or a monk who accepts everyone? I’ll take the monk.

      • Richard Dawkins, Hitchens, etc. accept the multiverse theory?

        You don’t know what you’re talking about.

        As for your username… I’m not intolerant. I tolerate idiocy just fine. I’m not calling for it to abolished, banned, punished, or anything. I’m merely pointing it out on a blog on the internet. That does not amount to intolerance.

        The “multiverse theory” is not really a theory, but more a conjecture. After all, there is no way to get evidence of the existence of other universes, so it *cannot* be a theory.

        Even if the multiverse theory were true, it doesn’t argue for the point you seem to think that it does.

      • Also, another thing you should add, even if the multiverse theory is true, contradictions still cannot exist. That’s why it’s safe to say god doesn’t exist anyways

  82. lol I love how the Internet allows you to be a complete prick to people with no reprocusions, because face it you would never say any of this shit to someone in person xD (note the laughing face) wow your a pussy

    • I’ve said stuff like this in person lots of times. I like how nobody can show how religion *isn’t* retarded, but just get mad when it’s pointed out. Ditch religion or be deservingly called a retard. The price of ridiculous beliefs is ridicule.

      • Thats so true. Every time a religious person comes to me and asks me why I don’t believe in God I state like 30 reasons why and support them with something, then when I ask them why they believe in God they call me an oppresser/bully and tell me to stop… word of advice to religious people, if you don’t want to argue, don’t fucking start an argument.

    • i love how christians contradict themselves all the time..for example, the religion focus’s on love and accepting others, yet when you guys get mad to threaten violence and say pretty crude things. Christianity is beyond retarded, it is clear brainwash and it sickens me to know that little kids in this country grow up being told that if there bad they go to hell and burn for all eternity…..retarded?

    • Yo Ag I would actually revel in having an opportunity to say “this shit” and shit like “this shit” that I would likely form on the spot in response to your bullshit on the Internet. I for one would also capitalize on an opportunity to say my own shit to your face in real life. Don’t ever say something to the effect of “the Internet allows you to say shit without [reprocusions] and you wouldn’t say this shit to someone in real life you pussy” because I would gladly put superglue on your anus so the next time a priest sodomizes you, you and your new SiAssmese Twin can enter a piggyback race. And/or, I could papercut your eyeballs with Bible pages, and then chop your balls and staple them to your forehead so you can teabag yourself all the way to heaven.

    • Voice an opinion = being a prick. Go fuck yourself, Ag. And buy yourself two things; a dictionary and a thesaurus.

  83. Actually yes Richard Dawkins accepts multiverse theory. Haven’t you read his book, “the God delusion”? One of his chapters is based on this principal. The multiverse theory can be taken as anyone likes it to be taken. Me? I’m a firm believer in fictional realism. What came first, the idea or the universe we portray. Perhaps in another universe you are in a book or painting or a cartoon. Can’t I take my religion and science and make my own conclusion and not be called an idiot? One day you will learn respect from the other side.

    • So far as I can tell Dawkins doesn’t “accept” the multiverse theory so much as allow that it is more probably than the gods posited by various religions. In any case, it is not a license to believe crap. And Dawkins is not my prophet, if he’s wrong, I’m sure it wouldn’t be the first time in his life.

      As for “fictional realism?” No, if that is your conclusion, you may not make it without being called an idiot. Just calling it “fictional realism” displays an innovative plumbing into the depths of idiocy.

  84. Fictional realism has long been a multiverse theory before science even accepted multiverse theory. heaven actually falls under multiverse theory. perhaps fiction as we call it is actually our minds receiving transmission across the multiverse. Perhaps its our only leak to it. So you’re calling people who can be wishful thinkers idiots? That really doesn’t make sense. It’d be like me saying people who believe that eventually we’ll find the missing link between man and ape idiots, because they have wishful thoughts. yeah, theres evidence and a pattern that supports we came from apes, which I don’t deny, but I can come with links and a theory for fictional realism just as easily. This is what makes you intolerant. I can throw any idea other than your own at you and you’d deny it. You deny anything more interesting than your own existence, simply because your unhappy. You will come to find out that fact is always stranger then fiction. One day, I hope, no matter how old you are, you will learn to respect yourself enough to accept someone else’s idea’s and not be so self righteous about your own and call them an idiot, because that is what intolerance is. By bringing this up, didn’t you think you were going to entice hate or anger? was that your goal? if so you’re a troll and need to seriously take a hike in the woods and learn to love all people, and realize all species and people and ideas are like colors in the spectrum, and without one of them we would seriously be dull.

    • you sir, a fuckin retard to the core

    • CAUTION: Loads of Bullshit Below

      “Fictional realism has long been a multiverse theory before science even accepted multiverse theory.” Simply because an idea has been around for a long period of time does not mean it is true. For instance, the idea of good and evil has been around for a long time. Unfortunately, the ideas of good and evil are foolishly naive because there are sides to both stories, therefore dunking the idea.

      “Perhaps its our only leak to it. So you’re calling people who can be wishful thinkers idiots? That really doesn’t make sense. It’d be like me saying people who believe that eventually we’ll find the missing link between man and ape idiots, because they have wishful thoughts. yeah, theres evidence and a pattern that supports we came from apes, which I don’t deny, but I can come with links and a theory for fictional realism just as easily. This is what makes you intolerant.”

      Wishful thinkers are retards. To be a wish thinker is to rely on faith, and anyone who relies on an unproven, almost-intelligently deteriorating concept is, in fact, a retard to some degree.

      “You deny anything more interesting than your own existence, simply because your unhappy. You will come to find out that fact is always stranger then fiction. One day, I hope, no matter how old you are, you will learn to respect yourself enough to accept someone else’s idea’s and not be so self righteous about your own and call them an idiot, because that is what intolerance is. By bringing this up, didn’t you think you were going to entice hate or anger? was that your goal? if so you’re a troll and need to seriously take a hike in the woods and learn to love all people, and realize all species and people and ideas are like colors in the spectrum, and without one of them we would seriously be dull.”

      This entire section has been debunked for no proof whatsoever, and is using various forms of emotional propaganda to persuade the reader.

      Also, to be intolerant is to “unwilling to grant or share social, political, or professional rights”, according to the Merrian Webster dictionary. Reasoner is probably involved politically with the rights of humans, last time I checked. Additionally, reasoner is only pointing out Christians are retarded, he is not attempting to blockade them from their vexatious, deficient, hypocritical, bullshit belief.

      As a response to the above posts, I would debate this in real life and use the exact vocabulary I just demonstrated.

      In fact, call me at “Jerry azal” on Skype. I will GLADLY discuss bullshit with you.

  85. So even though I’m not a mind controlled church going Christian, and I’m just one who has made his own idea’s and perspective on God and my existence I’m still an idiot for saying there is a God? HAve you seen how many religions there are and out of all of them you pick Christianity, which by writing this blog you mock everyone in my family, who are good, loving, hardworking people. You make it very open that no matter what I say, if I believe in a God, I’m apparantly an idiot. Nice job. I’m not the only one who believes in the term fictional realism, and in fact people have written many papers on it. This is coming from an idiot though, what do I know? Seriously, delete this blog. Its obnoxious. Go look at nature and see how beautiful it is.

    • You’re an idiot simply because you believe in a retarded belief. It has nothing to do with whether your family is loving or not, or how beautiful nature is. The fact that you believe in a God gives us insight on the nature of your logical reasoning, your IQ, and the type of person you are. If you met an adult who still believed in Santa clause, you’d feel the same way.

      • I don’t care what you say. I know my I.Q. is rather high. I know I don’t follow a church’s idea of what or who God is. Believing in a God isn’t stupid and neither is the afterlife. Your life may not have been perfect but I know people who have it far worse than you in Haiti who still believe in a God. And as for being a Christian, look up Francis Collins who started the human genome project, and yet hes a Christian. Is he stupid? No. Hes probably by far more intelligent than you or I could aspire to be and yet hes religious. Saying a belief in a deity makes you a lesser human being is like saying whites are superior to blacks. People excuse gays desires to be gay for a defect in their brain or hormones, whos to say my belief in a deity isn’t something along those lines, and if it is or isn’t then shut the fuck up and quit hating on people who hope to be with their loved ones forever you intolerant ass. The only thing I can’t stand is intolerance itself, which is what you’re full of, besides being full of shit. Go meditate, and find God for yourself, because even knowing both sides of the argument I have found that God exists and deep down you’re scared because you like to live a life of shit. Your character is truly shown and reflects who you truly are most when you think no one is watching. I bet you like to run over small animals, and throw trash on the ground. Grow up, because what you’re doing right now is not loving me for who I am and if you can’t do that then you need to look at yourself and see what flaws or errors in you make you so unhappy to attack someone elses aspiration. My God, Yahweh, would never wish harm or hate on anyone. All he wishes is that you love me and I really wish I could show you love. Love all animals and man and our Earth and you will learn to be truly happy and then you will find God.

      • To Intolerant of intolerants:

        Francis Collins, in the case of his religion, is being an idiot. In his book, “The Language of God” describes his conversion experience in which he encounters three waterfalls on a hike, interprets this as the Trinity, and surrenders to Jesus. The whole thing is laughable. He was and is being an idiot.

        You say that I “like to live a life of shit.” You don’t even know me. What the fuck?

        As for intolerance, all I’ve done is write some stuff on a blog on the internet. You are free to be as stupid as you little stupid brain desires. I’m not preventing you from being stupid or from doing anything else. I tolerate your stupidity just fine. I do write about it on the internet. That’s not intolerance, that’s writing stuff on the internet. If you think that’s intolerance, you don’t know what intolerance is.

        You say you bet I like to run over small animals and throw trash on the ground. Are you serious? You think this is a way to win people over to your side of the “argument?” You’re losing this argument.

        Loving you for who you are? I don’t even know you?

        Let me ask you this. Should I love Hitler for who he was?

        If I judge you by your writings, and in my judgement, you come up lacking, perhaps you shouldn’t write such stupid stuff. I’m not going to say, “Oh, how stupid! However, I love the stupidity, that’s what makes him great!” No. This is the real world, and not everybody loves everything about you. You makes stupid statements, sometimes, you’re going to get called on it.

        Your god, “Yahweh, would never wish harm or hate on anyone.”

        Let’s consult the Bible, shall we?

        Book of Malachi:

        The burden of the word of the LORD to Israel by Malachi.
        I have loved you, saith the LORD. Yet ye say, Wherein hast thou loved us? Was not Esau Jacob’s brother? saith the LORD: yet I loved Jacob, And I hated Esau, and laid his mountains and his heritage waste for the dragons of the wilderness.

        Romans 9:13
        As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated.

        (emphasis mine.)

        What about harm?

        From Numbers 31:

        And they brought the captives, and the prey, and the spoil,
        unto Moses, and Eleazar the priest, and unto the congregation
        of the children of Israel, unto the camp at the plains of
        Moab, which are by Jordan near Jericho.

        And Moses, and Eleazar the priest, and all the princes of the
        congregation, went forth to meet them without the camp.

        And Moses was wroth with the officers of the host, with the
        captains over thousands, and captains over hundreds, which
        came from the battle.

        And Moses said unto them, Have ye saved all the women alive?

        Behold, these caused the children of Israel, through the
        counsel of Balaam, to commit trespass against the LORD in the
        matter of Peor, and there was a plague among the congregation
        of the LORD.

        Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill
        every woman that hath known man by lying with him.

        But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying
        with him, keep alive for yourselves.

        From Judges 11:

        And Jephthah vowed a vow unto the LORD, and said, If thou shalt without fail deliver the children of Ammon into mine hands,

        Then it shall be, that whatsoever cometh forth of the doors of my house to meet me, when I return in peace from the children of Ammon, shall surely be the LORD’s, and I will offer it up for a burnt offering.

        And Jephthah came to Mizpeh unto his house, and, behold, his daughter came out to meet him with timbrels and with dances: and she was his only child; beside her he had neither son nor daughter.

        And it came to pass, when he saw her, that he rent his clothes, and said, Alas, my daughter! thou hast brought me very low, and thou art one of them that trouble me: for I have opened my mouth unto the LORD, and I cannot go back.

        And it came to pass at the end of two months, that she returned unto her father, who did with her according to his vow which he had vowed: and she knew no man.

        Human sacrifice. How’s that?

        2 kings 2:

        And he went up from thence unto Bethel: and as he was going up by the way, there came forth little children out of the city, and mocked him, and said unto him, Go up, thou bald head, go up, thou bald head.

        And he turned back, and looked on them, and cursed them in the name of the LORD. And there came forth two she bears out of the wood, and tare forty and two children of them.

        Then there’s Acts 5, Sapphira and Ananias, in which, according to the Bible, God kills them both for money, FOR MONEY!.

        You may protest that your God is not the God of the Bible. If so, then you are stupid for referring to him as Yahweh. If not, then you’re stupid for saying he does no harm to anyone, as anyone who has read the Bible knows that the story of Yahweh is not the story of cuddly teddybear, but closer to the story of a rabid starving grizzly bear. You’re an idiot, and with each post, your writing just digs you in deeper into the idiot hole.

      • What part of all loving don’t you understand? How did Jesus portray The Heavenly father to be? I just personally think that men have portrayed God to be all the things he’s not, which is wrong doing to other living creatures, and evil and greed and hate. As for anything God does being ‘physically impossible’ we are becoming so advanced that we are realizing that our tiny finite minds can work around Gods laws, where-as being the writer of those laws God can re-write them however he pleases to use them. I believe God exists as what he is, a reality warper, so therefore you cannot tell me that he’s not there, because all you perceive is reality itself, so you wouldn’t be able to tell if something was there or not. What is with your personal vendetta against my God, or any God? Is this ‘conform to my ideology or have everything you hold to value in your life shat on’? I was at the peek of contemplating suicide in mid term of my atheism, and then I spent the last three months accepting that everything was okay, and then I had an epiphany, and meditating on both sides I realized that to come with terms to God is more of a personal experience, as all he really holds on this universe, aside from Jesus and prophecy is keeping things in balance, which he does quite well, aside from a few moot things. yeah, so keep this blog up, and happily think that you have trumped me because of your inability to accept any argument. You’re not smart, you’re not logical, you’re just pissed off because what you think reality is hit you so hard in the face you hate yourself, and therefore hate everyone around you. The laws of Moses are not how my God thinks. My God is neither a bigot nor a biased individual. What would a God want with money when seeing as how he can warp reality he can make anything he wants that would take money for a human to obtain? Things have been done in the name of my God, but I guarantee you that they were not permitted by my God. I believe the God of the bible is the real one because science is making more and more ties toward different realms, and we’re figuring out that we could very well possibly create our own tangible universes, which wouldn’t an all knowing God already be able to do that? hm.. If we can create a universe, whos to say someone didn’t create ours? You apparently lack any knowledge in favor for any idea of a higher power. Is it wrong to aspire to be with my loved ones forever? Even my little beagle?

      • You’re making shit up. And you expect people to take you seriously and not point and laugh.

        No. I’m going to point and laugh. You’re an idiot. You can’t make stuff up and expect people to take you seriously. Your god is a “reality warper” you say? And I can’t say he’s not, because your go oh-so-conveniently warps reality such that I can’t see him? So, how do *you* know he’s there? You can’t either, by your own stupid rules.

        Fuck, but you’re retarded.

        And, if you don’t want people to think that your god is the old testament god, quit calling him “yahweh”

      • I can call him Yahweh, because the Yahweh Jesus speaks of is a loving and kind God who only asks for respect for him and all living things, both man and animal. I know my God is there because my mom had a contraception before I was born and yet her tubes untied for me to be here, we were poor for most of my life, and God helped us get by. our perseverance and faith has paid off and now we live comfortably and humbly. I have what I need and I don’t ask for more, but that my loved ones stay happy and healthy. Seeing as how you think I’m making up shit – whatever, though. I have no time for you anymore, seeing as how you’re an angry person who’s so petty and self-righteous as to judge every human being (and think you have the right to) because of one quality and one quality that wouldn’t effect you directly. Not all of us Christians are the Westboro baptist morons who you honestly are just as bad as with your generalizing a whole group and not giving it respect like they do to gays and dead soldiers. Next time your out driving if your car breaks down and someone were to help you, make sure you refuse all help from Christians, or tell them how you feel about them, and see if you get help, and don’t blame them if they want to. Apparently you haven’t heard any of Michio Kaku’s sessions explaining that most of Gods qualities are not ‘impossible’ and that the laws of physics don’t really stop us from doing such things, as much as they create puzzles and obstacles for us to have to overcome. Oh yeah, as for multiverse theory, other universes DON’T have to follow our laws of physics. The lack of intelligent Christians out there isn’t the problem, Scary Reasoner – its lack of open minded people, like you. Just because your atheist doesn’t mean that you’re smart, because actually you have no real argument except to sit back and yell “You’re an idiot!” to people. I really don’t see Christians doing such things, and I imagine there are those that do, but don’t generalize one whole group because of one misled persons mistakes. yeah, a lot of Christians aren’t educated on neuroscience or bio-genetics or natural selection, but a whole lot of them accept people for their differences and will admit to their own short comings, and only aspire to overcome them which is a lot better than what I can say for you. Fictional realism, Reality Warping, and Multiverse theory are real terms that I haven’t ‘made up’. Like I said, I know both sides of the argument and for the simple fact that I can make my own decisions, my own interpretations, and my own judgments means that I’m not brain washed or an idiot. One day someone will hurt themselves because of intolerant people like you and the atheist community will deny your actions and look at you with shame for claiming to be one. You lack open-mindedness and compassion though. So just go mourn for your dying loved ones and shake an angry fist at someone else besides an entire group, because one day you might need our help. I’ll just pray for you to aspire to achieve compassion and enlightenment. Go take a walk on an old trail in the woods and see what God has done for you. Start focusing on the good and not the bad, and stop trying to make the bad outweigh the good. But yeah, by definition you are intolerant according to so please change. you probably are smart, but don’t use it for hate.

        in·tol·er·ant (n-tlr-nt)
        Not tolerant, especially:
        a. Unwilling to tolerate differences in opinions, practices, or beliefs, especially religious beliefs.
        b. Opposed to the inclusion or participation of those different from oneself, especially those of a different racial, ethnic, or social background.
        c. Unable or unwilling to endure or support: intolerant of interruptions; a community intolerant of crime

      • Edit: fucking wordpress. Comments always showing up in the wrong place.

      • Just watch some video’s of Michio kaku explaining the multiverse, and how their laws or physics, and laws of logic don’t have to coerce with ours, meaning they can be as whimsical and magical as I damn well please until further notice without being called an idiot, because now I can say you are just as much of an idiot as I am, and you are in no condition to tell me they make no sense because what makes sense to you may not make sense to many and vice versa. The laws of logic being different means that 1 + 1 = fish in some different universe. As long as there is a universe other than ours I have the right to believe my conscience mind gos there, whether I remember existing somewhere else before is beyond me, but I doubt the afterlife is a black void like before we were born. Really, though I guarantee we are reborn in some way whether it be transcendence or reincarnation. if we were to open a worm hole and it does lead to a universe with different laws of physics and logic I guarantee we would be destroyed or in at least some very deep shit. I imagine whats on the other side though is Hell, and God alone is keeping it closed until we’re dumb enough to open it, then were doomed. You’re gonna tell me billions of people were wrong in wishing to see their loved ones forever? Lets say 10 million out of the billions of religious people to have ever walked the earth had their own idea on how, why and where we got to heaven and they had thought it long and hard, they were totally wrong? all 10 million different interpretations on our existence after we die are wrong? why? we have no proof for life outside our planet, and you believe that there is no God, so I hope you treat animals with love and compassion for their sake and to do it just because its the right thing to do, God or not. You don’t sound like an atheist who says, “I wish I could believe it but I just can’t.” You sound more like, “I hope there is not an afterlife and that the rest of our existence in eternity is a blank black void of nothingness. I hate anyone who wishes an eternal paradise for anyone.” Many nights I have cried thinking that if anyone deserved the afterlife at all, especially one filled with paradise it would be my little dog, but no. You don’t want that. Whatever. Its sad and sickening to even try to imagine what life you must live or how you think about others.

      • I can agree with about 99.9% of the Richard Dawkins following atheists as well as a few other sects or sub-beliefs. normally atheists do the right thing even when they honestly believe no one is looking because it brings about a sense of joy in doing good. I love doing good, and that will never change. I can’t deny evidence, but I can find evidence to ask me the question, “Is there a God or not?” I’m sorry but I do believe in Irony. I believe the atheists will be stunned there is a God and the theists will be surprised that they don’t live up to his standards and that most atheists love tolerance and peace for all living things and find empathy and beauty in things for their face value as though they were gifts of God. I’ve been there, but I think that you have aspirations to do good as do I (I plan to be a Game Warden)and maybe in the end both sides can put their differences on hold and see that God or not we have to improve our population control and living comfortably and our respect to the life of other beings. I know you don’t see ye to eye with me, but if our end progress is improvement shouldn’t we thank each other for such diverse opinions that promote peace love and the many other proponents to love life? many men have lied in the name of God, and many more pointed and shook their fist in wrath at God, and if I were a deity I’d turn my back too seeing as how all cultures treat animals as well as their own families like shit. We can agree to disagree, but I hope one day we find a reason to have a common ground, because I know people love you as well as you to them, and I have people I love and vise versa. :\ I just suggest please showing the evidence to us in detail instead of just throwing insults, because some of us need a little direction to do better.

      • no wonder why you can continue beign an atheist, you are not smart enought and you swallow a bunch of pseudoscience crap with you mushrooms.

        Im glad you dont call yourself an atheist anymore, “agree to disagree” means you simply too stupid, scared and a pussy to admit that simply you are wrong and you dont want to continue the conversation because you dont want to look like a clown.

      • I suggest you honestly find enough respect for yourself to respect others. I don’t think its okay to exploit nature, animals, humans, and I agree mainly with atheists on everything except there being a deity. why can’t you except that one ‘flaw’ in my character? Is it because you assume I’m already going to judge you? Who cares if I believe in something without evidence? A lot of people believe in big foot, aliens, lochness monster and a bunch of other bullshit things. Out of all of that why pick on the religious? I don’t see a Secular Society For The Betterment of Mankind organization, now do I? You just want something to hate because somewhere you’re unhappy. How do you know I couldn’t have been a really nice friend, despite your beliefs? I think you messed up your chance to let me into your life because you’re RUDE and INTOLERANT. My whole previous comment before you opened your ass to shit on it was about being nice despite differences and you overlook that still shit on me. Why? Aren’t I a human being with loved ones, and aspirations, and goals to improve the lives of all things? I don’t care if I go to hell or not for not stoning gays, or whores, or whatever. When I go to heaven I’m gonna tell God, I did what i did because its how I wanted to be treated. Theres a difference between being an atheist who loves all for the sake of love, and an atheist who just loves to bitch because their life isn’t happy. Fuck off Ceres.

      • (ok, this is in reply to intolerant of intolerants comment of Feb 3, 2010, 8:36 pm. WordPress will likely dump this reply in completely the wrong place. Fix your comment system wordpress.)

        You’re not getting it.

        Here seem to be the facts of the case:

        You have beliefs which I think are stupid.

        You don’t want me to think they’re stupid.

        You attempt to argue that they aren’t stupid, but, no big surprise, I find your arguments to be stupid.

        Now, you’ve abandoned your case, and you’re essentially just begging me not to think or say they’re stupid, and saying, essentially, “look how mean the atheist is!”

        That’s not going to work to get me to stop thinking certain of your beliefs are stupid. If I think your beliefs are stupid, the only way to get me to change my mind and think they are not stupid is to convince me that it’s reasonable to think that they are true.

        Unfortunately, they are pretty obviously not at all likely to be true when it can be discerned through the haze of incoherent verbiage what your beliefs actually are.

        You mention that you’re beliefs are harmless. Whether they are harmful or harmless has nothing to do with whether they are true. That I think they are actually harmful provides motivation to argue against them, but has nothing to do with whether they are true.

        You ask “who cares if I believe something with out evidence?”

        I do, that’s who. And, I might ask you, “who cares if I think your beliefs are stupid?” You, apparently. You came to my blog, and left comments. I’m not coming over to your place and saying this stuff. You came here.

        I am RUDE. Deliberately. It’s the only way to shake some people up enough to get them to think. If that bothers you, well good. That’s kind of the point.

        I’m not intolerant though. I tolerate you just fine. I haven’t stopped you from doing or writing anything. I don’t think you know what intolerance is.

      • Well have you ever heard of values? Why belittle someone elses?

      • “Well have you eve heard of values? Why belittle someone elses?”

        Some values are deserving of belittling.

        Racists have values. That they have values doesn’t mean those values are well thought out, nor worthy of respect.

        You’re simply asserting that it is not nice to question people’s beliefs if they are based upon religion. This is a premise which I explicitly, and vehemently reject.

        Try again.

      • I was atheist for about 6 months and read ‘The God delusion’ and ‘god is not great god does not exist’ among many other books on the subject and I found life isn’t about what you go through but how you hold up against it and what you do despite of troubles. What made me find God? Mediation. Meditation is know as a religious practice as guess what? Its been scientifically proven to increase mass in gray matter and increase brain functionality.

  86. hahahahah holy shit. funniest, most for real blog entry ive EVER read. kudos man. fuck jesus loving retards.

  87. “I hope there is not an afterlife and that the rest of our existence in eternity is a blank black void of nothingness.”

    you see this is the kind of crap that tell me you are incapable of rational thinking, anyone with three functional neurons will be able to see that if there is no afterlife there is no “rest of our existance”, because that is pretty much the fucking concept of no afterlife, not existing after you die.

    You see? Moronism lead to religion, and that is right where you are.


  89. fucking wordpress, fix your stupid fucking comment system.

  90. Christians beleive in somthing equal to the tooth fairy and the easter bunny. Its prob true jesus existed but all of the bullshit following him prob wasnt. I am pagan and even i accept that my gods are used to represent aspects of my world and not absolute. I do not try to convert anyone for this is also wrong. And whats up with christians raising there kids to be christians?? If there god is soooo great the glory of there god would find them irregardless. Soooo in the manner that christians live there lives it shows they really dont beleive there own beleiefs. This is why i hate christians, or should i say i hate ignorence.

  91. Just a thought – Retarded means delayed in development mentally or physically. Alternatives for describing what you mean Christians and other faithful types to be are suggested:

    anserine, brainless, dopey, foolish, goosey, goosy, gooselike, jerky, blockheaded, boneheaded, duncical, duncish, fatheaded, loggerheaded, thick, thickheaded, thick-skulled, wooden-headed, cloddish, doltish, dense, dim, dull, dumb, obtuse, slow, stupid, gaumless, gormless, lumpish, lumpen, unthinking, nitwitted, senseless, soft-witted, witless, weak, yokel-like, dazed, deficient, dense, foolish, gullible, half-baked, half-witted, idiotic, ill-advised, imbecilic, inane, mindless, moronic, naive, nonsensical, obtuse, out to lunch, puerile, senseless, simple, simpleminded, slow, sluggish, stolid, stupefied, thick, thick-headed, unintelligent, unthinking.

    They all seem to fit in a way but do not, as retarded does not, fully capture the suppression of reason by otherwise capable people that is required to explain the craptitude that is religion. I think a more accurate, but uneniably less provoking, description is willfully deluded. For fun though, I suggest: Christians you are intellectual lemmings that have all allowed your head to be well and truly fucked by those you trust, every last one, without exception.

    • True enough.

      Obviously, I was using “retarded” in a colloquial way, and a way that is probably offensive to people who are medically classified as clinically “mentally retarded,” as they would suffer unfairly by being compared to the intentionally limited mental horsepower exercised in every Christian’s “reasonings” underlying their beliefs.

  92. A Christian’s main goal is to live as Jesus lived, which he never hurt anyone or did anything wrong, so.. You compare a racist to religious people? Wow, you’re so stupid and yet you really can’t see it. to top it off you’re so petty as to befriend anyone whos religious. believing in a God doesn’t mean you’re a brain washed church going Zombie, man. Everyone has faith in something. Aliens, Bigfoot, etc. Atheists even have faith in things. You have faith that everything you watch on a BBC documentary is true, or anything scientists tell you is truth. then people say, “well the bible is written by man, so how is it perfect?” then people believe science, which has the same criteria. Written by man and not perfect. I believe in most things science holds as true, yes, but still every human being has a flaw. Atheists are not better than religious people and vise versa.

    • My reply is here. Enjoy.

    • Intolerant of intolerants, you make yourself sound incredibly retarded in every post you submit. you prove his point almost every time, you are a fucking retard.

      Also, attacking the type of person that scary reasoner is just solidifies the fact that you are a FUCKIN IDIOT with no other backing to your retarded arguement. You dont know him, dont know anything about his life, yet you assume that because he doesnt believe in the same crock of shit you do he MUST have a horrible life. Personally, I think believing the world is my oyster and I can do what I feel and take responsbility for my actions is better then saying “the worlds going to end like a plane crashing, which side are you on?” which is what your getting at. I think you are the unhappy one, buckle up when the world crashes, kay?

  93. […] despite whiny bitches. A user by the name of “intolerant of intolerants” has been whining and bitching and crying in the comments. And the wordpress comment system is a total piece of shit that breaks down completely if there are […]

  94. Dude you had better be careful!!! Christians have always killed any and all naysayers. If you don’t believe me just look what they are doing to the Muslims in Iraq right now, not that they ain’t retarded too.

    • Don’t be careful…say what ever the fuck you want..isn’t that the point of free will and free speach??

  95. When I read your article I thought: “He’s right, but too rude. Beeing right about something is one thing, being rude and probably hurting the feelings of someone is another.”
    Then I read the comments and changed my mind on your rudeness.
    It works. You get them to think. Which is nice in a rude way.

  96. People who don’t want their beliefs ridiculed shouldn’t hold ridiculous beliefs.

  97. If i belive in a marsh mallow god ..and i get lots of people to follow me and ‘believe’ in my confectionary deity..what …does that mean im right and ‘ he’ exists!! ?? No fucking way…just because lots of stupid people without imagination or the faintest glimmer of insight feel comfortable fllowing a doctrine..what that makes it true…Im with the retard scenario..christians and muslims and organised faith followers are lazy and cant come to terms with the fact that the universe is unknown and we are a fucking tiny speck of dust in a huge limitless space..ALL HAIL MARSH MALLOW lol

  98. Fuck off moron. I’m an atheist, but theres a such thing as being accepting. my mom is epileptic (she had her head crushed when jumping off a bluff. Didn’t know there was a rock under water) which is probably why she believes in such things, but if you know anything about genetics most people are susceptible to believe in such things due to genetics more so than conditioned environments. You really are just as bad as right wings when it comes to ignorance. No really, though. You give atheists a bad name. I think our general goal is to prove deities don’t exist and we can live even more moral lives then theists without the idea of a god. That includes trying to be morally better than all religious icons. (Jesus, Buddha etc.) Not that I’m in it to compete. I just want to show people we can live good lives without such nonsense, but seriously just delete this and shut up. My moms a christian and has more moral premises just for the sake of it (rather than worrying about ‘hell’) than you do.

    • so your mum believes in GOD cos she bumped her head…hm mm good reasoning. Where did you study genetics you fucking MORON? Genetically predisposed to believe in fairy tales…get a life..but get a fucking brain first!

  99. To Whom It May concern,

    This is Rev. Robert Wright, Editor for [link deleted] which is a social network made specifically for Christians, by Christians, to directly fulfill Christian’s needs. [ link deleted ] has many great features aside from the obvious like christian TV, prayer request or even find a church/receive advice and to offer the ENTIRE christian community an outlet to join together. We have emailed you because we have interest in collaborating with you and your blog to help us spread the good word. I look forward for your response regarding the matter,


    God Bless

    |Rev.Robert Wright||
    |1 International Blvd.|Mahwah, NJ 07495|

    • LOL. Boy does ever have the wrong guy!

    • open your mouth wide and keep swallowing the shit they are feeding you…without questioning it at all.never a good policy..

  100. Mostly agree, but some of your ‘points/views’ aren’t quite sound.

    Given what WE know of neuroscience? I’m sorry but I can be more
    than 99.9% sure you know jack all of neuroscience as the brain
    is still quite the mystery. Also you’ve just done what every Christian out there has, you took the word of a supposed ‘authority’ on the subject and let it be at that… As well,
    the matter of life after death is still in debate amongst practically everyone regardless of scientific analysis. Why? because there is no proof that EVERYONE will accept. Why?
    because you either can’t or won’t believe…

    You don’t even agree that he ever existed let alone know anything about the ‘real’ man if he ever was, so uh, just
    how DID you draw that conclusion? Other than just trying to
    piss off the Christians? 😉

    As well, your view and approach does nothing to sway the people
    towards science an enlightenment either, so just as much as you
    may have damaged Christianity’s rep here, you’ve also damaged
    the reps of those from your side of the argument 😉 Calling one
    retarded for their beliefs will surely only make them angry and
    all the less unwilling to listen to reason…

    Religion is a tool…
    Faith is a tool…
    Tools that we have misused…

    • “because there is no proof that EVERYONE will accept”

      There is no proof that religion is wrong that everyone accepts, yet all the intellectuals will tell you it is wrong. There is also no proof that the earth is round that everyone accepts, because there are still flat-earthers. But pretty much anyone who is smart and is a thinker believes in no afterlife

    • you are a tool

  101. No Proof that the earth isn’t flat?? You are retarded mate.
    I don’t know what books you are reading but if the bible is still one of them then you need to update your scientific knowledge base….as ell as your English language skills..
    Religion isn’t wrong…its outdated..even Jesus..if he was real..wouldn’t turn his head away from the truth if it came to light..RETARDS!!

  102. Fucking lol, mate!

  103. This video may serve as a decent replacement:

  104. You are right… our argument as Christians is invalid… but hey, so is yours! You don’t see us messing around and trying to change Western lifestyle, dumb as it is, do you? Do we keep rubbing in your faces that America contributes the most to pollution? Not really. We don’t say atheists are retards, because that’s what they say, respect others’ religion. If it’s according to your religion, even if you don’t have any, to piss off other people with their religion, fine, do it, I wouldn’t mind.

    But still, keep this in mind: you wanna be an atheist, we’ll let you. Now we wanna have a religion, muslim, christian, or anything, you let us. Trying to convince other people to believe our religion doesn’t mean we’re forcing you, and anybody who does force you has no right to be defined as a person with such a religion because that person would probably not be following the teachings of their religion.

    You know, I can see you’re not trying to convince people not to believe in a dumb conspiracy. You’re just trying to piss them off. As for me, Christian as I am, and many other Christians I’m sure, don’t care about what you say. Some Christians might know that there really is no afterlife, but that’s how they wanna live.

    So sod off.

    • In what way is my argument invalid, Guest?

      I cannot recall ever complaining about Christian evangelism. I perfectly well understand that if you’re a Christian, you are acting in what you believe to be the best interests of the people you attempt to convert. You are trying to “save” them from “damnation.” I have no problem with the motives of the evangelists, which, I think are for the most part noble.

      I have to be careful here. I think the intentions of the evangelists are usually noble (barring opportunistic con men variants, which surely do exist) — that they sincerely believe that they are acting in the best interests of those they attempt to convert — but I also think these motivations are misplaced. And by “misplaced”, I mean that the reasoning behind these motivations is very very obviously stupid and wrong.

      You’re pissed off that I’ve framed my language in confrontational terms, instead of respecting the naked emperor by timidly suggesting that maybe his clothes are just a tiny bit too transparent given the readings of my spectrosocpe, etc. Instead I shout, “dude! You have no fucking clothes!”

      You dont’ like it? Too fucking bad.

      I don’t fail to notice that you provide no argument to suggest that Christianity isn’t idiotic, instead you accept that it is idiotic, and then try to paint my position as being equally idiotic.

      No dice. You lose. My position is not equally idiotic. Feel free to try to show that it is. I will destroy your arguments.

    • @GUEST june 7 2010, ‘You don’t see us messing around and trying to change Western lifestyle, dumb as it is, do you?’ WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT HERE? All religions try to change lifestyles by their doctrines without fail, And religions just cant get it together, they believe in this monotheistic crap about a GOD with a name they cant agree on, they split their ‘BLIND@ faiths up into sects and different demigod/saints, tell everyone the other religions are wrong and theirs is right and still continue to deny evolution ….DONT YOU THINK THAT ITS TIME WE JUST ADMITTED LIKE THE POPE DID THAT THERE ARE PROBABLY EXTRA TERRESTRIALS AND THAT GOD IS REALLY AN OUTMODED FORM OF EXPLANATION FOR THE UNIVERSE AND EXISTANCE?

  105. Guest: ah, I see, you have mistaken an insult for an argument.

  106. religion is retarded……………….enough said

  107. Even if this post is already 2 years old, it’s amazing. You really wrote everything I had in my mind but didn’t know how to say. Just amazing.

    And the video just cracked me up, an excellent example of their idiocy.

  108. Best. Rant. Ever.


  109. Excellent article. Written well and focuses on a point i couldn’t agree with more.

  110. Gotta love Glen Beck. There’s always a pack of douches for every denomination or minority. Glen Beck is one for Christianity, and you’re one for Atheism. Keep fighting the good fight! Lol…

  111. (ignore my past two comments, my name links to the wrong blog)

    I agree with this. All religion are founded upon age old superstition and ignorance. Religion is an example of mankind’s extreme lack of reasoning and knowledge about the world.

  112. your so right but its not just christians its all religions there all retarded ive had chatolics pushing there bullshit on me my whole life i got expelled from boarding school becouse i refused to go to sunday mass but the funny thing is that the muslims in the school werent forced to attend athiests have no rights when it comes to belief i live in ireland which most people know is a huge chatolic country there is not one school in the whole country that is not based around some religion which is not fair on anybody i don’t care if you believe in jesus,allah or a fucking toaster to be your mesiah just keep the fucking brainwashing bollocks away from people who don’t want to know,
    anyway christianity is not based on belief its based on money and power.

  113. It has been pointed out to me by someone called Unbeguiled that I forgot to mention Pascal’s Fucking Retarded Wager.

    I have addressed it previously though, back in May of 2008: Retarded arguments against atheist #3: Pascal’s Fucking Retarded Wager.

  114. […] A certain post of mine on this blog is getting a bit of attention, due, somewhat indirectly to Phil Plait’s plea to atheists not to be dicks. For example, it’s mentioned at the Atheist Experience blog (due to me foolishly mentioning it in the comments of the previous post there.) […]

  115. I say good for you for being honest about your feelings. Once in a while you just have to give up the argumentation and just let ‘er rip, because we all know deep down this is how we feel, at least some of the time. Despite what Matt said to you on the AE blog, I have to express doubt at his sincerity (sorry Matt). Listen to any of his really frustrated rants on the non prophets and you can ascertain pretty easily just exactly what he’s feeling. However, I know he’s being sincere when he says that he doesn’t think this of all xians. If that’s merely what he was trying to get across, then I believe him 100%.

    I have a post somewhat similar to this (although shorter an dless vitriolic) in which I just edited to include a link to this one.

    You can find that post here:

  116. I have 1 thing to say to you sir.
    Your retarded for beliving in no God.

  117. hahaha look at anyone against you, it’s just like you said! The people arguing with you don’t have any non retarded arguments! Haha you hit it right on the spot man

  118. It doesn’t matter what it is, be it a religion like Hinduism, Christianity, or Judaism, or some pseudoscientific bullshit like homeopathy or psychic readings, the same principle applies: believing in something for which there is absolutely no credible, testable, or measurable evidence is fucking retarded.

    Fuck the people who think this blog post is too ‘mean’, you’re just all too butthurt and afraid to call a spade a spade. Faith (believing in something for which there is no evidence) is stupid, and there’s no reason to be fucking nice towards faith.

  119. want to know how stupid religions are….what about the source of many of these blind faiths? ancient sumerians apparently believed and wrote in cuniform that aliens came down and created a race of, to mine gold..they had a nuclear war or some shit and
    then pissed off before the deluge..(that was smart of them) then humans created gods out of them because we were so fucking simple minded and couldnt comprehend it any other way..then mankind sees how ‘useful’ religions are for controling other humans and its been perpetuated over millenia…now that \fucking retarded11 innit?

  120. I lol’d so fucking hard.
    Not at the Christianity, but the fact that you ‘Atheists’ are being judgemental assholes. Fuck, the retarded shit you’re saying, hiding behind a bit of good punctuation makes me sick. Everything has to be a crisis with you ignorant fucks, who cares what they believe in, it’s not your place to say what’s right or wrong either. Atheism might as well be a religion, seriously, you fucking morons are like a pack of starving docks on heat with the way you carry on. How long do you sit at your computers for? Go out, get smashed, have a life. Stop fucking around typing big emo words about other people because you have nothing better to do with your pathetic life.

    Fuck every single one of you, who agree with the cunt who made the original post. You’re fail trolls.

  121. Perishes, for someone who doesn’t seem to like judgemental assholes, you’re quite the judgemental asshole.

    I’m glad I pissed you off, it’s what I was shooting for. I noticed you have nothing to say against the notion that Christianity is exactly as retarded as I say it is, other than anger. That must sting. haha.

  122. Well, I’m Buddhist, and I really hate when people push Christianity on me. I’m serious. It’s like they’re too afraid that it’s not real so they have to convince themselves by convincing us that it’s not fake.

    Even my cousin, who’s a Christian says to me, “You’re so stupid, you’re only a Buddhist because your parents are. I chose to become Christian.” Ok. I’m sure because we live in a Christian society that more than 9/10 of them are Christian because they were raised being Christian, and that’s all they know.

    I just really want to slap people in the face and ask them are they serious about believing in this kind of stuff? Cause I’m pretty sure many people don’t really believe that God was mad at people building the Tower of Babylon to heaven, so he separated all the people, gave them different skin colors, and changed the languages. Really? Deep down, even if they don’t want to admit it, they know it’s stupid. Well, unless they’re brainwashed.

    And why is it that Christianity is the religion that “supposedly” gives us benefits when we die? Honestly, the whole religion thing, I think, is a big political race. And Christians are the ones telling us that things are going to change; everyone is going to be happy; there will be no hunger in the world; world peace will come. Well, fuck that. Cause at the end of the race, nothing happens. Christianity is just a liar who wants to gain more power in the race to run society.

    And seriously man. Back then a little before Jesus started walking around and preaching, things were pretty bad right? There was a lot of killing and stealing. Then this guy come out of no where, and he tells them is they’re good and trust in the Lord, they will have an eternal life of bliss after they die. Oh, if I had nothing, and I was going to die anyway, of course I would get brainwashed into thinking I’d actually get an afterlife of bliss.

    Anyway, I didn’t mean to sound so harsh and bash Christians. But I guess I did. But I hear this shit all the time. All I hear is them questioning me about my religion, and when I get stumped, they’re all, “AHA! CHRISTIANS WIN.” No. They don’t. When I question them, they’re like, “There is no evolution. We didn’t come from monkeys. It’s all in the bible.”

    Ok. Everything is in the bible. Everything is true in tabloids. I’m sure Brad Pitt will dump Angelina Jolie to marry a hobo in the streets.


  124. Indoctrinatioon is easy to do to a young mind and it’s deeply wrong no matter what you try to push into it…Its much more important to teach children to think for themselves and to research and study and be able to back up their ideas with facts and solid proofs…

  125. Pseudoscientific nonsense like religion and homeopathy have been thorns in the side of humanity for far too long… there’s no reason to respect them whatsoever. If they don’t like being called out on their bullshit, then they shouldn’t believe in retarded crap to begin with.

  126. I made the terrible mistake of having a relationship (sex) with a jehovah’s witness…she got pregnant and had the child. I love my son but his mother is a fucking brain dead witness who answers every question my son has with ‘Jehovah did that’ everything from who ‘made me? ‘ to ‘who made my bones’ and who made my shoes.the last one i answred with ‘ probably a small chinese girl in a factory who didnt get much money for it’ the others i answered with biology lessons in human physiology..
    I love my son and refuse to let him be brainwashed by these idiots..its a hard road and people like the Scary Reasoner help me remember i am sane (apart from whatever madness possessed me to have sex with this back water simpleton in the first place)

    • Oh shit, man… Of all the comments I get on this post, and on this blog, this one of yours stands out. Good luck to you. From what I’ve heard and read, the JWs are known to shun (as in, cut off all contact with) apostates (not that this is news to you, I’m sure) — I hope this doesn’t happen to you and your son, and stay sane, and, I hope your son’s mother “figures it out” some day soon, though I’d advise you not to count on this, as it’s unlikely — like you don’t know that already.

      I’m sure you know of these already, but a google search for ex jw yields a couple of ex-JW support forums.

  127. @Scary reasoner…seriously man, thank you for your comments and trust me ive had to develop some amazing skill when it comes to comatting the crap they try and fill my son’s head with..these people :on jehovah’s shitlist, are so stunted by their indoctrination they actually do become more and more retarded as they try to make everything fit into the bible stories..anyway fuck em .i do find this page a real comfort as i have to put up with this bullshit and its a great place to find and form counter arguments to the braindead creationists…or just to piss them off by insulting them which is an artform in itself …

  128. @Scary Reasoner
    Dude you’re awesome

  129. Awesomeness.

  130. Why write
    “Note: This post was written back in 2008. Consider this before you reply”

    Have they got less retarded since then ?

  131. You people are all insane, I wonder who you will cry out to on your death bed? Do you have kids, poor things, What a horrible life they must have. I am writing a paper and found all of this awful crap. Did you ever think maybe you will all burn in hell? Why would you take the chance. What awful things have happened in your lives? Christians are just suppose to take this well I will speak out. You do know that Jesus will still forgive you if you could only get past yourselves being retarded and see. You are retarded you must be the devil himself. Jesus Christ Destroyed Satan 2000 years ago. You could still have a chance look inside your heart if you have one. Try Reading a Bible JOHN 3:16

    • *chuckle*

      Good one, Lori.

    • try reading other books besides your mishmashed bible made up of 22 selected books that met the approval of emmporer constantine..try studying ancient sumeria or foolishly follow a religion and beleif system you have ben handed and have never considered its roots or the political agenda it was formulated are the insane one darling go read a REAL book will you ..stop living in fairy tales


      Seriously, though, deluded “you’re gonna burn in Hell” Christians are just the BEST.

  132. @lori…did you know that you are insane and just proving the point..
    how dare you come on this page and propagate your unconfirmed bullshit just because you were sucessfully indoctrinated..if there is a hell it will be full of CHRISTIANS

    • How dare you come on this page…”

      Oh come on, that’s a bit melodramatic, don’t you think? It’s a bit hypocritical to defend a rant like the one I made in this blog post while becoming indignant at a ranting response like Lori made, esp. a ranting response like this one which is so ineffective as to be a bit humorous and a bit sad.

  133. A female CNN journalist heard about a very old Jewish man who had been going to the Wailing Wall to pray,
    twice a day, every day, for a long, long time.
    So she went to check it out. She went to the Wailing Wall and there he was, walking slowly up to the holy site.
    She watched him pray and after about 45 minutes, when he turned to leave,
    using a cane and moving very slowly, she approached him for an interview.
    “Pardon me, sir, I’m Rebecca Smith from CNN. What’s your name?”
    “Morris Fishbien,” he replied.
    “Sir, how long have you been coming to the Wailing Wall and praying?”
    “For about 60 years.”
    “60 years! That’s amazing! What do you pray for?”
    I pray for peace between the Christians, Jews and the Muslims.
    I pray for all the wars and all the hatred to stop.
    I pray for all our children to grow up safely as responsible adults,
    and to love their fellow man.”
    “How do you feel after doing this for 60 years?”

    “Like I’m talking to a fucking brick wall!”

  134. I am a christian. I am proud to say so.If you want to call me an idiot, go ahead. But when you call my Savior stupid, that’s another thing. You keep saying how he’s worse than Hitler because of eternal punishment. But He’s also offering ETERNAL LIFE. Satan rebelled against God, and so God kicked him and his followers out of heaven. And then satan tempted Eve into eating of a forbidden tree. She had Adam eat of it to. They CHOSE to sin. And because of their sin, we are sinners. But because God LOVES us and doesn’t want us to go to hell He had His one and only Son die for you. Hell is there because there must be a punishment for wrong doing. But God offers you mercy. If you just admit you’re a sinner, believe Jesus died for you and cofess your sins and accept the mercy, you have eternal life. You can’t say that God is worse than Hitler. God loves you and me. It hurts Him when you don’t believe. He doesn’t want you to go to hell. But there must be a punishment. And even though there is a punishment, He offers mercy. If you call this an idiotic argument, you’re wrong. This is a plea for you to accept the TRUTH and be saved. I want to see everyone I meet in heaven. I love you all and so does Jesus, the one who died for YOU.

    • I am familiar with the Plan of Salvation. It is indeed idiotic. Insisting that it isn’t won’t help.

      If someone were to say the following:

      “You must believe in the existence of leprechauns, or else I’ll hunt down all your children, and your children’s children, and torture them if you fail to believe this. And, if you do believe it, then I will hunt down your children, and your children’s children, and give them lots of money. All this after you’re dead, of course.”

      That person has not given you any reason to believe that leprechauns exist. They have simply tried to coerce you into believing with a carrot and a stick. Such a technique of scaring people into believing works well on children, rather less well on adults. Which is why they have Sunday schools for children, because it’s a lot easier to make them believe the made up bullshit when they’re children.

      The point is, believing something not for good reasons, but because you were coerced into it is idiotic. And there are no good reasons to suppose that there’s any such thing as “eternal life”, just to name one problem with the litany of idiocy that is Christianity.

    • Screw Jesus, even a clown can offer better advice.

  135. I’m an atheist, but you are a little attention whoring child. Deal with it.

  136. lol….. @ all of this, on both sides. Except for what ‘almostbutnotquite’

    and ‘techniknight’ said, as they are people who I would enjoy getting to


    Fundamentalists of any creed are trapped in a sphere of warped thinking, or

    at the very least trapped in their own limited perspective. Be it

    Christian, or Atheist etc.

    One thing I do have to say for you scaryreasoner, is that at first glance

    your rant could easily lead someone to believe you lack any real in depth

    comprehension of either the spiritual theories you attack or scientific

    theories from which you so assertively postulate. I assume that this isn’t

    the case as I would like to give you more credence than a televangelist.

    Whether you intended to make ‘arguments’ or not, you certainly wrote this

    ‘rant’ as such, not to mention you wrote it in a blog which means you want

    people to see it, and you are specifically attacking something/people and

    attack others for not presenting arguments. You are also citing science and

    engaging in adversarial sort of discussion where there is an exchange of

    point and counter point. I’d say that pretty much fits the description of a

    debate. In either case, your rant has sparked debate so you shouldn’t use

    that excuse as a scapegoat. And awaaaaaay we goooooo!!! 🙂

    But please do not think I am trying to insult you. Certainly not the case.

    I am not trying to take any sides here, but I do feel the need to point out

    some of the major things regarding what you said, as they don’t add up. Or

    at the very least you have improperly explained yourself in a way that is

    misleading. However, due to the spiteful and um frankly, juvenile way you

    attack others, I don’t see this as the case. I hope we can interact as

    intelligent people. And understand, I do not label myself a ‘christian’.

    You cite ‘neuroscience’ in knowing why we are who we are and what can happen

    to us, and I would assume this would ultimately have to include knowing the

    inner workings and the physiological seat of “The Observer”. Physical and

    chemical stimuli/trauma only go so far to explain what it is to be “YOU”,

    the one that experiences, that observes. Unless you know something the rest

    of us don’t, this is still a complete mystery.

    As far as “The Bible”, “Religion” and “Christians” are concerned:

    “The Bible”

    A book. Yep. You’re right. Made by humans. Yep. You’re right. Dumb

    primitive humans at that. In fact, to me that means the book is next

    worthless in the context of historical or spiritual authority. Well that was

    easy wasn’t it? We don’t even have to get into the intricacies of the

    meaning of the bible. I mean “Christians” themselves can’t even agree on it.

    For that matter, some bibles have different books in them than others. And

    this also changed through time. However, I fail to see how this is evidence

    that an afterlife or a particular deity or any number of other fundamental

    beliefs/practices at the core of many “religions” or “spiritual paths” that

    you have failed to address, does not exist.

    Moving on.


    I’m sure I don’t have to tell you there are many, many people who call

    themselves ‘christian’, and there are many, many different sects of

    ‘christianity, and within all of this, there are very very few who live up

    to their own expectations of others stemming from their “religious beliefs”.

    And that’s putting it nicely, looking at history. Wars. Genocide. Blah

    blah blah. And not just christians right? As far as christians are

    concerned, if they fail to meet their own rules etc and are hypocrites, then

    they aren’t really living as a ‘christian’ are they? By the same token,

    some pretty atrocious things have been commited in the name of science. And

    in fact anti-theism vs theism is as primitive as one theology versus another

    (which resulted in the forementiond atrocities).

    Also, we have already mentioned the bible, therefore we know that any

    ‘christian’ who blindly believes every word of the book, and likely takes

    its as literally as it gets, is being naiive, or ‘fucking retarded’, as you

    so eloquently put it. However, you have obviously no knowledge of every

    christian or what they believe, and in fact there are many churches that are

    re-evaluating a lot of things. Once again, I fail to see how any of this is

    evidence of the non-existence of an afterlife or particular nature of the

    universe based on belief.


    Religion is an institution. A legally definable institution. It may

    represent a thing, in this case a belief system etc, but that is all.

    And it is humans who control this. The figureheads Control the face of

    that institution. And people follow that. They follow a figurehead. A

    PERSON. Or people. Or eachother. They are sheep. Therefore any dogma, or

    worse, atrocities, stemming from all of this, are the result of humans, the

    religious institution. If that’s what you mean by religion then I agree

    fully, and hate on, but judging by your arguments, so general and

    presumptive and hateful that I can’t see this as being the sole case. You

    are attacking the very beliefs. And yet again I fail to see how this is

    evidence against anything ‘spiritual’ and ‘theoretical’ in nature. This has

    an interesting result……. Pay attention to this.

    Essentially, you have contradicted yourself, your agnosticism, however

    watered down you want to claim it to be, by your arguments and attacks on

    such beliefs. If we can’t know if God or any variation thereof, or lack

    thereof, exists, then it is still within the realm of possibility at the

    least. Therefore, god or any variation thereof, and by extension other

    things associated with that, ie. an afterlife, is so too in that realm. So

    either you need to clarify, if not just for yourself, to yourself or I guess

    you must just be ‘fucking retarded’ too. No?

    Lastly, everything began as a belief. Science has proven many beliefs and

    disproved many others. Some quickly, some slowly, some have yet to be

    proved either way. Including the spiritual/metaphysical (loosely using the

    terms). So ease up.

    And just to put the final nail in. If you can explain to me the Plank Era

    of the formation of the universe, or better yet, before the Big Bang. (The

    Big Bang in of itself is just still a hypothesis. We have evidence that

    supports theories, such as background radiation and the formation of stars,

    but we still can’t label it solved. It’s still not quite diffinitive.) I

    would settle for the Plank Era though. I mean. You do believe in science right? Cuz there are in fact no theories for the Plank Era. Pretty important considering its when our universe’s fundamental forces were developed. Lke oh say…GRAVITY…

    Sigh….. Humans. Cheers mate.

    • ugh… sorry about the formatting i don’t know what happened to it.

      • Eh, I wrote this blog post several years ago, probably whilst very drunk, in reply to a video which likely no longer exists. it is what it is.

        The surprising thing is, is that as sort of, anamalistic as my post is, the arguments against it still. fail. As blatantly idiotic as my arguments are, they still succeed. That is, if my arguments in this post are unsophisticated, are attacking the most simpleminded form of Christianity, etc., it doesn't matter. The blows still land. The damage is still done. The most unsophisticaed variant of Christianity is still prevalent enough to be a worthy target.

        So… whatever the fuck you said…. it doesn't even matter. The fact that you replied at all to a several-year-old-post which proclaims its several-year-oldness from the start indicates that my time was well spent. So, thanks.
        You've replied. Thanks for that.

        Your post seems to be, for the most part, a bunch of whining bullshit.

        You have solid evidence for supernatural claims? Present them.

        Otherwise? Shut the fuck up you fucking moron. Yeah, that’s right. I just called you a fucking moron. Why? because of the fucking bullshit idiocy that you just wrote, that’s why.

        You think you’re telling me something I don’t know? Something I haven’t encountered before? Think again, dumbass.

  137. hahahahahahahahaha… wow.. you truly are a piece of work… you are the most ignorant little punk I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting… Its a wonder you haven’t been run over by a truck or had your face smashed in with a brick yet you little cocksucker. You didn’t even bother to read my post or if you did it was so over your head that you’ve somehow postulated that I said I had evidence of the supernatural. I tore your post to shreds you little uneducated prick. Read a book. You don’t know the slightest thing about what you are saying. You are just a fake. Like the rest of them, like the christians.

    Grow up you stupid child. It seems like you’re just taking a tantrum because someone who’s intellect is far more developed than your own ripped your ridiculous rantings to pieces and left them a steaming pile of verbal vomit that spewed forth from that undeserving suck hole of yours.

    Attacking me as a person by slinging insults without responding to the arguments I’ve put forth just shows your immaturity and hypocrisy. Just like the christians. Ad hominem attacks are one of the weakest arguments you can make. Do you even know what ad hominem means? No I don’t suppose you do. In fact, I’d venture to say that concepts of rational thinking and logic are all but lost on you.

    You think you’re better than the sheep. Than the christians etc. But you don’t even don’t even fall on par with them, saving for the completely braindead fundies. You fit in just nicely with the ignorant ‘fucking retards’. The problem with atheists who quote scripture is that they are taking it literally and without interpretation or any sense of understanding. You tear the book to pieces but then turn around and use it as evidence of your arguments. Fucking ridiculous.

    And I fail to see how this being an old post affects anything. If you had a greater understanding of what you were talking about then I would have expected you to say something in defense of yourself. However, all you did was insult and make excuses.

    Fucking retard. I’d say go fuck yourself, but it’s clear that your head is already up your ass.

    • Would you kindly shove a bible up your ass. ^_^

    • Afterlife? Present evidence or shut up. From what I have read, all of the evidence we have related to consciousness points to a purely materialistic explanation, esp. how the brain, and the experience we call “consciousness” are recorded to have been affected by damage. We have, so far as I can tell, exactly zero evidence to suggest that consciousness survives death, and based on what we do know about consciousness, and the effects of brain damage, plenty of evidence to suggess that consciousness cannot survive death.

      “If we can’t know if God or any variation thereof, or lack thereof, exists, then it is still within the realm of possibility at the least.”

      Grasp at those straws. Present evidence for more than the mere theoretical possibility, or if you cannot, then dismissing your completely unevidenced posited deity is justifiable. Positing the existence of conscious, thinking supernatural being(s) without any evidence and merely claiming that they have not been shown to be impossible is obvious bullshit. Bigfoot, unicorns, leprechauns, Thor, Poseidon, Zeus and the flying spaghetti monster all meet these lackadaisical standards. Present evidence or STFU, moron. (Not an insult, more like a diagnosis.)

    • Well that escalated quickly.

  138. I Cracked up Hard at this, FULL SUPPORT, You should have your own TV show.. I often have arguments with my mum that goes to church.. I am angered that ALL religion, Not just Christianity is spread like its part of our lives, and we have to be saved… Fuck off, It’s the religious cunts that have to be saved so they can start living some sort of sense. But all it is, is population control.
    Check out George Carlins rant on “Religion is Bullshit”:

    Cheers To living!

  139. BIBLE=MYTH. BIBLE| the world was created in 7 days (LITTERITLY) by “God”. SCIENCE| the world was created in billions of years by evolution.

    I have a lot more proof that the bible is a total myth, but I`m not gonna spend a long time typing this stuff.

  140. I know that some people might say that your arguments here are frivolous, but anyone versed on the issue would understand that you are completely correct. I love the internet, fellow non-retards can be found no further than a google serach 😀

  141. lolz that google has put up the: “find ur christian partner” dating site add @ the top

  142. i has an idea, ive created a ” religion” called nytonianism. in quotations because i am counting the athiest view as religious to exploit rules.
    we have 3 commandments:
    1.tho shalt get laid,
    2.tho shalt get high,
    3.tho shalt get laid whilsst being high.

    much for favorable than the christian shit that even they fail to follow.

    saint 1 – steven hawking, for being genrely correct at everything.
    2 – dawkins, also for being correct and spreading his knowledge legenderily

    so far i have 15 members.

    since this is a religion in progress i can add any rules you suggest and since its a “religion” no one can diss it without compensation 4 us & we can do whatever the fuck we want i just have 2 add it 2 the book b4, or after who will know lol:)

    join me, and be part of the only religion that makes sence

    P.S. anyone got a better word than religion to deskribe it?

  143. Agreed.

  144. May 21 is Judgment Day: Christian group

    If the world continues to thrive on May 22, then there will be lots of finger pointing at the retarded christians, hey! maybe some will commit suicide still thinking they’ll go to heaven, but don’t worry, there’s a better place to go that is like heaven, THE GROUND.

    Now this is a new low

  146. wow i am speechless after reading this entire post if this post was written on paper i would wipe my ass with it keep your retarded opinions to YOURSELVES P.S. @scaryreasoner go choke on your own dick you retarded idiotic fucktard fucking idiot retard fuck fuck you your mother is a whore

    • “go choke on your own dick you retarded idiotic fucktard fucking idiot retard fuck fuck you your mother is a whore”

      What fucking planet do you come from, by the way?

  147. OK GUY ABOVE IS NECROPHILLIAC >:| (To all the retards a necrophilliac is someone who rapes a dead body.)

    WIN…scaryreasoner is no troll >:O if he is, he is an epic win troll by the way bigotlover has no scrotum.

  148. So lost and unweilding. My purblind friend I will not give you negative attention for you to feed off on.Rather, I’ll just seat back and whatch you gradually intoxicate yourself with your bare words…giggle

  149. Oh yes! And bare with me here. Why don’t you just wright your opinions in a diary.That way, you’ll feel satisfied, and less people will be angry at you. Bye Bye Retch, I hope we meet again…giggle

  150. Anyone who got mad about this post truly is retarded.

    Gotta love the slew of Christians who read this and flipped out. Belief is such a hotbed for internet rage. No Christian can assume they know their gods intent based on the bible. It’s not a manifesto.

    Religion is evil, all religion. If it wasn’t for religion, we’d have started to clone animal muscles to solve world hunger. Good thing it’s happening in Germany so the Christian protester fuck-ups can’t totally ruin it.

    Lastly, scaryreasoner. I don’t care if this was written in 2008. I love you.

  151. […] Note: This post was written back in 2008. Consider this before you reply — scaryreasoner […]

  152. Took Me A Bit Over An Hour To Read Every Reply, But It Was Worth It. I Had So Many Laughs At The Christians Trying To Prove They Were Right, But ScaryReasoner Outplayed Them With Every Comment. I Agreed With Everything You Said Over The Last 3 Years.

  153. Hi. I’ve been a church-goer for 16 years, my entire life. My mum used to take me to church and raised me as a Christian. I was a Baptist, or maybe still am, I don’t know. Anyway, something had been bugging me for that entire time, and that was the question of hell, especially whether both Hitler and his 6 million victims all went to hell together to burn. And those are people that are following the same God as Christians! Also, in order to be saved, you have to do about 50 different things, depending on the passage in the Bible you read. I understand that if there is a just god, there must be a way to punish evil men, and reward the righteous, and the answers to that are heaven and hell, because you(if you were the god) have to give humans their entire lifetime to repent, not just strike them down with lighting a la Zeus if they choose not to follow you right away. Likewise, you can’t lift someone up to Heaven the second they call out your name. All perfectly logical(up to this point). So there must be an afterlife! Yeah… I’m not sure about that.

    But the belief that there is an omnipotent, benevolent God that loves you, created you, and died for you is really easy to believe! It’s a beautiful belief! Too beautiful. It gives you hope, aids you in hard moments. And I wish with all my heart that there is such a God.
    Whenever I asked any other Christian about the hell thing and that it’s illogical, they say that God has a different logic than we do. Oh do please kill yourself! Different logic??? So I realized my belief was irrational and incompatible even with itself. Life is everywhere! Everywhere you look, there’s life. It just is. Could it be that life is a necessary thing, when the conditions are right, I don’t know. Also, the chance of us being here is 1:1. We’re here, aren’t we? So no, however I wish there is a god, he is not necessary. A very nice post, mr. scaryreasoner, I must say.

  154. scary reasoner, are u a lawyer? Cos if ur not, im sponsoring you. Just dont forget me after u become the best lawyer on earth.

    • This is a very interesting blog, i agree whole heartedly with what u said scary reasoner , but i just cant agree with the results . Allow me to put in points.

      1) First, is it a good thing that your blog will create more non believers?
      To put this straight, no. Religion no matter how retarded it is has its purpose in our life. Skipping over the points that u have pointed out, you should notice that religion is the first layer of conscience that governs the behaviour of a person, and the second layer is the laws of men.
      So, if a person believes in god, his decisions will pass through the first layer of conscience which is religion, ( will my actions anger god, does my actions make me be cast into the pits of hell?) and after this process is done, it will reach the second part, ( will the cops catch me if i did this?, will i go to jail for this?) . U see, this double layers of conscience actually reduces the likelihood of crime and other immoral behaviour.
      Putting this straight, if more and more people convert from god fearing people into people that doesnt have god, this will increase the likelihood of crime , Voluntary efforts such as saving dogs, compassion, trust, will vanish if this world is without god. Why should it continue when GOD DOESNT EXIST, NOBODY IS WATCHING ME, HELL DOESNT EXIST. As long as my actions do not call in the cops, i will be fine! With such thoughts in place, moral value will be utterly destroyed. U might counter my words by saying that, well not all non believers are going to be bad, but can u magine if the whole world doesnt believe in god? Even with this two layers of conscience, humanity is a HORRIBLE THING IN ITSELF, and NOW, your trying to sever the first layer of conscience?

      2) A world without religion will create less wars? Based on what u have said previously, YES , there will be less holy wars, BUT!!!!, what makes u think that humans are only fighting because of religion sake? Religion is simply 1 excuse out of a 101 for them to fight. Even if u did remove religion, HUMANITY WILL SIMPLY COME OUT WITH A NEW EXCUSE TO FIGHT. As for the holy wars, kings simply put it that they are fighting for religion, when they are actually fighting for more land and power. Religion is merely a veil that covers the MAIN REASON. A REASON THAT U CAN NEVER TAKE OFF, A REASON THAT HAS BEEN A PART OF US SINCE MANKIND EXISTED, ……GREED!!!!!…

      3) Science explains everything and anything up to now, and religion explains nothing. Yes, this is also true. But do you know that religion is the actual hand that wields science? Without religion, science is a dual bladed sword, it can be used for destruction( NUCLEAR , BOMBS, ETC ETC), and it can also be used to heal and create. ( medical, engineering, etc etc) Dont forget that science is only logic, it doesnt have a manual telling us how to use nuclear bombs, when to use it. If it is right to use humans for experiments. This is where religion comes in, telling that it is wrong to experiment on humans , not to kill innocent people with bombs and such. Without religion, science will destroy!, is it okay for me to catch you for scientific experiment? No? Why not, your nothing special, your just an animal, you evolved from a monkey. Between a chimp and you, when there is no religion, you better start fearing. Because humanity will be viewed as equal to animals, and they might just catch you to do experiments, FOR THE BETTER GOOD OF MANKIND. Not possible? World War 2 has already proven that humanity is capable OF MANY MANY THINGS, ever read on the genocide on jewish populations? 600,000 over died to create a perfect world for Hitler, what makes u think they will stop at this number?

      And here is my conclusion, scary reasoner, you are a very good debater, you might be someone who wants to give the truth to the people. It is a good thought, but the question is, IS THIS WORTH TELLING?
      Scary Reasoner, if u have invented a powerful machine that can convert all of humanity into non believers, WILL U PRESS THE BUTTON TO START THIS MACHINE? For me?, i would choose retarded, stupid but helpful and god fearing people anytime, compared to smart , evil, calculative and manipulative people who no longer understand moral value, because why should they? GOD DOESNT EXIST. Now, scary reasoner, YOU BE THE JUDGE.

      • have you ever thought that we dont need the fear of the invisible man in the sky to do good things?
        & what about the kkk? and the “witch” burners? as i remember they were quite religious
        truly pathetic & idiotic

        hurry scary reasoner, and answer to this fool

      • Up yours christard.

      • are you trying to say your better than an animal?
        prove it by not being even more retarded than 1

    • Yes, its unrelated, but your blog has the potential of converting more people into non believers. That is not a good thing, humanity must remain ignorant of the fact that there is no god. Less religious people = more crimes and less humanitarian works. U may say that your still sane and good, but that doesnt apply to most people. Like me , i know religion is bull shyt, but when people ask me, i always promote the fact that there is a god. Lol i may sound like a hypocrite, but well….. for the greater good of mankind.

      • Just great, another pathetic agnostic coward who has to spread lies.

      • this is the problem, someone like this , if religion is destroyed/people become smater, it only takes this one fucktard “on the fence oppinion” to start a whole new bandwagon of idiots again

      • If freedom is the opposite of bondage, why are my hands and feet still tied to a corrosive, greedy, materialistic world whose sole determination is to destroy my integrity and self-confidence? In the end, everything comes down to choices. If you choose to perceive the world as it is, evil and cruel, then you will never be free. But if you choose not to know, that is true freedom. I choose knowledge over freedom, because in the end, no one is truly free.

        To answer your question, truth, is always better than being retard, agnostic, and free.

  155. haha, well you dont have to come. Stay dead! All thoses who know, know and you my fellow man do not know. You dont have to go with us just respect others who respect you. spread something that makes you smile.

  156. Hello,

    Well I don’t know if there is a god or not, I really have to see it to believe it. Something that I have noticed is that people who have hope or even faith in something have a tendency to be better people. Now of course there are wicked among us. Such as Hitler, who hoped all the jews would disappear. Having faith gives people an extra reason to wake up in the morning, also because of faith there are alot of these “retarded intelligent people” says scaryreasoner, who donate their time and retarded intelligence to give medical assistance to third world countries. Don’t bash the masses because of a few extremists. Another thing I noticed is that you only point out negative passages and history. What happened to highlighting positive events, or is negativity your style? Even though I’m not a follower of Christ, I would rather have a positive person around me doing good things blinded by faith, than some negative cynical asshole sitting on his couch ranting about these people…..just saying. I HOPE one day that you come back to society and try to aid people in making a better place, rather than criticizing them for over two years on a blog!!! The funny part is that sure some of the people accepting you back would be Christian.


    PS: …this blog is right there aren’t any wizards that can part seas or snakes that can talk without taking LSD before going to the pet store, their just stories….but people who have hope overcome alot of things: physical handicap, poverty, oppression, etc.

    • Christianity and especially the notion of faith are still intensely stupid. The unrelated fact that Christians can do good things for other people — as most humans can — remains unrelated.

      And I haven’t left society.

      If you don’t like my plain words, perhaps you should simply not read them.

    • Ram a bible up your @$$.

  157. You’re going to hell.
    Have fun.

  158. Read the Bible you fools! you are all wrong. i pity you. read and be saved, my friend read and be saved.

    • There are some really talented comedians here…first there is this one

      ‘Read the Bible you fools! you are all wrong. i pity you. read and be saved, my friend read and be saved’

      ha ha ha what a sense of ironic humour you have..saved from what? your delusions? If jesus was actually a person..or better yet the son of some god or other id pray to him to save me from his followers
      another great joke was made here…

      ‘ If you believe in evolution, then you are infact a religious person’

      This is the most stupid thing ive ever seen written down..If you KNOW the theories of evolution are not only likely true but have read the hard cold evidence for it..then you are a might be a scientist or an evolutionary biologist but one thing you are not is religious and certainly not a creationist with no evidence to support your dogmatic beliefs which you have been ‘educated’ in….your logic is not only flawed it is pathetic…and so misguided..

      i really think if you beleive in the invisible man upstairs..and that the bible is actually an iimportant book then you should really go and see a psychiatrist…you are clearly deluded…. to the point of near madness..

    • Rochelle, it is precisely because we *have* read the Bible that we know it is nonsense. How about *you* read the Bible?

      There is no evidence for any afterlife of any kind, much less the specific kinds described in the Bible. All of the evidence that we have regarding how the brain works, and the specific ways it does not work when damaged in various ways (including when someone dies) indicate that consciousness simply ceases to be upon death. There is no reason at all to think any sort of afterlife exists. So far, your “arguments” amount to assertions that we had better believe, not because there are good reasons to believe, but because unpleasant actions will be taken against us *after we’re dead*. So you aren’t trying to convince us, you’re tring to *coerce* us. And doing a spectacularly bad job at it since the threats made in the Bible which you repeat to us are simply not at all credible.

      Imagine I told you that you needed to believe that the earth was created by a gaint space turtle named Pokey, and if you didn’t believe this, then after you were dead, Pokey would bite your toes off in the afterlife. Pretty ridiculous, right? Your attempt at coercion is *exactly* as ridiculous to us.

      As for evolution, there is a ton of evidence for it, multiple independent lines of evidence — spend some time browsing

  159. If you believe in evolution, then you are infact a religious person. you have to believe in something, otherwise the question would be raised, how did we get here? well you can choose to believe rubbish, or you can accept that you are a sinner and that Jesus died for you, and that you will go to heavan not hell. deep inside of you, you know that there really is a God, ONE God that can help you. and another point to jab at you evolutionists, how do you know so much about the Bible, when you say you don’t believe? think about it.

    • says the christian looking at the page explining why your beliefs are belifes and not real

      • *says the christian looking at the page explining why their beliefs are bullshit.
        explain to us how its ok for you to find this page and be cristian, but not for use to use the bible as a joke book if we’re realy bord and remember a few of the things in it?

    • “If you believe in evolution, you are in fact a religious person”…

      …Get the fuck off my planet. Right fucking now.

  160. by the way whoever posted the: “your going to hell” comment is only partially right. everyone will be judged in heaven. God judges justly, he only casts the people who have done wickedly in his sight away. you know this deep down. let your heart receive Jesus.

    • And you know this how? Because some old book written by a bunch of people who were by today’s standards profoundly ignorant said so? You’re going to have to do better than that. You aren’t making any argument at all here, you are just repeating a laughable threat in a pathetic attempt to coerce. It’s not working, it’s merely ridiculous.\


  162. Frank, you mixed your comment up. at first i thought you were on my side, then i realized you were voting for Mr.scarywhatdoyoucallhim. by the way, there is a God, there has to be a God, without a God there was no earth and without earth, no us. get it. i will be praying for you, there may be some hope.

    • pls do the following: either prove the existance of your invisble man and his hell he created for you or shut the fuck up..there is plenty of hard cold evidence for evolution and absolutely none for that complete bullshit you have been sold and belive are clearly unevolved and afraid to chalenge and critic the pack of shit youve been force fed by who? mum? dad? some other brainwashed idiot..pls dont waste your energy praying for me to your imaginary fine im not going to the hell in your head , it doesnt exist anywhere but in your doctored mind..your god is also a complete imagination..i will hope that one day you wake up to the bullshit youve been handed and get really angry at how badly you were manipulated..

      • couldn’t have said it better myself, except i though it was indoctronated? 🙂 ah well

  163. I feel sorry for how screwed up George Carlin is

    • yep must have been pritty bad to be living in a society of idiots with the 1 rational mind.

      oh wait sorry i thought you said screwed over lol

  164. GOOO!!! Anna!!!!! you’re the best!

  165. thank you for your comments negative Jesus. by the way, i am a twelev year old girl who strongly believes in her God, so go suck a rock.

    sorry i’m a bit harsh. I will be praying for you. if you think i don’t take God seriously. then you are absolutely wrong. i wholeheartidly believe in Him. i don’t even go to church. we have church at home

  166. but church is not absolutely needed in Christianity.

  167. ps carlin is dead you uninformed mental dwarf…but when he was alive he was a comic genius and and much wiser man than your dad obviously was/is..he saw the god illusion and its many human tenacles for the manipulative bullshit it is..and he wasnt afraid to say are a coward since you refuse to even entertain new ideas about your own universe..and you persist in the stupiest story ever made up to keep woemn in their place..when you grow up you will either sink deeper into delusion and wonder why nothing fits the real world..or you will wake up and do something positive with your become an atheist

    • Hey hey hey, easy now, she’s twelve. (btw, have to wonder what the wordpress terms of service are regarding that…. )

      • suppose i owe an oppology too, but i wish sombody told me it was bullshit before i realised it for myself (age 7, 7 wasted years)

  168. pps rochelle you are sorry but what the fuck do you really know about anything so far? some of us have been around for three even four of your lifetimes and youve only just begun life..if you really want the truth you have to dig deep for it because everyone has to do the research themselves..

  169. Wow, I love this article and I’m in awe at some of the recent comments.

    To Rochelle, you’re a sad and sorry excuse for a human being. You, with your amoeba brain and little ideas, come here and tell people that they have to believe in something and you say that evolutionists are religious. How dare you, I would say, but in all honesty when I’m finished writing this I will have forgotten about you.

    I hope you don’t punish and pollute your children with these lies the way you’ve been punished. Who do you think told you about God to begin with? What would you believe if no one had indoctrinated you to begin with? You’d be free of your inept mind and a lot happier than you are right now.

    I’m an Atheist, or a recovering Christian as I like to call it. I don’t believe in magic or the beliefs of a pre-scientific society.

    You don’t get to tell people they’re religious if they believe in evolution and tell people that they must believe in some theory as to the origins of the universe and humans. You don’t understand that the best thing about being Atheist is that it is 100% okay to NOT have an opinion. Atheists never have to contemplate the origins of anything, if they don’t want to.

    I’m in the here and now and I don’t care how I happened. I could have been shit out on a stump and the sun hatched me for all I know, or care. What I do care about is today and making the most of it.

    When you can give up circumventing responsibility for your “sins” through prayer then you can learn about real love and stop the insanity of your confusion.

  170. I am sorry Negative Jesus i meant to say George carlin WAS a lunatic. not is.

  171. and believe it or not, i have far more knowledge in the christianity world than you do, (plus i do not use fowl language) for i have been a christain since i made the choice at 4.

    p.s so your an atheist? well that makes things clear on how delusional you are. (haha)

    • oh look its lessons in how not to be delusional by miss thers an invisible man in the sky who demands you do whatever he (you and all the other fucktards) says

  172. by the way. your blithering is nothing more than insults going through one ear and out the other. i’ll take them. I am not forced to believe in the heavenly Father. i chose to. My wonderful Dad does not make us believe, nor does God. if he wanted a bunch of robots to serve him. he would have done that. but he wants us to make the choice. (so far the world is going deeper and deeper down the destruction lane) so you can just go write down all the blabbering you want Mr. negative. i have not changed my ways, and never will.

    p.s i would have to talk to you face to face (though your face is probably the ugliest i’ve seen) to convince you of creation.

  173. So Karen, your a girl, and you use foul language too? what is this world coming to? and you can believe what ever you want. i’m saying you are religous, because you have to have really strong faith to believe in that junk. i have some questions for you. where did the dot come from? where did the rain come from? and the universe? huh? can you answer that? it couldn’t all just happen. there had to be a maker. a creator being who? God. you choose to be Athiest. that is because you don’t want to follow someone. you want to be free. am i not correct?

    • i chose to be atheist to be free of the bullshit, contradictions, and general stupidity of people like you.

      people who can look at somthing clever people have worked on for years, see the proof and dissmiss it because your programed to believe bullshit, and bullshit allone

    • Rochelle. Name one (1) thing that began to exist and had a cause. And re-arranging already existing things (like baking a cake, or making a painting or a rotating accretion disk coalescing into a planet) does not count as beginning to exist. From physicists, we know that there is a quantum foam — everywhere all the time — in which electrons and anti-electrons pop into existence for the briefest of moments and then annihilate each other — every where, all the time — and without cause. So far as I know, *everything* that we know which begins to exist does so without any cause. So it seems backwards to me that you would presume there has to be a cause when all the examples we have don’t have any cause.

    • There’s nothing inherently bad about “foul language” that isn’t in your own mind. I could say “fuckityfuckityfuckityfuckfuck” and guess what? Nothing happens.

  174. another thing. if you believed that you “evolved” from a rock, then transformed into a soup then a frog, and so on. first of all, your on crack. second of all your saying that you are related to a rock, or a frog? now that’s ridiculous.

  175. i still have another thing to say (to all people who think we evolved) : if you believe that we “evolved” then why don’t people evolve anymore? what you guys are saying, isn’t old. thousands of years ago people believed in your junk. it says in the bible that people said to wood “you are my father” and to stones “you made me”. it simply is not true. look at the Zebra, how can you say it evolved. and look at us! we are so complicated! it takes millions of cells to make ONE body! it could not have happened by chance. only an idiot could think that. the problem is, that most people these days are idiots.

    • seriously? you are actualy retarded, dont you realise what you are saying?
      go read a book, preferably one not full of shit detailing the story of a magical invisible being in the sky who made you by ripping some of his skin off his ass.
      hasn’t it ever come across your head that it might just be a story book that got taken to seriously at some point? because thats the reality
      i could ttake the time to exlpain why evolution is logicaly true and could easily happen, but i would be wasting my time because like you said “i have not changed my (retarded) ways, and never will(stop being stupid)” so just do the world a favour when you die and take your chunk of stupidity to you to the afterlife(of rotting in the ground with your father, mother, and the rest of the retards).

    • so then majority idiots?, well here’s an amasing coincidence majority=cristian/religious
      christian = retard
      you = christian = retard

    • We do evolve still. Evolution works so slowly that you can’t see it in your lifetime, or even a few lifetimes, silly.

  176. It seems to me that the thing about evolution is that every living thing evoles…apart from christians. who stick to their ridiculous doctrines disregarding any new scientific evidence to the contrary..that is seriously retarded

  177. ps: The very concept of blasphemy is a perfect illustration of the cowardly immaturity of the religious mind and the emptiness of religion itself. If religion contained any truth, it could be ridiculed, insulted, even defiled, without being diminished in any way. Its truth would shine through: undimmed, unblemished, shaming those who abused it into silence. But that’s not how things are. Religion is prickly. It’s intolerant. It’s ultra-defensive precisely because it’s brittle and fragile. It’s about as substantial as a meringue. It’s all froth and no substance. It’s had thousands of years to make its case and all it’s produced is sophistry, violence and a raft of morals that would shame a rattlesnake. And no amount of windbaggery and flim-flam from clergy can any longer disguise the simple bald fact that there is nothing there.

  178. you are a joke Mr. Negative. (HaHa)

  179. you know, i actually had hardly any bad feelings toward evolutionists, before i read this. i just thought you guys silly. you see i know that we are shown respect, by the way people act. people can’t tell on the spot, if we are a Christian or not. and my wish has always been either, for everyone to wake up and open their eyes to whats right, or to have peace with eachother. this rival between religions, is silly. it needs to stop. yes i agree, some over zealous christians out there poke at you, not only poke but slap you. (using words of course) but other religions have actually killed us Christians. you see, Christianity is dangerous to some countries, because they realize that our God really is real. so they banish it.

  180. I could spend all day explaining that creation is real. but instead i leave the choice to you. (which was probably a bad idea) you do not have to beacome a christian. i am not forcing, or hinting at it. i am simply like my brother. if i see something that is wrong, i have to make it right. if he saw this, he would not stop untill every one knew the truth. he could back all of you into a corner. but i am not going to fight this battle anymore. i am sick of trying to talk to hard hearts. you may have one this battle. but the war is not over.

  181. Christards are fucked up in the head.

  182. ROCHELLE,


    not you nor your brother will EVER be able to prove the existance of your god nor will you EVER be able to disprove evolution with your uninformed and delusional ideas of creation..


    you are backing a losing ideological team whose paradigm is nearly over..
    here…….. read a good book for a change

    • What a strange comment, JESUS COCK. Mostly just a bit of semi-incoherent ranting — which I can understand the need to rant, not that I think it’s the best way — accompanied by a recommendation to read Thomas Kuhn.

      That last being particularly interesting, as I’ve had Christians recommend that book to me. There are plenty of people who seem to read that book and come away thinking that, “sure, science may think X now, but just wait, and in a few years, and X will be discredited and replaced by Y”, and use this as a kind of justification to *ignore* science, and not necessarily because they’ve read Kuhn, but because they are repeating an argument involving Kuhn which they’ve encountered elsewhere. This despite the fact that the “revolutions” of science typically cited (e.g. Einstein vs. Newton) tend not to be so much revolutions as refinements (e.g. Einstein’s equations are very well approximated by Newtons at non-relatavistic velocities and masses — all the terms in the equations that differentiate Einstein’s from Newton’s add nearly zero or multiply by nearly one, etc.)

      Note: I’ve not actually read Kuhn myself, though I started in on it one time (unless I’m mixing him up with Popper) — very dense material, and I quickly became bored of it (not that this is any sort of worthy criticism), but recommending it to a twelve year old strikes me as being farcical or just plain out to lunch.

  183. SATAN IS LORD HA HA HA…not really

    THE 12 YEAR OLD MIND FUCKED CHRISTIAN ..ill bet she didnt even watch those videos….my 6 year old doesnt think there is a god…and i never told him anything one way or the other,..its obvious to him its a crock of shit…christians simply have to get fed this shit or they would never beleive it..its the greatest crime of humanity

  184. I knew i’d find some rebels to ass whop on my search spree. Listen, you guys compared to the world, very small, so even that i could’nt see you with a microscope. I’d probably beat your asses, but nah, it still would’nt be enough. You fucktards not only deprived good people of hope, but you did it in such a way that in some countries, they’d kill you for that. Lets face it, I have my doubts that God exist some time, but some of these times I have faith in him. Wether he exist of not is nothing to complain about. You’re not arguing, all of these are complaints, and people don’t like a complainer. And judging by your acts, you sound like a person who knows the bible quite well. Whats wrong, tired of people forcing their beliefs on you? You’re not the only one completely upset and useless about it. I am one of those people too. I hate religion at times but dude, what will most of us be without

  185. Region? People believe not because they’re retarded shit4Brains it is because of faith. But I’m wasting my time here with you. But remember this, no matter what you do, you can’t change the faith in people. Let them be and they’ll let be. Remember sir, you caused all of this and you will not be respected for for it. Theres nothing you can do…Your just 1 person, you’re ideas don’t matter, at least not for this…

    • Ah, but the very concept of faith itself, being nothing but the deliberate attempt to be more certain of something than the available evidence warrants *is* inescapably idiotic and dishonest. So saying that “it’s faith” doesn’t help your case one bit.

      And as for complaining, a) when you say “what would most of us be without religion?”, that is not an argument that religion is true, that amounts to a complaint about what you think life would be like if religion weren’t true. So you are complaining. Three points about that: a) this is my blog. If I can’t complain on my own blog, where can I complain? b) Nobody forced you to read this, you, by your own admission, searched for it (“I knew i’d find some rebels to ass whop on my search spree” — and by “ass whop”, I can only assume you set out to make a whopping ass of yourself for some reason, probably all that excessive guilt and self-loathing that goes along with religion), then upon finding it, and reading it of your own volition, you complain about it. c) Get your own blog if you want to complain. I highly recommend it. It’s quite cathartic.

      Also, what’s with this?
      “You fucktards not only deprived good people of hope, but you did it in such a way that in some countries, they’d kill you for that.”

      If I deprived anyone of hope, I replaced a false hope with reality. I did them a favor. And you say in some countries I’d be killed for writing what I wrote as if you think that’s a good thing. This says more about you than it does about me. Can’t make your case, so you make veiled threats instead?

  186. But hey, this was fun. We can both admit that. You may be a power house behind your monitor, but dude, you’re still human, limited. By the way, your facts can use a bit of a fix up. You made several mistakes on your sense of logic. While reading your stuff, however you are a pretty indepented person, one of a one tracked mind. All I can do now is look back on this and tell you how much of a fool you are. You blame people because you are mad, I blame you for being ignorant. What can you possibly say to me that will matter, you don’t know me, theres nothing you can use against me. Think twice before responding,if you want to correct me in any way, will never hear the end of this…

    • I’m a fool, eh? For not believing what is obviously horseshit when asked to believe it — not because there are good reasons, but because I should have “faith”, that is, because I should essentially just believe without sufficient reasons to think it’s true? Faith is quite obviously foolishness.

      And I’ll never hear the end of it? I started this post in 2008. It’s almost 2012 and I’m still here. I think I can outlast you.

  187. I’m stuck in gaps between reality and imagination. There’s times I’d agree with your claims as well as being repulsed by they. But I did’nt start this because I’m some loser wanting to erupt at someone for my problems, but rather to explain my own thoughts. After all, what would be the point of your blog if people like me did’nt come along and put you into question? I’m not telling you to have to believe in faith or put trust in a god that likely does not exist, you see I’m not trying to be completely unreasonable with you, yes. You’ll find I don’t hate you, despite how you feel, and if you hate me, it doe’nt matter, I don’t know you. Tell me though, did you make this session to release frustration, or to put people down for what they believe in? Either way, you’re not too big of a threat, so I’m not seriously involved in you. All I ask is you do what you do as long as you know what your getting yourself into. Remember the girl on youtube that exclaimed for her hatreds of black people? She did’nt think before acting and because of that, she ended up hurting herself by doing so. You’re not that troublesome, i’d even consider you a pretty wise person. There’s not a lot like me out there, there’s just haters. Fare well

    • I started this post as a rant that was essentially a reaction to this video:

      Nowhere have I said I hated anybody in all of this. I have said, in various ways that people are stupid for buying into religion even a little bit. I probably should have tempered that to say instead that people were *being* stupid, or *being* retarded, or whatever other word I might have used rather than that they *are* stupid or *are* retarded, or whatever. For the most part I stand by what I’ve written, in that I do think that Christianity is a very very obvious load of crap, and all the arguments for it in its 2000+ year history are not just slightly bad, but *incredibly* bad, and a person has to go quite a bit out of their way to deliberately shut down their brain in order to be able swallow any of it.

  188. I understand you. As I said in the previous, I’m not very engaged in being part of religion at times. The only reasons I continue going to church on Sunday is mainly because I’m forced to go, but to also make my family happy. I thought you were just being senseless, but there’s a lot of reason behind arguments. You were hard on them, and sometimes that’s the only way people can truly learn. You did’nt truly do anything wrong.

  189. I can tell you this, those who are in the practice of religious beliefs are indeed stubborn, they will not deny the existence of a higher power not from me, nor from you. People only see me as a 13-year-old girl with no life experience. People will only see you as a sinner. If you really want to spread your word, you’ll have to deceive them. They will only be angered if one you declare your statements bluntly. Deception will not only make people see your way, be in the same time, you have shattered their former beliefs. Hitler deceived his people, took advantage of their minds. He promised them their own world, it was’nt long until they did as he asked. You can take that to mind if you wish. I’m not anyones side, I’m just online everywhere being the source of reason. I can tell you I’ve done quite well on my journeys. My motivation is to make others realize they have too much power online. They think they can pull off all sorts of acts to discourage their forum, I’m just here to remind them they should’nt abuse their powers.

    • What a difference a day makes. Yesterday you were going to “whop ass”, and now you’re a 13 year old girl, and pooping rainbows. Wtf happened? lol. Jesus tell you to be nice to the mean sinners?

      Shouldn’t abuse my power, eh?

      What power? The power to write what I really think on my own blog?

      • loved 1st paragrah mr. reasoner 🙂 your a true legend at writing these things

      • xxxist’s all have the same problem in my opinion..they seem to want to belong to some club or other where other people will share their view and mutually agree to beleive in their dogmas, It seems to be how ALL of them work but as any logical person will conclude..just because you beleive in something that doesnt make it real or true, this includes Gods ,angels,demons, witches, warlocks, and satanists….all as real as the easter bunny..

    • here is an interesting and enlightening website/free book that has nothing to do with religion or atheism for you Hero. i hope that you will take a few hours over the next couple of years to see if it has anything valuable for humans in it’s contents. it has a free .pdf of the book as well as various handy tools for basic learning concepts and methods. i think if you do take a small amount of time to go through it you will be pleasantly surprised.

      it’s called ‘This is not That’



      free .pdf –

      free learning resources –

    • You’re a 13 year old girl like I’m a 300 year old elephant.

      Nonce pretending to be female child – THAT’S fucked up.

  190. Sinners.? Saints ? Angels ? Devils? Gods? Demons ?

    Is this an episode of Harry Potter or is it a comedy routine?

    SCARY REASONER..there is nothing scary about your reasoning,,it is actually very reasonable..

    CHRISTIANS? now THEY are really fucking scary..

    Merry Xmas : now lets all go out and shop for capitalism and pretend we believe in the invisible man and his invisible son ….ah..NOT!

  191. “To a mouse, cheese is cheese. That is why mouse traps are effective.”
    —Wendell Johnson

  192. i am a satanist

  193. Yes, after resisting it for many years, I have to say that most christians are far from being intelligent. Retards? I don’t know. I’d say they are scare little children who can’t handle the real world, which says that they are multi-cellular organisms that will eventually die and that conscience does NOT survive the destruction of the brain.

  194. you guys are all wierd! personally i agree with Rochelle. i am not going to tell you my age. that was rochelle’s only fault in her argument. she’s right. why should we be fighting one another? it’s like were a bunch of silly kids. insulting and yabbing on to one another. doesn’t make sense to me. and it doesn’t make sense also that Mr. scaryreasoner who doesn’t sound very scary to me would even PUT this up. he’s just asking for arguments.

    • Nooneinparticular, you can’t convince anyone if you don’t argue with them — so if you think I’m asking for people to argue, you’re right.

      Rochelle didn’t really have an argument so much as a bunch of assertions. I don’t think revealing her age was a mistake though, at least she has an acceptable explanation for why her arguments weren’t very good — she’s just a kid.

      As for why we should be “fighting” (typing words into a web browser isn’t much of a “fight”), it’s because religion is not harmless, and I think people who hold ridiculous and harmful beliefs need to be called out and told that their beliefs are ridiculous and harmful and not permitted to blissfully think that they are being reasonable simply because nobody will be so “impolite” as to call them on their crazy shit.

  195. All christards are fucked up in the head.

  196. I’ve searched the word Retard and I got 184 hits.

    I agree on Religious beliefs are unwise, logical, or even smart. But you are in no right to tell someone who’s beliefs aren’t like yours is autmatically retarded

  197. Let us unite and kill all religious people.

    [ Comments like this one, by, are not acceptable. — Ed. ]

  198. They’re not retarded, but they sure are dumb enough to be killed.

    [ Comments like this one, by, are not acceptable. — Ed. ]

  199. If Religion would not exist, the human race would have duplicated so much faster to become a “type 3” civilization.

    Right now we are 0, and that means that we will probably have a very short and sucky life if you compare this life with the lifes of a type 1,2,3 civilization.

    Imagine beeing born in a type 3 civilization, we would be able to manitpulate black holes.
    We are just in the beginning of science and technology, so forget your stupid book and wasting time praying n all that shiet.
    You and me still have a chance to become a type 1 civilization. That would mean a fucklot better of a so called “life”

  200. leeFuck Jesus up his non existant ass. The best use for bibles is either toilet paper or kindling. Nice to see someone speaking frankly about this bullshit cancer. Fuck these idiots and their retarded beliefs that do no good for the world

  201. “Christians, you are retarded. every last one, without exception.”

    I totally agree.

    This blog is perfect except my blog is missing from your Atheist Blogroll.

    • I honestly think everyone should just believe whatever he or she wants, without trying to enforce their beliefs upon others. Frankly, everyone has their own rights in believing things.
      And well, you’re retarded only if you tell others what to believe. (:

      • If beliefs were harmless, you might have a point. But they’re not harmless.

        While I would agree that everyone has the right to believe whatever it is that they’re going to believe anyhow, the beliefs themselves are not exempt from scrutiny, and and not exempt from commentary or even ridicule.

        You think that everyone should be left alone in their beliefs, eh? Ok, here’s a belief of mine, which presumably you would not dare to try to persuade me otherwise, as you’ve just said “veryone should just believe whatever he or she wants, without trying to enforce their beliefs upon others” — Well here’s my belief: Ridiculous beliefs should be ridiculed.

        The price of ridiculous beliefs is ridicule. If you’re not willing to pay that price, if you’d rather your beliefs not be ridiculed, well, stop having ridiculous beliefs.

        Beliefs do not exist in isoloation. Beliefs an individual holds affect that individuals actions. For example, if one believes (ignorantly, idiotically, and very commonly) that a person has an immortal soul, and that that soul begins to exist at the moment of conception when a sperm fertilizes an egg, and that the immortal soul may ultimately end up spending eternity in either eternal bliss, or eternal misery, depending upon what beliefs the animal which this fertilized egg eventually grows into ends up holding, well, this might influence how much control one might wish to allow women to have over their own reproduction.

        Beliefs matter. Stupid, ridiculous beliefs *should* be pointed out and the holders of those beliefs *should* be made to feel ridiculous for holding them.

        You’re free to disagree, but if you do, I think you’ve made a mistake.

  202. Amazing post, this was exactly what I wanted when I typed in “Christians” and “Retarded’ into Google. Well done, good sir.

  203. Good post. Christians are fucking retarded. They don’t understand that god is dead and that such fairy tales are nonsense. It’s as obvious as the sky is blue. We shouldn’t even need to make an argument against christianity, but this works fine.

  204. I will say you have passion, but here’s what’s wrong with your post. Believe me I hate religion as much as the next atheist but this is the reason I don’t like saying I’m an atheist because of really angry pissed off people like you.
    It gives atheist this connotation that we are all assholes. Religion is ridiculously retarded but saying that isn’t going to change anyone’s mind, they will only disagree and condemn you in return and a large population of people are christians and believe not all of them are insane and retarded. A lot of christians have there doubts but they just like the stories and yes they will defend themselves and it won’t make any sense and it will cause you to dislike them and start hating christians and thinking they’re retarded. You’re right though, they are just brainwashed as children so it’s not their fault they’re retards. I do find it interesting to listen to peoples’ arguments and things but when it comes down to it no one is going to change anyone’s mind because no one gives a shit about anyone’s opinions like this paragraph I’m typing is completely pointless but I’m bored and I’m sure you were bored and decided to write this stupid, insulting, pointless paragraph. Don’t worry religion will go away eventually and be like the people today who still think the Earth is flat but it won’t be in our lifetimes. However, China has already declared their country atheist so we’re on our way. In the mean time chill out, don’t argue with christians, it’s all pointless and you will cause nothing but a tautology.

    • Right… because ages and ages of atheists quietly shutting the hell up has worked so well up to now. I’ve actually had several people tell me that things I’ve said — things I’ve said in anger, even — are what started them down a path which ultimately led to them rejecting their religion. So, apparenlty it actually does get people to change their minds sometimes. That’s good enough for me.

    • Christards are fucked up in the head.

  205. well that is shocking if you have changed peoples mind, religion is stupid but i dont know i feel like it’s a childish way to approach the topic. Should keep it civil. That’s all. No disrespect though, it was very funny and entertaining to read.

  206. slightly overdone the swearing, but sayin:
    1+1= fucking 2
    is still correct, assuming fucking isnt a number like x or y ect 🙂

    • I’ll say what I said to the 12 year old girl upthread:

      There’s nothing inherently bad about “foul language” that isn’t in your own mind. I could say “fuckityfuckityfuckityfuckfuck” and guess what? Nothing happens.

  207. ehhh i agree but this argument lacks substance, you probably do watch Pat Condell’s videos on youtube but if not then definitely do. Those are very intellectual videos with lots of substance. Was funny to read thought

    • What argument? I wasn’t even making an argument.

      Let me quote Christopher Hitchens:

      “That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.”

      And I’m aware of Pat Condell (hell, he’s linked upthread.)

  208. I agree completely, figured out it was retarded at 5 to 6 years old as I had enough logic by then. Dealing with retards in my family is wasting years off of my life. Fools and they are so brainwashed there is literally no reason left in there brains. Retarded. Good shit man.

  209. Yes. Jusus burn in hell. And fucking mary is a bad bitch.

  210. AVE SATANAS! Only SATAN is a true god. Not an jewish god. I hate jewish god, and curse for you and fucking mary and all christians. Antichrist is coming!

    • Satan? The idea of Satan is exactly is idiotic as the idea of Jesus. You’re being an idiot. You should probably attempt to stop being an idiot.

  211. Wow. Whoever wrote this is an idiot, and I doubt he ever gets laid. Lots of hate. No wonder he doesn’t understand compassion or sacrifice.

    I feel sorry for you.

    P.S. You don’t come off as intelligent in your writing. More like a bitter nerd.

    • And your comment makes you look like Einstein, Tanner. I bow before your obviously superior intellect. Enlighten us with your no doubt brilliant explanation of exactly why religion and faith are not in fact idiotic despite outward appearances. Looking forward to your explanation so that I might one day hope to get laid.

  212. Hmmm….I think you are sad and angry. So rather than focus on your life that you are not pleased with you distract yourself and focus on the external and get all riled up over bullshit.

    Instead of focusing on religion which gives you no personal gain you should focus on something else.

    And I don’t want to hear about how you changed 10 christians lives and turned them into atheists and that makes you feel important because if you did turn anyone from christianity to atheism those people were obviously on the fence about it and not the real christians you despise. They were going to turn atheists with or without you, possibly you were the last straw but thats unlikely and nothing to be proud of. Also you’re probably turning many christians against atheism because I assume people read this and go “god damn atheists are assholes.” You give us a bad name….I’ve converted a couple people to atheism. I don’t spend much time trying anymore but occasionally I get into religious conversations because I do find it somewhat interesting and I’ve found being nice and polite works much better. I was once young and stupid, not quite as bad as you but close.

    I hate to do this and I could most definitely be wrong but I’m going to guess that you are young and your appearance is changing (becoming fat or bald or something else, possibly flunking out of school…that’s what happened to me my first year of college and right after that I got pissed at religion for some reason) and causing you to be upset and focus on this shit.

    You won’t listen to anything I said and I know I just wasted my time but at least I know I’m wasting my time unlike you.

    P.S. I went back to college the next year….

  213. well that was retarded


  214. yes maybe some go overboard with their religon but ur a fucking twat! u must be born to make up this hole sight just for that, ur sad…. maybe just maybe…. ur the retard… think about it ass wipe!!!!

  215. ur fat yo

  216. i agree completely religion is just a bunch of idiotic people who cant except the fact that when they die there is no magic place they will go it will be a ditch in the ground and believing a big man in the sky really how stupid can you get OH NO I ANGERED HIM SCARY HAHAHAHA religious people need to get a life now think of it another way ok the terrorists you no the people killing themselves and killing as many as they can there religious to aren’t they so think of it if there was no religion of course people would still fight but it would settle quit a few wouldn’t it SO NEXT TIME YOU FUCKING RETARDS WANT TO GO SPOUTING YOUR BULLSHIT ABOUT A BIG MAN IN THE SKY AND HEAVEN AND HELL AND ALL THAT OTHER BULLSHIT KEEP IT TO YOUR FUCKING SELF BECAUSE YOU RELIGIOUS HAVE BEEN PROVED WRONG SO MANY TIMES I HAVE LOST COUNT SO FUCK OFF

  217. I agree that it does not follow logic but I don’t think it’s good to get all worked up about others beliefs. this world doesen’t need any more hate. Sometimes I wish religion didn’t exist at all.

    • Don’t mistake exasperation and a bit of “yelling” (so to write) for hate. Religion and faith have enjoyed polite but eye-rolling silence for too long by dint of the social pressure it consistently applies. A little noisy, dismissive and disdainful but ultimately harmless ruckus should from now on be the expected response to the blatant and deliberate idiocy of faith. Knock that obviously stupid shit off, or expect to get called on it. Being called out for stupid behavior is not the same thing as being hated.

  218. I’m a bit bummed that I’ve stumbled upon this so long after the original posting because I feel compelled to respond anyway.

    As a free-thinking atheist with a solid belief in science & fact, I think religion is, at best, quaint & amusing, & at worst, dangerous & subversive! I’m not sure I’d go so far as to say that religious folk are all retarded, misguided, yes, but some people need to believe in something, anything, & religion seems to provide something to belong to for these needy people. Then you have the ones that have basically been indoctrinated since infancy.

    Anyway, that’s my two-cents for today!

  219. So your saying that 1 billion people are all this. Some people take religion o far but others don’t so you have NO say about those people what-so-ever. And Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean you should write a whole story about it. Oh and by the way you repeat yourself the whole way so really your argument means about absolutely nothing. So stop all this crap. Writing about it won’t make it go way. Face reality and get on with your life. The internet isn’t a place to rant about what you feel. Their are so many blogs about things like this and you think that people really care about this. Save your time and do something that will actually help you. Don’t be hatin now hater.

    P.S. Not all christens are stupid, anyone can. And grab a plate son, you just got served.

  220. Agreed 100%. It amazes me how many religious people there still are in the developed world, it’s medieval and RETARDED.

  221. christ if real u cock. this the bigges piece of shit ive ever read. but god must hav put u on this planet from some gd reason, no clue what it is though

  222. yes they all are insane, delusional and mindless. a mind is a terrible thing to waste. christians are a menace to decency, to intelligence, to all things.

  223. This post is not true do not read it he is just messed up

  224. Ekh, is this shit still going on? How do I unsubscribe? D:

  225. Scary Reasoner,

    Although I have not read every post in this blog yet, I have observed something both interesting and amusing. Most of the individuals whose statements I have read and who attempt to counter your arguments not only have insufficient evidence to truly support anything they propose, but their grammar is atrocious as well. Some of the posts are so poorly written that I choose to skip over them because I know they have nothing credible to say.

    You, on the other hand, are an excellent writer, and you always make strong points to back up your arguments. I don’t mean to get sappy or overly sentimental, but I really admire you and your wealth of knowledge. Although the only way I know you is through this blog, I feel as though you’re a great friend whom I will never have the pleasure of meeting in person. Not only do you think rationally and progressively, but you are a good person who does not advocate violence the way that many Christians (and, indeed, religious folk around the world) do. I am pretty much convinced that worldwide atheism and secularism would be a great leap forward in the effort towards world peace (if that ever happens, and it probably won’t).

    Thank you for giving me a peace of mind that was, until recently, unknown to me. 🙂

    -New College Grad!!!

    • Wow… thanks!

      • You’re very welcome, my friend!

        Personally, I don’t like the idea of an afterlife at all. As you said, not only is it retarded from an objective and scientific perspective, but I also believe the very concept is rather immoral to push upon our fellow human beings. I believe it undermines life itself and prevents people from living their lives to the fullest.

        What is wrong with eternal oblivion, nothingness, ceasing to be conscious after death? Why do people adamantly insist that we all live forever, often by literally threatening us with eternal agony like the very devout douche Glenn Reb? Why can’t people just accept that all life on Earth simply ends? I have. And that’s why I appreciate my life so much.

        One time I ran into a religious nut at a mall, and he asked me if I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I told him that if Jesus existed, I believe he was just a teacher of morality, and nothing more (Well, he may have been a little bigoted and ruthless, demanding that everyone who didn’t worship him be slain before him. That changes things a little bit.). He said that I should reconsider my opinion, as “We’re going to live forever. There’s no question.” What an arrogant douchebag! I wanted to go off on him right there in public, but I decided to smile, back peddle, and leave, implying he was delusional, brainwashed, and insane.

        My point is that people like that upset me. They so casually base their entire world view off of something so outrageous it’s laughable.

        I live in the U.S. I heard that if all atheists were removed from America, something like over 90% of members of the scientific community would disappear, and only like 0.2% of the prison population would disappear. That statistic alone should convince one to become an agnostic atheist.

        Scary Reasoner, I was very relieved to see someone intelligent like yourself assert that the idea of an afterlife is retarded. You’ve made me appreciate life even more than I did before, and I can’t thank you enough for that.

        -New College Grad!!!

  226. Just an addendum to my previous comment: “I don’t like the idea of an afterlife at all.”

    I suppose most people wouldn’t be opposed to an eternal and blissful afterlife. I know I wouldn’t be. The issue I see is that it doesn’t sound realistic. Neuroscience has indeed given us a comprehensive understanding of the brain, and what happens when it is damaged (Full frontal lobotomies are a good example of this.). And for people to expend so much time and energy adhering to religious doctrine sheerly out of fear of some undesirable consequence is ridiculous. What people need to know is that they don’t need religion to be humble, compassionate, and grateful for what they have.

    Oh, and I checked out the “About Me” section. Your photos are really cool! You’re a very talented artist of several media! I’m assuming your wine is delicious as well. 🙂

    -New College Grad!!!

  227. One last thing…I’m definitely a non religious person, but I choose not to identify myself as an agnostic atheist. I’ve researched ‘secular humanism’, and I feel that philosophy most closely matches my world view: don’t adhere to any religious doctrine; just live your life and help humanity to the best of your abilities.

    I do admire those individuals who have the audacity to identify themselves as agnostic atheists, however. It takes courage, strength, and conviction to stand in few numbers against predominantly religious societies that often severely mistreat those whose views differ from their own.

    I’ll stop spamming your blog now. Thank you for letting me share my views.

    -New College Grad!!!

  228. SR, thought you might get a kick out of this video. You may have seen this before. Everyone seems so certain that they’re religion is right based on one guy’s supposed “out-of-body experience.” They just believe him without question. “Jesus Christ sure is wonderful! Yes, he is! Amen!” Please people, please spare me the tacky bullshit.

    Anyway, leave a comment.

  229. Let’s see… God created a hell so we could suffer for eternity. His rational?We failed to worship him with all due respect, an outcome he was well aware of before hand? Isn’t that a tad narcissistic? If I were to invent such a system, I’d be universally condemned as an incomprehensible sadist. Now, there’s a good fellow.

  230. hes a christian hater and he cant stand them cause he thinks hes wright so hes full of nothing but hate and slagging and everything and he thinks thats away of life cause hes blind and arrogant as well as stuck up

    • stuff you hater not all christian are retarded retard

    • Nope, I don’t hate Christians, I pity them. I just think Christianity is very obviously stupid, and very obviously manipulative, and the only way anyone believes it is either by being very stupid, or by being brainwashed into it as a child.

  231. SR, what did you think about Bill Wiese’s 23 minutes in hell?

    I’ve always been an accepting person. I figure if people want to believe in something that gives them comfort and strength, and they don’t force those beliefs upon others through physical and psychological abuse, I have absolutely no problem with it. However, there is something about that video, particularly the audience’s reactions throughout his presentation, that seems so wrong to me.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    -New College Grad!!!

    • Re: Bill Weisse’s 23 minutes in hell … Ugh. By my reckoning, more like an hour and 38 minutes. Dude, you’re going to ask me to watch a video that’s an hour and 38 minutes long? I have a finite lifetime, you know. I skipped around a bit. Forgive me.

      Absolutely typical coercive tactics. There is no reason to think that any sort of life persists beyond death, and these guys provide no reasons to think that it does, much less that there’s a specific afterlife like the hell they describe. The hell they describe is merely a threat. A threat which might give motivation to find out whether or not the threat is credible, but on its own, the threat does not automatically come with credibility, and, a non-brainwashed adult would not find the threat even slightly credible. This is why such threats are often delivered to children. It works best on children, because children aren’t that bright (compared to adults.)

      So… pretty standard tactics of religion: if you haven’t got a good argument, resort to threats.

  232. Every time I get frustrated with a Christian’s ridiculous, elitist beliefs, I read things like this and it makes me feel so much better. Thank you.
    To put things into context, I was speaking with somebody who believed being gay was a sin and could just be ‘prayed away’. Give me a fucking break. There’s nothing wrong with being gay and who the hell are you to pick and choose what you want to believe from the Bible? I didn’t see you repenting too sincerely when you had premarital sex. Never could he give me a good reason more than, “It’s just not something I agree with due to my religious beliefs.” Congratulations on thinking for yourself. It’s all fine and fair if you get some comfort in believing some fucked up fairy tale, but is there really no place you draw the line? Except well, you know, where it personally inconveniences you and you only.

    • I’m of two minds about the hypocrisy you complain about. On the one hand, yeah, it’s inconsistent and doesn’t make any sense. On the other, the person who’s being hypocritical is often being a better person than they would have been had they not been a hypocrite — e.g. they are typically being a hypocrite by observing one obnoxious thing in their holy book while (in an act of hypocrisy) ignoring another obnoxious thing in their holy book. Often you can view hypocrisy as a kind of “glass half full or half empty” situation, and perhaps I am taking the “glass half full” view of hypocrisy. I guess my thought is that if you point out that it’s hypocritical to denounce homosexuals as “an abomination” while wearing a poly-cotton blend shirt, they’re more likely to stop wearing poly-cotton blends than to stop denouncing homosexuals — I don’t know. The hypocrisy angle has never seemed like the strongest approach to me, for whatever reason. (Sorry to latch on to a tiny part of your post and ramble on about it.)

  233. Haha! I didn’t expect you to watch the entire video. I skipped around myself.

    One video I would watch in its entirety is The Four Horsemen: Dawkins, Dennett, Harris, and Hitchens. Fascinating and brilliant men talking about their readers’ feedback after the release of their respective books that put religion to the test.

    Have you ever read Richard Dawkins’s The God Delusion? I’m considering checking it out.

    • Yeah, I’ve seen the four horsemen video, yeah, I’ve read The God Delusion. I didn’t just start this yesterday you know.

  234. I know, SR. I figured you had seen and read such material. I’ve looked into some of the sites that you mentioned you like at the top of the page. But do you have a personal favorite set of books, blogs, journals, or websites on the subject you would recommend particularly?

    • Sorry if my previous reply came off a bit snippy. Let me think about it. I think I’ll make a separate blog post about it, as it’s a good question that deserves an answer, and perhaps a wider audience would be a good thing as well. For now, I’ll talk about one book. Dawkins book, “Climbing Mount Imprabable” really impressed me. I picked it up in a used bookstore, probably around 1999 or 2000, having never heard of “Richard Dawkins”, just looked like an interesting book — and holy shit, was it ever an interesting book, esp. the bit about the figs and the fig wasps was utterly fascinating. I remember recommending this book to many people, and it was only later by a few years that I became aware of the fire-breathing atheist named Richard Dawkins and connected him in my mind back to this book. This, so far, has struck me as his strongest book, but I have a suspicion that this impression may be due more to the fact that it was the first book by Dawkins that I had read, and that it might have been the first book really directly about evolution that I had read (not that I had previously doubted evolution, but my prior introductions to it had not been such tours de force.)

      Another book that had a big impact on me — kind of like “yeah — this guy understands and gets it and thinks more or less like I do, esp. wrt free will”, was Douglas Hofstadter’s “Godel, Escher, Bach — an Eternal Golden Braid” aka “GEB”. More than that, I’ll leave to another blog post, which may or may not materialize…. I’ll have to spend some time thinking about it.

      Edit: two other books to recommend:

      The Brain in Plain English: What Makes You Tick?, by Thomas B. Czerner, and Phantoms in the Brain: Probing the Mysteries of the Human Mind by V. S. Ramachandran and Sandra Blakesley (foreword by Oliver Sacks). These two books pretty much inadvertently destroy the notion of the “soul” as some immaterial thing which can survive death.

      Edit again; Read Hitchens’ books if you want to be first of all entertained, but secondly, if you want to be convinced that you can neither speak nor write English, despite it being your native, and what’s worse, your only tongue.

  235. No, you are the fucking retard you stupid cunt. And yes all of this is in a book – one which has been around for over 2000 years you dumb bastard.

  236. Thanks for the referrals, SR. I’ll be sure to look into all of those sources.

    I think I have a new favorite excerpt from the Glenn Reb video. I did like the part where he tells the audience that they have no idea what the fuck is up when it comes to Jesus Christ, but I can’t stop laughing when he quotes scripture and then proceeds to go off on a rampage.

    ” ‘…Yes, Father, for so it seemed pleasing in your sight.’ You god damned, stupid, moronic, motherfucking jackasses!!!” Bipolar much?

    Always puts me in a good mood. 🙂

  237. SR, I found another great video on YouTube. You may have already seen this, but in case you haven’t, enjoy every second! The actors are quoting statements from online Christian fundamentalist forums word for word.

    Prepare to laugh. “I can sum it up in three words: ‘Evolution is a lie.’ ” 🙂

  238. Oops. Sorry, SR. I feel really stupid right now.

  239. Not as stupid as fundamentalists, of course. But pretty stupid nonetheless. I’ll browse some of your other pages so that I don’t bore you with things you’ve already seen before.

  240. I read one of your earlier posts about proving to a blind person that colors exist. I haven’t done a lot of digging yet, but how exactly does one prove this concept?

    The only thing I have ascertained is the following: blind people most likely see only blackness, so they understand that. Black is the absence of color. Visible light is composed of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. But then I don’t know how to continue my proof.

  241. I don’t know, dude. Because I’m stupid. So how do you prove to a blind person that colors exist?

    • I doubt you’re stupid (though you’ve probably acted stupidly a time or two — haven’t we all… I know I have a time or two.)

      Well I thought I wrote about this proving colors exist to a blind person elsewhere, but now I can’t find it.

      First off, let’s be clear about what is meant by the proposition that “colors exist.” We really mean something very simple — that some objects reflect light in consistent way different from other objects which reflect light in a consistent, but detectably different way, and that different people agree about this difference, and about this particular quality of the light that we’re calling “color.” For example, you might have a box of Crayola crayons containing eight different colored crayons. The colors are named arbitrarily “red”, “orange”, “brown”, “yellow”, “green”, “blue”, “purple”, and “black.”

      Assume there is a blind person who is skeptical about the existence of this property called “color”, and you wish to convince him that others are capable of perceiving this property called “color”.

      Well, the blind man’s first question is presumably going to be, “what is color?” Well, it’s a property which can be detected by sight but which cannot be detected by any other sense — not by touch, smell, taste, nor hearing. It can be detected at a distance, but interposing one object A between the eye and another object B can prevent detection of the color of B. Although not all objects — clear sheets of glass or clear water between the eye and an object will not prevent detection of the color of the object. There are more than two colors though. There are an infinite number, which lie on a continuum. Colors which are very close to one another are difficult or impossible to distinguish from one another. Colors which are far apart are easy to distinguish from one another. Vague informal ranges of colors have been given colloquial names, like “red”, “green”, and “blue”, and a handful of other names for other ranges.

      This definition of color is probably very similar to a definition of “light”. With only light, and the absence of light, we essentially have the colors “white” and “black”, respectively. All of this in no way allows the blind man any clear idea of what it is like to experience the sensation of detecting color — the qualia as it were — but he has a definition which may allow him to devise an experiment to determine if this phenomenon exists or not. (It is similar to the sighted person attempting to determine if x-rays exist, though the experiments to show existence will be different.)

      The blind man could ask a friend to bring him several red items, several blue items, and several green items, at random, and store these items in three drawers to keep them separate. He could then, without revealing his purpose, ask other sighted people who were unaware of why he was asking what color a previously selected item was, “showing” them the item at a distance without permitting them to get close to it. If this property called “color” exists, then each person should answer correctly — that is, all the answers should agree.

      If all the answers agree, and use of touch, smell, taste and hearing can be ruled out, then there must be some other sensing which is going on.

      But, you might protest, what if “color” were a property like “roundness” or “squareness”. These would pass the test for “color” outlined above, would they not. (actually, they wouldn’t, because the blind man could ascertain these properties by touch, and color cannot be ascertained by touch.)

      In any case the blind man could satisfy himself by requesting that objects differing only in color be used in the experiment (e.g. crayola crayons with the paper wrappers removed, etc.) What you’re really trying to show when you try to show that “colors exist” is that different people agree with each other about what colors things are when allowed to sense these otherwise identical objects only with their eyes.

      Now there is a complication when you consider that there are colorblind people, and partially colorblind people. You sample enough people, and you’re going to get some inconsistent results due to this. You might get some self-reporting from some of your volunteers, “oh yeah, I can’t tell the difference between red and green,” one might say. (How does the red-green colorblind person know that there really is a difference between red and green?)

      Speaking of which, those colorblind tests make me think of another means of proving the existence of color — if color didn’t exist, nobody would be able to read the numbers in this image:

      Yet people can read the numbers.

      The blind person could contruct such an image with crayolas (it need not be so subtle) and confirm that something was going on.

      Is that sufficient? Not sure. Maybe someone can poke some holes in my “experimental proof” of the existence of colors the blind man.

      (As an interesting, but irrelevant side note, there’s nothing which says that the experience of viewing the color red is similar between two people (and colorblind people prove that it actually isn’t similar in some cases) but ignoring colorblind people, there’s no reason to suppose that the experience (qualia) is identical even among people who perceive color (synesthesia is another way the experience can differ). But the experience within a person’s brain tends to be consistent across multiple trials so that one can recognize the color red as being “red” from one viewing to the next. It’s possible that the experience I have while viewing “red” is the same as another person’s experience while viewing “blue”, but because these are consistent across time, when we both view something “red”, and the other person experiences what I would have called blue, that person has associated that experience with the word “red”, and we both agree that we are looking at something red. There’s no way to know if our qualia agree though (barring colorblindness, synesthesia or other exceptional differences in qualia.) Hope this last paragraph makes sense.

  242. I wish I could meet you in person. You and I would be best friends. Thank you for all your insight.

    -New College Grad!!!

  243. Sorry, man. I was twelve Coronas deep yesterday. Don’t drink and blog.

  244. Wow, dude! That whole experiment and logical walkthrough were so cool! You have a great scientific brain.

    • I’d like to edit the post above this one, for the video entitled “God is for idiots,” since I’m not sure how to remove comments from this blog if I feel a bit guilty after posting them. I was raised Catholic, so even though I am no longer religious to any degree, there are still traces of my upbringing that haunt me to this day: extreme guilt and self-berating over every little thing I do are a few of those remnants.

      Of course, I don’t think that everyone who believes in God, a first mover, or a higher purpose is an idiot. Everyone has the right to believe what they want, as long as they keep it to their own circles. I think I’ve finally found my spiritual niche myself: pantheism. I don’t have any qualms with considering the observable universe (possibly multiverse) in and of itself a sort of god. It’s perfect for me because I can feel a sense of spiritual connection to nature that is real, all while thinking completely rationally and revering the scientific method and our well established evolutionary history.

      • Edit it how? Delete it? I’m not big on editing previous posts. I’ve written lots of things and thought…. well, I could have said that better, or, I wish I hadn’t said *that*, or… whatever. But, I don’t like to whitewash the past (e.g. this post stands as written, excepting a note at the top, since 2008.) Consider it a lesson in “think before you type.”

        You are free to explain, retract, recant, etc. in further comments, but editing after the fact… nope.

        In any case, it’s only a link to Jim Jefferies. A mere link does not imply approval or disapproval, only… “look at this.”

  245. I can only assume ‘New College Grad’ refers to a graduate of the US college system – that is scary and begs reason. As for Christians…who cares?

    • I don’t agree with everything the guy in the previous post says. Some of the brightest people I know have their own sets of beliefs on a first mover or higher purpose to existence. Just thought it was kind of a funny video. I can definitely see how it is extremely offensive to many people, though.

      And American colleges and universities are some of the best in the world. It’s the public education system (K-12) that’s disorganized and underfunded.

  246. Yeah, I suppose it is a lesson in thinking before I type, and a lesson in humility as well. I will heed your advice, my friend.

    I’ve been going through somewhat of a spiritual crisis as of the past six months. I haven’t been sure where I truly stand. For several years subsequent to the obvious realization that Christianity wasn’t my thing, I had considered myself agnostic, then atheist, then secular humanist, and most recently, a pantheist (as mentioned only a few days ago).

    But now I’ve come to only look at my existence from a purely objective standpoint. I neither believe nor disbelieve in some higher purpose to existence, and I remain open to verifiable evidence of present and future scientific discoveries. Perhaps there is some nonphysical existence beyond death, but I don’t know, and I honestly don’t care. Though we are constantly learning from past mistakes and bettering ourselves, you and I both seek to be good people (I know you are a good person because I can see it in your writing.). As far as beliefs are concerned, I firmly believe in being a good human being. I recognize that all sorts of beliefs exist around the world, and I am interested in understanding many of them because they are quite integrated into politics (whether we like it or not), but I simply choose not to partake in them personally.

    SR, were you raised under any religious tradition? If so, when did you become an agnostic atheist?

    • I only found out a couple years ago (I’m 43 years old now, in 2012) that my parents had decided between themselves to allow my brother and I to figure things out for ourselves. My parents are atheists, but they never told me or my brother what to think. Questions about this sort of thing would be answered with questions, or non-comittal answers.

      I accidentally went to a day-camp when I was about 5 or 6 years old in which I, and a bunch of other 5 and 6 year old kids were threatened with eternal hellfire and damnation if we didn’t accept Jesus into our hearts. This was unbeknownst to my parents, I don’t know if they were just oblivious, or if it was a kind of stealth move on the part of the day camp. Coincidentally, my grandmother had sent me a book about magic tricks — this book: And coincidentally, the Jesus freaks at this day camp did some magic tricks, and claimed that they were done “by the power of Grayskull!” No… that’s not right. They claimed it was done by “the power of Jeeeeeesus!” Well, 5-year old me knew that this was some fucking bull fucking shit. I didn’t know how they did all their tricks, but I knew a magic show when I saw one, and I knew it sure as fuck wasn’t magic. So… for a brief while, when I was a dumb 5 year old kid, I was a bit worried that my parents might be going to hell due to their (so far as I knew) apparent lack of knowledge of Jesus, but the dumbasses blew their cover when the did some simple bullshit magic tricks and tried to claim that it was done “by the power of Jesus”, and thanks to my grandma who had sent me a book about doing magic tricks, I knew they were completely full of shit. For the next 30 years or so, I didn’t give religion much thought, figuring it was bullshit, but bullshit that I could avoid by simply ignoring it. Some stuff happened which made me realize that just ignoring it would not prevent it from affecting me, and so, I started thinking about it a bit harder, and doing things, like starting this blog, aimed at extinguishing religion, in the same manner than one might attempt to extinguish other superstitions such as those of the anti-vaxers, etc. So my anti-theist, anti-faith activism is a relatively recent thing motivated by a desire to mitigate the unwitting harm done by the religious.

      • I think that’s really cool! You’re like a freedom fighter against the tyranny of religion. And there are plenty of good men and women like you in the world, albeit relatively few in the U.S. (We live in a very religious country, as you are quite aware.)

        I think secular and atheist movements, although growing steadily in the U.S., are quite strong in Europe and Australia, where society is transitioning out of religious tradition at a rapid rate. It kinda makes me want to move to the Outback: fewer Bible geeks knocking on your door or parading on college campuses, spouting hate speech about how you and everyone you care about (particularly your gay friends) are going to hell.

  247. I think the funniest shit about Christianity is the fact that it applies the word “judgement” constantly. Im pretty sure being ” judgemental” makes you a shitty person . So gods a shitty guy, jesus was a proverb toting dick and im an idiot and a bad person because I don’t believe that a magic man in the sky can tell me whats right or wrong? That im an asshole because I think that an angry and self serving arrogant ass religion should not have the right to judge me and my loved ones by their made up premise? christians are not stupid, they have been fucking brainwashed because their afraid to die, christianity on the other hand is comparable to a stunning hitler youth clubbing a jew over the head because someone told him to. Thanks for being the most destructive force ever christianity 😀

  248. SR, I’ve been contemplating this question lately, and I wanted to get your input. Despite being a 2,000 year old religion that was founded before people knew what a germ is, the science behind natural phenomena like earthquakes, volcanos, and thunderstorms, or the nature of the cosmos, people all over the world today still adhere vehemently to the doctrine. I’m wondering why the major religions of the world are still very much alive, perhaps now more than ever. I understand that there is an infinite number of interpretations, each designed to conveniently fit one’s own world view. But based on your research, why do you think people take these ancient ideas so seriously even when science has rapidly reached tremendous heights over the past century?

    My older brother describes himself as an “imperfect Catholic.” He is a very intelligent, well educated, and rationally thinking man, and he still attends church services once a week to derive his own meaning from the sermons, plus be part of a tangible community (albeit often delusional community). I completely understand why religion is interpreted as a retarded concept, but as you are aware, there are many religious moderates who are very intelligent, respectable, and productive members of society. So if you have discussed religion with those who still identify themselves as Christians, have you found reasons as to why people still believe in an anthropomorphic, personal god, the teachings of an ancient prophet, and the afterlife?

    • There are benefits to being in a group of popular people, even if those people are a bunch of self indulgent assholes.

  249. Fucking Jew!

    • Karl, I thought about censoring your comment, but decided that pretending awful humans like you don’t exist is not the right course, you fucking coward.

  250. While I agree that christians are a bunch of lemmings, you lost me almost immediately afterward when you say that anyone who believes in a continuation of life after death is retarded. Quite simply, there is no way of knowing what happens to our consciousness after we physically die, just like there is no way of knowing where our consciousness springs from before we are born. Can you explain away with total certainty the dreaming realm? Will you tell me that dreams are meaningless and that it is simply by random chance that we evolved this useless feature within our minds arbitrarily? It is the void that we visit in our sleep, it is this void from which we spring into the physical world and it is into the void into which we will return. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence to support this, from the very fact that life itself is a cyclical process. The world changes drastically from season to season, but though it may turn, it will never change. Even after 5 billion years (a length of time the human mind cannot fathom) when life on earth has been extinguished and the sun inevitably explodes in an extravagant burst of flame, it is a statistical certainty that life will arise in other worlds. And after another 100 billion years,when the universe approaches entropy, i have no doubt in my mind that it will begin anew in some way or another. It gives me comfort in knowing that no matter what kind of hand we are dealt, there will always be a next hand, and another, and another, and when the game is over, we will all meet again next week for another round.

    Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are the most evil of all religions; they are simply tools for the powerful to control the masses, for them to repress the masses into subservience and to rip from the ability to think critically in any capacity; they are tumors that feed upon our guilt and our desire for fleshly pleasures in promising evil men absolution and an eternity of physical satisfaction if only one will enslave themselves within this life here on earth. The arrogance of the zealots that fall into these absurd cults is a great source of pain and misery and anger, and if we were able to eradicate this cancer of an ideology, or at least diminish it to a negligible extent, then we could build a paradise on earth. Unfortunately the human mind is easily brainwashed as is made evident by the fact that so many have fallen under the sway of these poisonous doctrines, made all the more easy in the fact that the children of these people will place ultimate trust in their brainwashed parents.

    So as someone who has successfully dodged the brainwashing orientation, I applaud you for that. However the next step is to accept that our human understanding is extremely limited when it comes to matters of life, death, and the universe.

    • While I’m not a neuroscientist, I’ve read enough of the writings of neuroscientists to be very confident that we have a pretty fucking good handle on what happens when we die. While there is plenty we do not know about how the brain operates, there is also plenty we do know. We know enough to be pretty damn certain that consciousness does not survive death in *any* form. Everything we know about how the brain works indicates consciousness cannot survive death, and there is no evidence at all that it does. You say there is anecdotal evidence, but cite none, and in any case, “anecdotal” evidence essentially means “stories.” And, don’t trot out a bunch of “near death” experiences. “Near death” is to “death” as “Near pregnant” is to “pregnant.” “Near death” is the same as “not death.”

      Read any reasonable neuroscience books. A couple of easy and enjoyable ones aimed at the general public: “What Makes You Tick: The brain in plain English” by Thomas B. Czerzner, and “Phantoms in the Brain” by V. S. Ramachandran et al.

      • Wish I’d seen this earlier, while there are things science can explain, there is infinitely more that science cannot explain. No one can explain dark matter or dark energy, or even something so close to us as gravity. You are stuck in the mindset of the ego, thinking that you are separate from other forms of life when in reality all life is one. I used to be like you.

        Society has set us up the ego (nerd reference) for its own purposes, they point to a little box and expect you to jump inside so they can lock you up in it for safekeeping, and when you break out of it they lock you up in a literal box because it endangers their control over your reality.

        We dont have a good handle on what happens when you die. To even say that is just ignorant beyond anything. Sure, we know our bodies begin to harden, then soften, then disappear, but we have no fucking idea what happens to our conscience.

        Take some DMT and then try and tell me there’s nothing on the other side. Human perception on its own is extremely weak.

        Im hoping you dont come back at me with the “oh that explains it, youre a strung out hippy trolo”, because then youd be no better than the little christians regurgitating what their daddies tell them.

  251. Believe in God, He is their, you are allowed to doubt what is real, but one day, when He comes, all will kneel, it is written.

    • Sorry, I’m not in the habit of believing ridiculous things on the mere say-so of anonymous denizens of the internet.

  252. Hey, you know, not all children are retarded. I am a 12-year-old irreligious GIRL and both me and my 10-year-old SISTER are atheists. We definitely KNOW that gods, deities, or any sort of mythical creatures are non-existant. So there, to all of you retards who believe that all females and children are religiously retarded, we are NOT.

    • Hmm, not sure wny you emphasize “GIRL” and “SISTER”, I’ve tried to be as non-sexist as I can on this blog (barring a few instances of mis-steps regarding some too casual and too carelessly tossed insulting words not written with a conscious intention to be sexist, but in retrospect, none too cool.) So, not sure what you’re on about there. Now, sometimes wordpress does put comments in the wrong place, so perhaps your comment was referring to another comment in which I replied asking for people to go easy on Rochelle who appeared to be a (iirc) 12 year old girl — in which case my main point was that she was 12 years old, not that she was a girl.

      In any case, I plead innocent on the implied sexism charge here… but if I have unconsciously written something sexist to which you are reacting, I would be glad if you would point it out to me so I can try to avoid it in the future.

  253. Oh, and when I was 4, my irreligious parents(who have a slight belief in buddism) sent me and my then 3-year-old sister(she’s I year and 8 months yonger than me) to a christian school. And from then on, all those shit pastors and teachers tried to stuff my brian with jesus nonsense. They said that only believers of the fucking god would go to heaven and live “forever”. Well, the 4-year-old me was skeptical of shit bible teachings, I mean, how could jesus heal people with the touch of his hand? I never believed in unicorns, fairies, santa claus, or any of the crap my peers believed in. Anyway, when I went to primary school, Mathematics and Science were my best subjects, so basically I think logically. So, fast forward to when I was 6. It was my last year at that crazy christian school for lunatics, and my retarded teacher gave me a christian magazine. (of course she’s a retarded christian, or why would she hold a low-income jod as a kindergarten teacher?) The cover of the magazine featured a photo or jesus’ cruxification cross. It looked pretty real to me, but I had seen realistic pictures that were just paintings. Maybe the photo was a fluke, edited by photoshop? I asked my mad father if the picture and god was real. And then he said the strangest thing: If you believe in it, then its real. I was confused. There are people who don’t believe in god, and yet there are people who do. So how could god even exist? This is contradictory. I refused to believe in anything from then on without hard, solid, scientific proof. Okay, so fast forward to 2012, and I am 12. I just recently went to a bookshop and spotted this interesting book called The Believing Brain, written by Agnostic Michael Shermer. I have not bought the book yet, but maybe you should read it. It is about how the human brain works and how people wrongly percieve a belief as the truth. I’m sure the scientific facts in there undermine religious and superstitious beliefs. All atheists should read this book.

  254. Hey scaryreasoner, you said that you do not believe in bible crap when you were 5/6. Then why did you said that ” and children are basically retarded”. You yourself was not retarded as a kid. It is really insulting to kids who are irreligious. Perhaps you could have phrased it another way, like ” all children who do not think like me are basically retarded.”

    • Ok, you got me. Of course all children are not basically retarded. Good catch. Children do seem to tend to believe whatever outlandish things their parents tell them (Santa, Easter bunny, tooth fairy, Jesus, etc.)

      BTW, your English is fine. Here in the U.S., they don’t try to teach kids a second language until they are about 13 or 14 years old, when it’s too late for them to learn easily. Don’t know why they do it that way, would be much better to do it while they were young and able to easily learn languages.

      I don’t have time to read all of your comments right now, but I will read them all later.

  255. Sorry for my bad English. Its “why did you say” not “why did you said”. And I wish to change my last sentence to “all children who are religious are definitely retarded.” They must be, or why would they believe in this bullshit about some “omnipresent”, “omnipotent”, and “omniscient” “god”? I do not even show a hint of respect for my religious classmates. ( I live in Singapore, where “people of all race, language and religion” live in harmony. This is quoted form the horrible national pledge that I have to say every morning at school. I am okay with the former two: race and language, but I have a serious problem with the latter. It is not like I want to start a religious massacre by shouting out my thoughts in public, but I really wish to migrate to an irreligious country and escape from all these religious insanity. And yet, the government of Singapore claim that Singapore is the land of free speech. How could they let evangelists spread their lunatic religion and not let irreligious people have their say in public? I am sick and tired of this patriarchal and religious society. This is absolutely NOT “my homeland, where I belong” (quoted from national message).

  256. I do not like to be called an atheist, because the dictionary defines an atheist as “someone who denies the existance of god or gods” Simply because if you are an atheist, christians might assume you are a muslim, jew or whatever, when you do not believe in any kind of gods. Whereas irreligious is defined as ” indifferent or hostile to religion”. Of course I am the latter.

  257. Sorry. Its ” existent” not “existant”.

    • For a 12 year old who speaks English as a 2nd language, you do amazingly well. So well, that I’m not quite sure I believe youre a 12 year old. 🙂 But, if you really are a 12 year old, you’ve got a bright future ahead of yourself because you’re obviously very intelligent and well spoken and have a gift for language. Keep reading, writing, and questioning. If you’re 12 and you’re writing like this now, you’re probably smarter than I am. You don’t need me to tell you what to think or what’s right or wrong, or what make sense and what doesn’t. Just think for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

  258. ddvs2012 said this on October 7, 2012 at 2:23 pm

    Wish I’d seen this earlier, while there are things science can explain, there is infinitely more that science cannot explain. No one can explain dark matter or dark energy, or even something so close to us as gravity. You are stuck in the mindset of the ego, thinking that you are separate from other forms of life when in reality all life is one. I used to be like you.

    Society has set us up the ego (nerd reference) for its own purposes, they point to a little box and expect you to jump inside so they can lock you up in it for safekeeping, and when you break out of it they lock you up in a literal box because it endangers their control over your reality.

    We dont have a good handle on what happens when you die. To even say that is just ignorant beyond anything. Sure, we know our bodies begin to harden, then soften, then disappear, but we have no fucking idea what happens to our conscience.

    Take some DMT and then try and tell me there’s nothing on the other side. Human perception on its own is extremely weak.

    Im hoping you dont come back at me with the “oh that explains it, youre a strung out hippy trolo”, because then youd be no better than the little christians regurgitating what their daddies tell them.

    Because wordpress is programmed by total fucking morons, and cannot do more than two levels of nested comments, I have to reply to this comment in this brain dead way. HEY WORDPRESS PROGRAMMERS: YOU SUCK!!!

    Science does not claim to be able to explain everything.

    Religion does claim to explain some things.

    Science generally does explain what it claims to explain.

    Religion explains *nothing*.

    We *do* have a pretty good handle on what the brain does when it is damaged, and how this affects “normal” operation of the brain. Your ignorance is greater than my ignorance on this topic, evidently (and my ignorance is extensive, so yours must be amazing.)

    Your ignorance of neuroscience is not a convincing argument.

    Throwing a monkey wrench (DMT) into your own brain and claiming that this gives you some insight is not very convincing. You deliberately broke your own brain, and then make inferences based on the reaction of your brain to this breakage. You’re a dumbass.

    • It’s easy to dismiss things that you have never experienced and know not a goddamned thing about, the majority of people do it all the fucking time. So hats off to you for being too scared to step outside your little bubble world.

    • and for your information, dmt exists naturally in 99% of living things, including your backwards little brain.

    • Meh, so what? The significance of this article escapes me. And dude, you’re in your forties, say dude like a mature adult.

      • Perhaps you should read the article under the influence of DMT to imbue it with the necessary significance.

        The significance is DMT is known to induce such experiences, but that does not mean they are real. If you throw a monkey wrench into your brain, you cannot expect your brain to act reliably.

        I don’t have any reason to think you have a clue what you’re talking about when it comes to how the brain does or does not work, and I have what I think are good reasons to think you absolutely DO NOT know what you are talking about. I suspect you think the same of me. So, at least we have that going for us, eh?

    • When it comes right down to it no one knows a damn thing about how the brain works. You may have a better mechanical understanding of how the brain physically functions (at least you’re very good at making it sound like you do), but the knowledge of the greatest neuro-scientist on earth is still just a minuscule drop in the bucket in an ocean of unfathomable information.

      Let me ask you this: what do you think happens after the universe dies? Will everything just sit in place for eternity? That goes against everything I see around me, everything is a cycle if you can step far enough back to soak in the big picture.

      • “what do you think happens after the universe dies?”

        I don’t know, and neither do you.

        (And “dies”, as a verb performed by the universe, seems inappropriate.)

        Back to the topic of what happens when a human dies: There is a (sort of) continuum of life forms, from viruses (if they are even considered alive) to bacteria, to worms, to vertabrates like salamanders, to mice, to cats and dogs, to monkeys, to chimps, and finally(?) to (from our perspective) humans. It seems to me that consciousness is not an all or nothing thing, a binary state, but that there are most likely degrees of consciousness, a continuum of consciousness. Given (and maybe you don’t accept it as a given, but I do) that evolution is true, and humans (and every other living thing extant today) evolved from ancestors stretching back into time down to an eventual common ancestor, I see that the continuum of consciousness spread out over this continuum of the evolutionary tree.

        A virus is a collection of atoms, a rather complicated molecule, if you will. A bacterium is a yet more complicated molecule, in a way (well, it starts to be a collection of molecules, with an outer molecule forming a kind of bag to contain inner molecules. But it’s all chemistry and physics at the bottom. There is a continuum of life from the bacterium to us, with no discernable breaks, it’s all chemistry and physics, top to bottom.

        There’s no room for magic, no room for a soul which is separate from the material world. Every scrap of evidence we have points this way.

        That being said, we do not have anything like a full understanding of how the matter and molecules that make up the brain manage to produce the qualia of experience, that feeling of being an independent, cognizant being who experiences things.

        But, this ignorance of ours is emphatically not an excuse to believe whatever the hell we like. The most we can honestly do is say, “I don’t know how that works.” That we do not know how it works cannot be taken as evidence for an afterlife, or a spiritual realm, or dualism of any sort.

        So… based on the evidence we have, it’s my opinion that when we die — that’s just fucking it — the biological machine which produces our concious experience ceases to work, and our consciousness (whatever that is) fades to nothingness. That’s what I think happens, based on the evidence available to me.

    • Fyi I do take evolution as a given, it is the only logical explanation for the seemingly infinite variety of life forms that exists on the planet. It also explains why there is so much diversity within species, every human being is different. In my view, simple growth is literally a form of evolution, me practicing the piano or you driving your car, any action taken is the simplest form of evolution.

      Your post confuses me; are you suggesting that humans have more consciousness than animals? It’s a legitimate view to take, but the problem is we can’t really define what more consciousness is because we can’t even define consciousness itself.

      You are right that I have no physical evidence to support my beliefs, only a certain je ne sais qois. The fact that I understand how small I am in comparison to the world, let alone the universe, and how little I really know about anything compels me to believe that we don’t simply quit perceiving when we die, it is just impossible for me to imagine. I try to get an idea of what happens when I die by trying to imagine what things were like before I was born, and I just run into a brick wall there. So instead I look to my experiences when Im asleep, and it seems to me time becomes meaningless when Im in this state. Answer me this: have you ever been bored while you were asleep?

      For the record I’m glad that you took the time to respond to my comment seriously.

      • Your post confuses me; are you suggesting that humans have more consciousness than animals? It’s a legitimate view to take, but the problem is we can’t really define what more consciousness is because we can’t even define consciousness itself.

        Yes, I am suggesting the humans have “more” consciousness than other “animals. We cannot really define, nor measure it though, sot his is a rather gross statement. I think we can both agree that a human and a virus have different levels of consciousness, right? Hell, some viruses are defined down to the atom-by-atom level, so we know what some virus are: a collection of atoms in a particular arrangement. Likewise, I think we can agree a human and a bacterium have different levels of consciousness. And a human and a mosquito or a house fly have different levels of consciousness. There’s a continuum, from the small to the large. The difference between the level of consciousness between say, a human, and a golden retriever may be small enough as to be debatable whether there actual is any any difference (surely the average human is more intelligent than the average golden retriever, but is the human more conscious? I don’t know.

        Is the average human more “conscious” than the average housefly? I would tend to think “yes”, but, maybe I’m on thin ice there. What about a slime mold? There, I think I’m probably on firmer ground than I am regarding the housefly to say the human is more conscious. And regarding the bacterium, I’d be on firmer ground still, I think.

        The point is, there is a continuum, and this continuum extends back in time across our ancestors as much as it does across species down to the modern bacterium. If we evolved from a common ancestor which was not conscious to what we are today, and if our evolution was a purely material process — which I think it was — then our consciousness as it stands today must also be the result of a purely material process.

        That is my point. If our common ancestor was less conscious than us, and if evolution is a purely material process, then our increased level of consciousness must also be, and be the result of, a purely material process.

        From a completely different angle: Think of how your consciousness varies from time to time. Probably about once every 24 hours, for some period, your consciousness completely disappears for several hours! We call it “sleeping”. Think also about what happens when you drink alcohol (or ingest DMT) — your consciousness is altered. These are all evidences that consciousness is at least affected by the material brain, if not soley a result of it.

        Some have argued that the brain is akin to a radio receiver, receiving consciousness, and that damaging the brain is akin to damaging a radio. Damaging the radio will for sure disrupt reception, but it does not mean that the signal is not still there, and likewise, so the argument goes, the “soul” or the consciousness of your being may still be intact, but your radio may be broken and unable to receive it.

        But, there is no evidence for this “soul radio” hypothesis. And as we learn more about how memeries are formed and stored within the brain, and how the brain actually works, and how memory and brain functions are altered due to various types of brain damage, there is no evidence of anything like this “soul radio”.

        So far as I know, all the evidence we have about how the brain works points to consciousness being some sort of emergent process of the physical operation of the brain.

        Not that that’s any kind of explaination, to be sure, consciousness remains one of the “hard” problems. But, our ignorance on that front is not a license to believe crap.

  259. Actually, English is the first language in Singapore. All subjects other than Mother Tongue is taught in English.

  260. ISLAM is the true religion im MUSLIM and im 100% proud of it. ISLAM is the only religion. Fucking christians wake up Jesus was also human not GOD. Cocksuckers = Christians.

    • Islam is just as much bullshit as Christianity, which is to say, Islam, like Christianity, is 100% bullshit.

    • Yeaaaahhh, uh, NO. Nice try, but really? “Islam is SO misunderstood, NOW BURN IN HELL, INFIDELS”. See, that doesn’t really sway me to your way of thinking. Also? Calling people a cocksucker is NOT cool. How about you grow the fuck up, huh? Go and actually READ the Koran – I’m pretty sure you’ve misunderstood Islam as a concept. Seriously, go read the Koran. It’s not as hate-filled as YOU are.

      • Oh please. Produce some evidence for your deity.

        Edit: Oh, heh… I mis-read your message as defending the Koran, as if it were a reply to my message above. Oddly, what you wrote, taken in that context, seems like the typical defense of Islam… how about them apples? Ha ha. Wow that’s actually pretty interesting. (Well, the bit about BURN IN HELL and how that was not convincing threw me a little bit.)

      • Yeah, uh, you misunderstood me in every way possible. Look at my name, if you want a clue. Still going over your head?

        I’m against religion in all forms. There you go, see if you can understand that without help.

      • Sorry for the snark, I just woke up with a killer migraine (Where’s your God now, huh?) and I have to deal with multiple retards on the internet.

  261. Imagine you are an adult and you wonder into a book shop, you are browsing and find a dusty book titled the Bible and have a read. Any logical, sane and at least half educated person, i.e not a fucking idiot, would recognize it as a work of fiction and wouldn’t suddenly decide to pray to the character in the book. One cannot of course dispute the idea of a higher intelligence as no matter how hard you rant on about it you just cant prove it either way….fact. Children are impressionable, people who have religious beliefs rammed in their face as a child and told it is fact and punished for disputing so are far more likely to grow up into religious extremists, as are the more mentally unbalanced. I feel genuinely sorry for these people, how fucking miserable their lives must be. These mental religious fanatics represent a percentage of most religions and illustrate just how dangerous religion can be if understood in the wrong way. The Bible is in essence a story book, whether fact or fiction it does not matter, for the most part it should not be taken literally. Most religious material seeks to guide people morally and the bible tries to do exactly this, an obvious example is the 10 commandments. Its just common sense you might say, but hundreds of years ago we did not have the advanced societies we have today, and especially the justice systems of the western world. The idea of an all knowing almighty being punishing us from on high if we didn’t follow his teachings i.e leading a morally good existence, not murdering etc could be viewed as great system to keep people on the straight and narrow.
    It has to be said, although people may take offence, that age and education play an important roll in our understanding of religion. If you are reasonably well educated and then presented with religious teachings and rules you are far more likely to view it with a logical perspective and not in a blind belief that everything you are told is fact. The fact is that religious beliefs are easily instilled into you as a child as this is the best time to make a person religious. When you are that young you do not question your parents or peers, you blindly believe all they say as fact as they are your gods and infallible, if they believe it then of course its true! It is tantamount to child abuse! Have we reached a point now in today’s society where religion is no longer necessary? Do we need religion to help guide us morally in life? Maybe some of us do and find it a comfort, i for one had Christianity forced upon me at school but my parents were thankfully not religious and so i was able to reason and conclude that it was not needed on my life. I know right from wrong and can safely say that religion did nothing in instilling these morals into me. To the person who wrote the original post, “you are a fucking moron, try to form proper sentences and write something that makes sense.”

  262. I do have a question. I would like a mature answer and not ridiculous ranting. I refuse to argue but I will have a legitimate conversation. It seems that in 90% of your posts, you are looking for someone to prove you wrong, I say this because you bring up points about Christians not having reasonable arguments. So my question to you sir is are you still looking for someone who isn’t, as you mentioned previously, “retarded?”

  263. Make sure you tell John Polkinghorne that. I am sure you made just as many contributions to science as he did.

    • Appeal to authority, eh? Always a winner. *sinicker*

      • Ha!

      • That makes no sense.

      • Heywood Jablowmee: You are literally correct inasmuch as your statement does not explicitly employ a syllogism characteristic of the classic logical fallacy known as Argument from authority, or appeal to authority, which goes like:

        Most of what authority A has to say on subject matter S is correct.

        A says P about subject matter S.

        Therefore, P is correct.

        But, implicitly, you’re busted.

  264. Best article ever. Telling it like it is.

  265. If you refuse to hear anything but your own beliefs, if somehow you are that narrow-minded, and I apologize if this has offended you but I see no reason for your web page, or your frustration on the matter. I will agree with you on most of your points though. Many Christians are retarded. I say that because they believe in something they know nothing about. They don’t understand the purpose and the reason behind living “Christ-like.” Yes, none of us are perfect and it is wrong to point out every little sin, but when you make no effort to change that is when it becomes a problem. The Catholics, I don’t even know where to start with them. If you are looking for someone to give you information about Christianity, I would Google it before I ask them. Many Christians contradict themselves. Many Christians believe that all roads lead to heaven. Many Christians don’t believe in hell. It really all depends on who you ask. I am a “True Christian.” A rare branch that very few people believe in anymore. I also believe that 95% of Christians have blind faith. This is not an attempt to make you believe in God. I am simply informing you that there are Christians, very few of them might I add, that are not ignorant on the subject and live life waiting on something they doubt every day of their lives that He even exists.

    • *sigh*

      Evidence for your supernatural claims. Do you have it?

      The fact that the Christian religion extols faith as a virtue is reason enough to suspect the whole shebang to be a massive shitpile, as faith is an obvious gimmick invented to get around demands for evidence. Persuade people that believing to a degree of certainty which exceeds the available evidence is a virtue, and more than half your battle is won. 1st Corinthians is a masterwork of propaganda.

    • Take your “True Christianity” and shove it up ass you Calvinist prick.

  266. everyone’s butthurt

  267. Hey SR! I periodically check your blog for new insight and to learn more about your views.

    Lately I’ve been thinking about the concept of morality from a natural, scientific perspective, and I wanted to pick your brain on the topic, though there is still so much that is unknown. Sam Harris, among other experts, has explored humans’ natural, evolved tendency toward being good to one another. It’s just that theists argue that atheists have no reason to be good since they do not fear judgement from a being for which there is no scientifically accepted evidence.

    As more and more of the world’s population continues to gravitate toward irreligion, people are no longer good simply because they fear eternal punishment or long for eternal bliss. And though Social Darwinism was also more prevalent in the past, humans have actually evolved to the point where natural selection is not the driving force behind our species. I would guess that a large majority of people are generally good, and I am curious as to what creates humanity’s altruism.

    In your studies of human evolution and neuroscience, have you formulated any of your own theories as to what physical features of our brains have endowed us with compassion?

  268. Calvinistic – Someone who believe in the doctrines and teachings of John Calvin or his followers, emphasizing predestination, the sovereignty of God, the supreme authority of the Scriptures, and the irresistibility of grace….The next time you have an insult at least be accurate.

    • Talks like a Calvinist, act’s like a Calvinist and definitely a Calvinist.
      Now ram a bible up your ass you Calvinist prick.

  269. As for the mature response, there is no evidence to prove the existence of God just as well as you have no evidence to disprove it. You have the choice to believe. He has given you the invitation, what you do with it is up to you. He will only reveal himself to you if you let Him. Until you personally remove the blindfold that covers your eyes, you will never see the truth. I pray that one day these words will mean something to you, but until then I await for your sarcastic response.

    • This is specious. If you can’t prove bigfoot doesn’t exist, that’s a license to believe bigfoot does exist? If you can’t prove fairies don’t exist, that’s a license to believe fairies exist? If you can’t prove the flying spaghetti monster doesn’t exist, that’s a license to believe he does exist?

      It’s ridiculous. Why does your god value faith? Because if you can convince people that it is a virtue to believe and a fault to doubt, esp. if you do it when they are children, then they will want to believe. Faith is institutionalized idiocy. You’ve practically conceded the entire arguement, and fall back to the ridiculous position that you have to make the “choice to believe”. Pure, unadulterated, obvious idiocy. You are being an idiot. (And now you can quote 1st Corinthians at me, which predicts how I, being a sensible, non-gullible “wise” person, will react — not because 1st Corinthians was written by a prophet with some special knowledge, but because 1st Corinthians was written by someone who knew damn well that it was a load of nonsense, and would be detected as such instantly by any adult with half a functioning brain.)

  270. Harping about 1st Corinthians…Is that the only part of the Bible you’ve read, or do you sit around and let others read it for you and believe whatever they tell you? And for the record this is not an argument. This is a conversation between myself and a completely immature being. I have not once insulted you. I have not once called you an idiot for what you believe. Not once have I talked down to you in any way, so why can’t you at least show me the same decency? I never once said that it gives us a “license to believe,” I said a “choice to believe.” The difference there is being open-minded that maybe there is something out there greater than you. Maybe there is something out there that does actually care even after you’ve cursed His name to his face. Even after you’ve spit on his grave and totally diminished his entire purpose of existence he still hasn’t left you. I will not preach the bible to you because the only bible you’re ever going to read is me.

    • Nope. If you come here saying this:

      As for the mature response, there is no evidence to prove the existence of God just as well as you have no evidence to disprove it. You have the choice to believe. He has given you the invitation, what you do with it is up to you. He will only reveal himself to you if you let Him. Until you personally remove the blindfold that covers your eyes, you will never see the truth. I pray that one day these words will mean something to you, but until then I await for your sarcastic response.

      you don’t get to get all butthurt when I come back and call tell you you’re being an idiot.

      You *are* being an idiot. It doesn’t matter that you haven’t called me an idiot. I am reacting to what you wrote. What you wrote is idiotic. Period.

      Christianity does not get the benefit of the doubt from me anymore. I’ve been looking into this for over a decade, and not once in that time, not once, not ever has a non idiotic argument for Christianity been presented. Not once. C.S. Lewis? All his arguments are idiotic. Plantinga? Likewise. You? You haven’t even presented an argument. You’ve just presented a series of unfounded baseless assertions. I’m sorry, but if you can’t be bothered to even make an attempt at an argument and come with only baseless assertions, I have no choice but to make the observation that you appear to be behaving like an idiot.

  271. Which is more ridiculous?
    A) The man who believes in a God he cannot see, or
    B) The man who is offended by a God he doesn’t believe in?


    • The answer is very obviously “A”.

      A bit more elaboration:

      • Didn’t really answer my question. Oh well. I’m not gonna argue with you. I obviously can’t convince you of anything, and you can’t convince me of anything.
        I will say though, for future reference, the overabundance of curse words and insults make you sound like a twelve-year-old who’s lost on the Internet. It’s a little difficult to take what you say seriously, even though I can see through all those profanities that you are an intelligent person.
        Well, I’ll remember you in my ” telepathic communications”, and wish you well. 🙂

      • Your question was, and I quote:

        Which is more ridiculous?
        A) The man who believes in a God he cannot see, or
        B) The man who is offended by a God he doesn’t believe in?

        There are two possible answers to this question, “A” or “B”. I answered “A”. Which is to say, I most certainly did answer your question.

        You must imagine that you asked a different question than the question you actually asked if you think I didn’t answer your question.

      • Roger said,

        I will say though, for future reference, the overabundance of curse words and insults make you sound like a twelve-year-old who’s lost on the Internet

        These days, this says more about you than it does about me. “Ow, my freakin ears!” — Rod and Tod Flanders.

  272. This is retarded. What you wrote, what is already commented here, everything on this page is retarded. Except this comment.

  273. Arguing does not reveal maturity. Not arguing and being able to hold a conversation with the other without being offended does. If a candidate of a presidential election does absolutely nothing but constantly ridicule the other persons beliefs instead of trying to show the people that what he believes is better for them, and holding a legitimate conversation on the subject then all he is doing is revealing his true knowledge on the topic which seems to be little to none in your case. I have told you this before. I will not argue with you. I refuse. I will however hand you more knowledge on the matter and show you what Christianity REALLY is and not what society has forced it to evolve into. I cannot show you God. If that is what you are after then you are searching in the wrong place. God is not going to physically manifest himself and come down from the heavens and reveal himself to you. You are going to have to find some other way to see what your natural eye cannot.

    • Here’s some basic comparative religion research to get you started on where your religion came from in the first place.

    • You’ve got nothing but bald assertions and blind faith. You won’t argue, and you what? Just expect me to believe you? You think I’m new at this? You think I haven’t heard this bullshit ten thousand times before? You’ve got NOTHING. You think you come off as being reasonable? No, you come off as an idiot. That’s not an insult, that is a diagnosis.

      If you want me to take your ridiculous claims seriously, you MUST give good reasons for me to think that those claims are ACTUALLY true. So far you refuse to even make an attempt, instead just making assertions and the sort of “you’ll be sorry one day” kind of typical bullshit Christian threats.

      You are really, really terrible at proselytizing. You’re doing your “lord” no favors if this is the face of Christianity you choose to present. The dumb, idiotic, usual everyday face of Christianity.

  274. so, you’re basing this off of modern science, which also says that in the beginning, there was a whole bunch of nothing, then, all that nothing decided to explode into the universe, and some of the universe just happened to turn into something that could become smart enough to have faith, and believe in an afterlife, so give me a non- retarded argument for that.

    Also, a study showed that people who have a faith lead happier lives, and I’m a child and am not retarded, since you obviously have no idea what that actually means, and came up woth a non- retarded argument, Your move, Athiests,

    • Name me *one* thing that came into existence from something *other* than nothing.

      You can’t.

      Mind you, it doesn’t count if you name something which is just a re-arrangement of already existing stuff. If you think about it, if something comes into existence, it pretty much *has* to come from nothing. Otherwise, if it didn’t come from nothing, then it’s just a re-arrangement of already existing stuff.

      We know that the quantum vacuum — the “nothing” — is really a teeming foaming mass of particles and anti-particles spontaneously popping into existence and then annihilating one other — everywhere, all the time.

      Ignoring the above, and supposing instead, I say nothing but “I do not know” regarding where everything came from, this is sufficient. Not knowing where everything came from is not a license to believe whatever bullshit story one might like.

      As for “a study showed that people who have a faith lead happier lives”, I can only repeat what George Bernard Shaw said: “The fact that a believer is happier than a skeptic is no more to the point than the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober one.”

      Which is to say, you’re making an appeal to consequences (“if I believe, then I would be happier, therefore I should believe”) which is a logical fallacy — whether you’re happier or not has no bearing on whether what you’re suggesting should be believed (to gain the consequences of that belief) is actually true or not.

      • If you don’t know where everything came from, then don’t say people are stupid because we came upwith a reason why. I admit that to some people it is strange but humans always ask “why” so people can’t be retarded for us to follow human nature. In fact, it would be retarded to not want to know why. And by the way, my friend’s brother has a mental problem and is actually retarded. So think about that before you go out calling about 33% of the world retards, you insensitive asshole.

  275. “Intelligent” Human wrote:

    If you don’t know where everything came from, then don’t say people are stupid because we came upwith a reason why.

    Bullshit. As I said in the comment to which you replied, not knowing where everything came from is not a license to believe whatever bullshit story one might like.

    The posited idea of a god as a first cause is blatantly and obviously stupid. Simply claiming it isn’t stupid doesn’t cut the mustard. There is zero evidence for any such posited supernatural first-cause sentient being, much less the very specific one described in that pinnacle of idiocy known as the Bible.

  276. oh my god just shut the fuck up everyone.

    just go home and fap

  277. Using your same logic sir, “I am diagnosing you as an idiot because you are being an idiot.” I am now diagnosing you as an asshole because you are being an asshole. See how much sense that makes. You refuse to see anything beyond your own point of view. My religion is of living “Christ-like.” I don’t need a video to tell me what my religion is and, if you’re so smart, neither should you. I did however watch said video and it humored me. Many people of Israel did not believe that Jesus was the son of God but instead that He is yet to come. I believe that is where Cyrus came in to this little charade. Jesus’ coming was foretold by the prophets of Israel hundreds of years before his coming. There are over 300 prophecies regarding him. All came true including his miraculous birth, his sinless life, his many miraculous deeds, and his death and resurrection. Once again I say to you, you have the CHOICE to believe. I am NOT making you believe nor am I trying to convince you in anyway. I am handing you more information on the subject so you may make a more accurate assumption of myself and others like me instead of “diagnosing” everyone who holds faith in a supernatural entity, an idiot. Do you have any proof of the existence of Adolf Hitler? Have you ever seen him? There are historical records of him though are there not? Yes there are and the same can be said for Jesus Christ. The only difference is that you, like many other people, do not believe that Jesus was exactly who he said he was while you have no problem believing in Hitler. There are historical documents proving the existence of Jesus Christ the real question the people debate is “Was He the son of God?” Either Jesus was exactly who he said he was, or he was the greatest deceiver of mankind.

    • I’m fine with being an asshole. If you notice there’s a big hand drawn asterisk at the top of my blog. Do you know what that is? It’s a picture of an asshole. So yeah, you got that right, I am an asshole. Deliberately, knowingly, on purpose. If I’ve pissed you off, good, that’s what I intended to do.

      You seem to think you are providing me with information I’ve not seen before. You are not.

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